Good Pet Stuff Litter Box Review

Browsing for getting the cat litter box that is inconspicuous and eliminates your complaints of the cat’s waste odor, then this Good Pet Stuff Litter Box Review is absolutely crafted for you.

Here you will explore all about the Good pet Stuff Litter box that is considered as the best innovation of the time in the Cat litter box industry, although it has some shortcomings, but the number of the advantages associated with this model are more than its limitations. This is considered one of the best litter box hiders in the market.

Good pet Stuff is the brand that works really well for making its name popular. They are not only manufacturing the litter boxes but along with the litter boxes they also have other pet-related products to offer you.


Their main focus is to provide you the innovative and best-performing cat litter products without burdening your wallet. Due to this philosophy, they have also made this litter box an affordable choice and almost every pet owner can get it for their cat.

Their brand reputation ensures that along with all the other products, this reviewed Good pet Stuff litter box also has the ability to sell itself due to all of the advantages associated with this litter box.

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box Review

Let’s start discussing every detail of Good Pet Stuff Litter Box so that you can identify whether it has the ability to satisfy you or you have to look for any other option.

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Design and Quality

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box does not look like other litter boxes, they have come up with the different approach and construct it in a way that no one can recognize it as the litter box.

Instead of constructing it in the shape of a box, they have made its shape similar to the plant clay pots. If you have the plants in your home, you can easily place it in between all of your plants and no one can guess that it’s the litter box or the plant.

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This clay pot with the plant at the top can be considered as the decorative piece, but the color on the pot is not the attractive one. If you want it to complement your room décor, then you have to paint it because the default color is not something that you will love.

hidden cat litter box

Don’t imagine that the plant at the top will look similar to the real plants, it’ll not. For making it more realistic, you will have the option to replace this artificial plant with the real plant. It could be done easily. But instead of putting the natural plant use any other artificial plant, because the cats love to play with the plastics and may ruin your natural plant.

The overall body of the litter box is made up of plastic, which is the best material for your cat. But it might not appeal to you, as it looks cheap. But that’s not a problem, because spraying it at once will eliminate all of your cavils.

In the design, the most interesting thing is the entrance of the cat. Your cat can easily get its business done in the privacy because that’s enclosed and the entry could be adjusted towards the wall. Now you will not see your cat anymore while it is doing its business.

Filtration system

Most of the cat owners complain about the odor of cat’s messes. But right after putting this cat litter in your home, you will never smell the odor of your cat’s messes. The double-layer construction of this cat’s litter will not allow the odor to travel out of it. And along with the powerful construction, the filtration system has also been incorporated in it so that the odor does not build up in this clay pot.

For making the filtration system safe from the cat, they have chosen the perfect placement for it. You will find it in between the plant and the clay pot base. Your cats will not be able to mess up with the filtration system.


The design and the construction of this litter box render enough space to your cat so that it can do its business comfortably. Even in the case, when you have more than 1 cat in your home, still it would be a suitable option for you, Because of the larger space. Humans can wait if someone else is in the toilet. But the animals can’t wait for their turn, so it’s always better to have the litter box with a higher capacity.

The height of around 21 Inches makes it versatile litter box. It could be used as the bedroom and as the toilet of your cat at the same time.

Who should buy this?

Most of the cat owners are usually on the tight budget and end up purchasing the cat litter box that can’t do anything other than asking their customers to regret their decision. Most of the other affordable options failed to satisfy their customers.

But if you still want to give a try to new affordable yet best performing cat litter, then it is the best product for you to check. You will be amazed by all of the features that come with this unit.

  • Affordable
  • Larger capacity
  • Filtration system
  • Inconspicuous
  • Plastic Body
  • Looks flimsy

Final Words

From almost every perspective, it scores well and proved itself to be the worthy litter box that you should have in your home, only if you want to be the tension free from your cat’s messes.

The design is perfect just need a little bit modification, you will be loving to have the litter box that does not look similar to other litter boxes but works in the same way. For almost every kind of cat, this Good pet stuff litter box is the GO product for you. It will work perfectly for you whether your cat is bulky, active, older or lazy.

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