Best Heat Lamp for Leopard Gecko

Owning reptiles is not easy; it demands your time, attention, and money. Chameleons and leopards, for example, require specialized equipment to ensure their health and survival. The Leopard Gecko is a well-known pet lizard that is a wonderful choice for novice reptile keepers. Because they are native to the deserts of India and the Middle East, they require unique care and a different way of life when kept in a box or enclosure. Most owners face difficulties while finding accurate equipment for their little amphibians. 

As they become active at night time, you need to fix a light in their box. We have selected some best heat lamp for Leopard Gecko with a few factors such as bulb fixture, the intensity of lamps, bulb wattage size for the cage, and user feedback over these products. Please go over the entire guide; our staff and I have thoroughly tested all bulbs. 

Best Heat Lamp for Leopard Gecko

What are the types of heat lamps? 

There are many various types of bulbs available today, but the most popular are listed below.

Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

These bulbs are most common in the U.S because of their low energy consumption and cheap price. Due to their spiral shape, these are suitable for small boxes and cages. The noticeable feature of these bulbs is that they have both UVA and UVB lights. The major weakness is that they are unable to produce heat because of their low power consumption.

Linear Fluorescent Bulb

The long tube bulbs with the hood-type fixture are unsuitable for large cages because they can’t glow in a complete enclosure. So, only use them in small and medium boxes. Currently, linear fluorescent bulbs are the cheapest ones. 

Mercury vapor Bulb

Mercury Vapor Bulb

These are known as “all-in-one” bulbs because they emit UVA, UVB, and heat. They are of high wattage, so that you may need a wire clamp lamp. Due to its features, it’s more expensive than the above explained bulbs. 

Metal Halide Bulb

Metal Halide Bulb

Here is a type of bulb that is specially designed for reptiles like chameleons and Leopard geckos. Instead of mercury bulbs, halide lamps consume less electricity and produce powerful UVB light. According to the creators, it is extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Five Best Heat Lamp for Leopard Gecko

Check the reviews of these products that have been tested and verified by our team. 

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamp

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamp

Zilla brand is well known for making good quality stuff for pets, and this time it comes with a fantastic bulb for leopards at a very low cost. This mini halogen bulb is available in two sizes: 25 watts and 50 watts. This bulb emits a bright white light that closely resembles natural sunshine, with the additional perk of heat, making it a versatile and effective day illumination for leopard geckos. Don’t touch this bulb with oily and dusty hands. 

We initially ordered a 25-watt bulb, and delivery was unexpected because it arrived before the time. The average life of this heat lamp is 2,000 hours, which is amazing with such a low price. I would suggest this heat lamp to anyone who is looking for a compact heat source. 

  • Durable
  • 2,000 hours life span
  • Very cheap
  • Caution required for the intensity of heat

Zoo Med Reptile Day & Light Bulb

How about trying this combo pack for leopards? Due to its multiple options, it’s the first choice of reptile parents. The heat lamps are 60W that is enough to heat the air. The unique aspect of this product is the blue and red color bulb. Use the red bulb in the daytime. Although red light bulbs are not recommended, you can use them for some reptiles. In short, it produces good heat output for leopard geckos. Many people claim that it can last up to a year, but in my experience, it only lasts around six months. 

  • Excellent heat source
  • Durable
  • Multiple colors
  • Red bulb offers 24 hours heating
  • Only for small and medium enclosures

Zoo Med Mini Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Another best heat lamp for leopard gecko is this one, which has a simple design, a low price, and a long lifespan. Due to these specs, it’s super perfect for all reptiles. It offers UVA, UVB, and visible light, but it can not emit much heat. You are free to place it vertically or horizontally in the cage, and you don’t need any separate ballast for the cage. Inside the cage, some leopards may suffer metabolic illness. Its UVB wavelength of 5% lowers the risk of metabolic bone disease. The 30% UVA wavelength boosts its activity, health, and reproductive attitude. The only con is that it can not produce much heat. 

  • UVA and UVB
  • Perfect for desert reptiles
  • Compact design
  • Can’t emit heat

OMAKEY 2 Pack Ceramic Heat Lamp

OMAKEY 2 Pack Ceramic Heat Lamp

OMAKEY heat lamp claims to provide perfect heat for your leopard geckos. It is the best heat lamp available today. It’s constructed with solid ceramic elements for long-lasting use. It’s the only bulb on the list with a perfect radiation characteristic that prevents light emittance. In terms of usage, it’s the best source for providing continuous heat. 

Don’t buy if you are looking for a heat and light combo. It only produces heat. Don’t forget to use the porcelain socket. You will be amazed to see the digital thermometer that shows the temperature in Fahrenheit and centigrade. I bought this bulb last year, and it’s still working perfectly. Its average lifespan is 9,000 – 15,000 hours. Many users complain about its burning. This is because they don’t use wire clamp lamp. It would be good to use a wire clamp lamp to avoid overheating. 

  • Economical
  • Best heat source
  • Very long lifespan
  • Made with quality material
  • Only produce heat Not for small terrariums

Zilla Incandescent Bulb 

Here is the last suggestion we have for reptile parents: Zilla incandescent bulb. This heat lamp is ideal for night time because it gives focused ambient heat without very small visible light. Unlike red heat lamps, this black lamp helps your leopard gecko engage in natural nocturnal lifestyles without being stressed. It emits a soft light with concentrated heat and provides excellent durability and long-term efficiency.

  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • No heat
  • Not suitable for small enclosures

Buying Guide: Best Heat Lamp for Leopard Gecko

In research, it’s revealed that they don’t need much UV lighting to generate vitamin D for using calcium in their food. During the daytime, they live in underground burrows and become active in the morning and night. As an owner, you want a perfect heat lamp for your reptile, so below are a few points that should be in your mind before choosing the heat lamp. 


The bulb wattage size depends on some aspects such as box room temperature, cage size, and enclosure setup location. A high-watt bulb will almost certainly be required if the cage is large. A low-watt bulb is ideal for a small cage.

Color of the bulb

A broad-spectrum visible light bulb is suggested for daytime lighting. There is no need for extra lighting at night if the space has enough light source. If illumination is necessary, use a blue bulb. 

The fixture of the heat lamp

Clamp-type fixtures are used on some bulbs, whereas spiral-type fixtures are found on others, thus check the cage for fixture design. Check to see if the bulb will fit in the fixture or not. 

Brand History and Reviews

Knowing a brand’s history can sometimes assist you in finalizing a product. A brand that is well-known in the marketplace and has happy customers is more likely to produce high-quality items. Never blindly trust a new brand; instead, read reviews to understand it better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is a wattage size bulb suggested for leopard geckos? 

The 100W or 75W heat lamp or bulb is recommended for geckos because these bulbs can produce enough heat and light. Leopard geckos become active at night, so use a good quality bulb. 

Q2. Do they need UVA or UVB lights to survive? 

Although UVA and UVB lights improve all reptiles’ health and immune systems. As leopard geckos are very active, they don’t need UVB light. 

Q3. Should I switch off my gecko's heat lamp at night?

At night, no heat lamp is required if there’s any light in the room. If needed, use a low-intensity heat lamp for the cage. Red color lights at night time are not recommended. 

Final Words

Selecting the best heat lamp for leopard gecko is only one side. You also need the right cages for them. Choose the heat lamp that is suitable for your gecko and its health. If you are unsure about the correct one, consider these five bulbs that are our tested. Best of Luck!!!

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