Best Air Purifier for Cat Litter Dust

If you own cats, you are well aware of cat litter dust. Pet hairs, dander and cat litter dust combination can cause some serious allergic issues. Clay-based litter boxes create a massive amount of dust in the homes. Many pet parents ask that they use many features to get rid of dust but have not succeeded yet. What’s the solution? 

So, today I’m going to share the perfect solution for it, which I have determined by tons of research and experiments. I have selected the best air purifier for cat litter dust that is outfitted with HEPA filters and has an ideal air clean delivery rate. The best way to reduce smell, dust and improve your home’s air quality indoors is to invest in a good air purifier. These products are affordable, well-reputed among pet parents, and most importantly, these all are tested by my team and me. 

best air purifier for cat litter dust

Can an air filter assist with the dust from cat litter? 

If you have a natural filtration system in your home, it will only withstand a certain amount of dust and other particles. After that, you’ll need an air purifier to get rid of the particles. Most air purifiers have three filtration systems, and every filter absorbs different kinds of particles. The cat litter dust particle size is about 0.2 microns, and these air filters are optimized in a way to absorb .1 microns size dust particles. So, only air purifiers are the ultimate solution to dust and other pollutants. 

Buying Guide: When selecting the best air purifier for cat litter dust, what to look for?

Every pet parent wants to secure the cat’s health and provide the best possible clean environment but you can’t control the dust particles by yourself. There is a solution to every difficulty, but you need the right and perfect equipment to solve it. Although litter box brands claim that they have “dust-free” boxes, in reality, no litter box is 100% dust-free. In the end, the filtration system is the ultimate solution. Check some points below and keep in mind while choosing the product.

HEPA Filters

A good air purifier must be outfitted with a HEPA filter that can easily absorb 99.99% of 0.3 microns and above. The high-efficiency particulate filters are optimized in a way to trap cat dander and radioactive contaminants. If you only want to control dust, this filter is unnecessary, but if you’re seeking an air purifier that should capture smoke, bacteria, and dander, consider it.

A purifier with CADR

A standard purifier will filter an entire room five to eight times per hour and will keep the fresh air in the room throughout day and night. For the large rooms, we use CADR to check the air purifier. CADR describes the number of cubic feet cleaned per minute by the air cleaner. Each home has different pollutants in the air, so that the numbers can vary. We can’t exactly say how the cleaner will manage the air composition but CADR numbers will provide an idea about different pollutants. Always check the clean air delivery rate for a better idea about the product. 

Neutralize Odor

The best air purifier for cat litter dust must be able to manage odors and dust. The unit with the prefilter absorbs the large particles, and the secondary filter captures the tiny particles. Consider a unit that has these two features. Remember, air fresheners and air purifiers are two different things.

Filter Sensor

These are high-ticket products that mean expensive products, so never compromise on any feature. The filter sensor indicates when it becomes dirty after collecting many dust particles and other pollutants. After indication, you can clean it for further use. 

Customer Feedback

Must go through the buyer’s comments over that specific product that you will purchase. These reviews will guide you about the item’s performance. 

5 best Air Purifier for Cat Litter Dust

Alen BreatheSmart Classic Air Purifier – Good Air Purifier

Alen brand is well known and popular for making high-end and world-class electronics products. Check this cleaner if you want a purifier that quickly cleans large rooms. I will suggest it for big rooms because Alen BreatheSmart Classic cleans the 1100 square feet in thirty minutes, which is excellent for large spaces.

The unit is loaded with helping features such as air quality indicator light, a smart laser sensor, and an auto mode that adjusts the fan speed according to the environment. You will be surprised by the Odorcell filter. It absorbs the particles that cause allergies and asthma. For the last two years, I’ve been using it and found it very effective. I ordered it by Amazon, and it was shipped on time with safe packing. The plus point is its lifetime warranty. 

  • Washable pre-filter
  • CADR 300 Cubic feet per minute
  • Quickly purify the rooms
  • Complete features-packed
  • Perfect for large rooms and spaces
  • Very Expensive

Medify Air MA-40 Filtration Air Purifier – Affordable Air purifier

Medify Air MA-40 Filtration Air Purifier - Affordable Air purifier

Medify air purifier claims to purify your rooms with cat litter dust instantly. Consider this air purifier if you want to collect allergies and cat litter particles. This air purifier uses H-13 grade genuine HEPA filters, which provide medical-quality filtration suitable for persons with severe allergies. A foam edge holds the allergens and other pollutants once they are captured.  

