Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath

So, are you planning to get a deck mounted heated bird bath? That is a great decision. Deck mounted heated birdbath as compared to non-headed are best for all seasons. A deck mounted heated birdbath is surely the best thing that can happen to everyone’s birding experience. In fact, a life-changing experience if you have never used the regular bird baths.

There are various heated birdbaths available in the market, & in general prospective buyers will want to select one that is of right size for their local bird species while being easy to clean & maintain. In order to help narrow down the options, following are the top 5 deck mounted heated birdbaths to pamper the feathered friends. 

What Exactly a Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath is?

It is worth sharing that standard birdbath is considered an artificial reservoir of water, mainly in the form of the bowls. It is especially designed for small animals and birds to bathe, drink, & socialize & preen in. Moreover, a strong heated element is also added to a basin for keeping the water from freezing over. Well, contemporary heated bird baths have a thermostat element to check any drop in the temperature below 34-35 degrees. 

Reviewed: Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 

After reviewing the majority of deck mounted heated birdbaths, I have selected the best ones on the basis of appearance, mounting style, temperature control & materials used. It is very important to be well-informed before making any kind of buying decision in order to get the actual value of your hard-earned money. 

Allied Precision 650 Birdbath 

Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 1Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 2

The product has minimized the chore time while eliminating inconvenience.  It worked well & birds loved having a drink especially during winters. It offers easy access to fresh water for small critters and several birds. The birdbath is made up of beige resin plastic & comes with a good quality hinged, tip up deck rail mount however, can also be mounted easily on the 4×4 post if needed.

Obviously, bird owners need to have a reasonable power source & expect to refill it often as even in the coldest of temperatures because the water does evaporate. The best thing is that it has a sturdy construction, solidly well-made yet extremely easy to pick-up, refill, & dump. Truly appreciate the fact, the product is shallow, nice, & wide, not deep and tall as pictured. Installation was quick & easy, no specialized assistance needed. 

  • Convenient to use 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Offer comfortable bathing for birds
  • Functional and durable 
  • Very well-designed 
  • Instructions are not clear

Audubon Birdbath

Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 3Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 4


A highly recommended product for all those who were searching for the birdbath that can be attached to the balcony. This birdbath fits the bill perfectly. No doubt, it is extremely durable once it is attached with simple hand operation as no tools are required. If you are setting up a deck mounted heated birdbath for the 1st time then, it might take some days for birds to notice. Well, do not fret. Because soon you will be having many birds to provide you with  entertainment daily.

A little expensive but enjoying the birds who have successfully discovered the water source is simply amazing. However, it would be nice if the brand sells replacement trays separately. Additionally, the bracket must have been built at an upward angle in order to accommodate for the total weight of the water and bowl. Since it is straight, the bowl always tilts downwards thus, spilling a lot of water. 

  • Durable construction 
  • No tools needed for setup 
  • Perfect temporary product for renters 
  • Eye-catching design 
  • Works as expected 
  • Very light so, be sure to secure it to a metal holder 

Songbird Essentials Birdbath 

Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 5Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 6

This product works quite well & keeps the water from freezing. There is no need to keep an eye on the level of water as it keeps water unfrozen even in the freezing temperatures & snowy conditions. It is shallow however, that encourages the small birds to get right in it & have a communal birdbath the days whenever the temperature is warm. The best thing is that, it comes with various hardware being needed to mount it in different ways while being very sturdy. Well, it is worth sharing that this might not work with all deck railing, the clamp provided will only fit the horizontal rail. Good price but whenever the water evaporates, the middle of the birdbath tends to expand & bow upwards while making the birdbath extremely shallow. Overall, the songbird birdbath is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

  • Very versatile 
  • Pocket friendly 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Very well-balanced and well-made 
  • Give the best value for money 
  • A bit pricey

Allied Precision 14B Birdbath 

Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 7Best Deck Mounted Heated Birdbath 8

A highly recommended product for those bird owners who are looking for the deck mounted birdbath that does not have the top to bottom screw grip. No doubt, this one is great & fits on any deck beautifully. It can hold more water, squirrels and birds of all types can truly enjoy it during winters. It has a decent neutral color & the cord also wraps out of the sight. However, installation is a bit tricky because the bolts that screw into a mounting plate hardly fit through the holes provided, you need a socket wrench to be able to thread the bolts through the holes. It is advised to be very careful, never over-tighten the mounting plate, else it will bend and make the birdbath unlevel. Moreover, the mounting hardware/mechanism also needs improvement. 

  • Water-resistant plastic 
  • Silent operation 
  • Easy to install
  • Non-stick coating to ensure easy cleaning 
  • Very sturdy
  • Much smaller than expected 

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