This device includes just about every function you’d want in an air filter with excellent allergen filtration. It can clean rooms up to 1,300 square feet in an hour, has three fan settings and an air quality indicator light. The H13 true HEPA filter has three filtration layers that quickly remove 99.9% of particles such as odor, smoke, pet dander, etc. 

Rest, it has easy-to-use features. I have used this for a long time, so I know its worth and importance for pet parents that have cats with dander allergies. 

  • Best for removing litter box odor
  • Quickly cleans the odor
  • Energy star certified
  • Easy to use & Affordable
  • Only available in two colors

SilverOnyx Air Purifier – Best Air Purifier for Cat Allergies

The next suggestion we have for our readers is the Silveronyx Air purifier. One of the advanced and popular model we have reviewed in front of you. It has five levels of advanced filtration and can purify the room of 500 sq ft, which makes it perfect for medium to large spaces. 

The device comes with a standard Hepa H13 filter that can absorb up to 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns in size. A UV-C light and ion generator clean the air by reducing toxic germs and bacterias. If your room or house has large particles such as hairs and dust, it includes a mesh pre-filter to capture these pollutants. 

The PM 2.5 sensor in this air purifier automatically adjusts the airflow and improves the filtration capabilities, ensuring that your indoor environment is as pure as possible. The fan has five speed levels and a sleep mode. You’ll also find a timer, so you can fix it and ignore it. This air purifier is a strong contender thanks to its elegant appearance, user-friendly interface, and low price.

  • For large rooms
  • Clean air ionizer
  • Five layers of fan
  • Five levels of filtration
  • Versatile Cleaning Power
  • Didn’t find any downside of it

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

Here is our next best air purifier for cat litter dust that you should buy if you are looking for a medium-size and medium-price device that works well in homes. The notable point is that the association of home appliance manufacturers verifies it. I’m using it five times per hour in a medium sized room. It has three levels of filtration systems. It does not include a true HEPA filter, but I’ve not noticed much difference without a HEPA filter. Still, it can easily capture litter dust and pollen. Don’t think about the electricity bill, and it consumes a low amount of energy. 

You might be wondering why it has thousands of reviews even though it lacks a Hepa filter. It’s due to its simple appearance, multiple filters, and design. As I said, the Blue Pure air purifier works excellent without a HEPA filter. 

  • Triple filtration system
  • Cost effective
  • Simple design
  • Low energy consumption
  • No HEPA filter

Levoit Air Purifier – Cheap Air Purifier for Dust

Our last product is a best-seller, widely used, most popular, and cheaper than all other best air purifier for cat litter dust. The 360 air filter cleans the room with Vortexair technology, which circulates the airflow five times every hour. Because our cats dwell on the bottom floor, the dust level is higher. After using it, we’ve noticed a significant difference, and the environment is nearly pure. Please learn how to use it wisely. 

Because you have a pet, utilize a pet allergy filter to collect pet dander and smell. The Levoit air purifier has over 41 thousand reviews, and when it was new, most reviewers, like myself, complained about the odor. The product’s packaging is very stunning. Finally, I will recommend this device to any homeowner, whether or not they have pets.

  • Three filter system
  • Most feature-packed
  • Energy star certified
  • Under $100 
  • Cons: Product available in only two colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which air purifier is best for removing cat dander?

A purifier with a HEPA filter is perfect for removing cat dander and hairs. 

Q2. Which is the in-demand and cheap air purifier in the U.S? 

Levoit air purifier is the most famous and affordable, with more than forty-one thousand reviews. 

Q3. Where should I place an air purifier? 

Because moving air raises dust and other particles that an air purifier may easily pick up, place the air filter near the door or window.

Last Words

Cat litter dust is unavoidable. Continuous consumption of dust can cause serious allergy issues. All best air purifier for cat litter dust are explained in a precise way and these units are used and tested by me and my team. From expensive to cheap products, everything is explained. Go through the buying guide before buying any product. I hope you will like our efforts. In case of any confusion, comment down. Our team will assist you. 

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