Cat Trees For Senior Cats

Cat trees are basically big structures that felines can use for different purposes including climbing, lounging, and scratching. These activities always appeal to the cat’s instincts. Cats love to starch and climb & a cat tree gives a wonderful way for cats to do all that without leaving claw marks or fur on the furniture. It is important to mention senior cats need a bit extra TLC therefore, it is advised to find the cat trees.

Moreover, as felines get older, they become less playful and active but it is better to keep them motivated. Keeping this in mind, the article will help pet parents find the best cat trees for senior cats on the basis of quality, durability, & ease of use in order to give them a peaceful and safe environment while keeping them happy.

Cat Tree Safety – How to Choose A Good One

Choosing the right cat tree is important because it can make or break how much time you spend with your kitty. If they don’t like their cat tree then they will probably find another way of getting attention from you. This could be through nipping at your ankles when you walk past, jumping up onto things, or even just staring into space. So choosing the wrong one might mean spending more time cleaning up after accidents than actually enjoying cuddles!

The first thing to consider when buying a cat tree is what size does your cat prefer. Some cats may not want anything too high off the ground so if yours likes to jump around then look out for something low enough for him/her to easily reach. You should also check whether there is any sharp edges which could cause injury.

Another factor to take into account is where exactly you plan to place your new cat tree. Is it going to be somewhere quiet and private such as under the bed or sofa cushions? Or perhaps near a window where he/she can enjoy watching birds outside? Make sure you choose a spot that suits your needs before purchasing.

If you have decided upon a location, now comes the fun part; deciding on the type of cat tree you would like to buy. There are many options available ranging from simple wooden ones to elaborate multi-leveled models. However, some types work well for certain breeds whereas others suit only specific individuals. For example, Siamese cats tend to dislike being confined within small spaces and often struggle to fit inside traditional cat towers. Instead, these cats usually thrive in open areas where they can stretch out and explore freely. Therefore, if you own a Siamese cat, you should definitely go for a large outdoor model instead.

Another option worth considering is whether you want your cat to be able to scratch posts or walls.

Why Do Senior Cats Need Cat Trees?

Senior cats are more prone to joint and muscle problems. While achy muscles & joints could be due to different conditions but the most common in felines is degenerative joint problem. Well, an injury & some other related issues can speed up the process. Furthermore, senior cats also suffer from muscle wasting. The combination of joint discomfort, muscle wasting, & general age can significantly decrease the cat’s ability & desire to jump to that top platform once they used to do so. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the cat trees that always make sense for senior cats.

Reviewed: Best Cat Trees for Senior Cats

A good cat tree gives a healthy and safe outlet for a feline’s natural instinct to minimize destructive behaviors & maximize the feline’s psychological and physical health. In this section, I will go deep into what features make the best cat tree & use that information to identify top 5 cat trees currently available on the market.

 Aeromark Cat Tree 

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 1Cat Trees For Senior Cats 2

An amazing product that was perfectly packed in a big box. Everything about this cat tree is just superb. The best thing is that it was really reasonably priced & fit the space in any room easily. The cat tree was extremely easy to put together, the provided instructions are pretty straightforward & it came with 2 tools needed to assemble it. Furthermore, the hardware is quite solid, there are no exposed staples, sharp edges, the sisal and carpet are securely attached, the cubes are square & put together solidly.

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 3

The wood is very solid plywood which makes the finished product heavy, so pet parents can build it where they want to place it. Well, moving it up and down stairs would be difficult so, it is advised to consider this factor while assembling it. I would recommend wearing gloves when it comes to handling the scratching rope/posts.


  • Easy to set it up
  • Pet friendly materials
  • Durable & safely constructed
  • Built to last
  • Pocket friendly


  • Faux fur covering is very thing

Trixie Cat Tree

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 4Cat Trees For Senior Cats 5

This cat tree is extremely sturdy & well-built while being super easy to put together. It has a nice soft plushy texture with cool color. The product arrived quickly & was exactly as advertised. Due to different choices available, it is quite difficult to find a right one that felines can fit in comfortably with some room to spare but no doubt, the Trixie cat tree steals the show. The tree is made of heavy cardboard and is completely soft and furry.

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 6

Well, the fabric on this cat tree is a comparatively thin faux so, laying down a blanket or anything soft inside the bottom will serve the purpose. On the downside, there were no instructions given concerning how to assemble the tree, so it might be confusing for some pet parents. Overall, the product is worth buying as it gets the job done & fits anywhere.


  • Quick & easy assembly
  • Simple and compact
  • Offer a good sleeping spot
  • Very sturdy with perfect height
  • Stepped ramps for effortless access


  • Made with flimsy faux fur
  • Instructions are not given


Cat Trees For Senior Cats 7Cat Trees For Senior Cats 8

This is a wonderful cat tree for senior cats while being great value for the price & comparable to much more costly cat trees in a different way. The platforms are small & just big enough for medium-sized felines to lay on easily. Fairly straightforward assembly, the toughest part was getting the supports for the different enclosed spaces aligned & screwed in, but after that it was very easy. Moreover, the platforms are a bit tighter that the senior cats will definitely prefer.

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 9

With multiple platforms and extra height, the YAHEETECH cat tree is considered perfect for multi-feline household. This cat tree seems sturdy if placed on the flat surfaces such as hardwood floor but on carpeting it can be a little unstable and wobbly even thought it comes with a wall anchor for added support. Overall, though for the price point it is a decent purchase & of course pet parents are able to get the product in various colors.


  • Safe and secure
  • Replaceable interactive balls
  • Multi-level playground
  • Very strong and durable
  • Economical


  • It would be great if some extra siding to the top platforms has been given

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 10Cat Trees For Senior Cats 11

This is a really beautiful and sturdy cat tree. It does not smell like chemicals or glue like some other cat trees out there. The most noticeable thing is that this cat tree is much nicer and taller than expected. Moreover, the Go Pet cat tree is surely a step-up even though the basic reason behind getting this specific product is that it has a nice huge base which makes the height to be very stable.

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 12

Instructions are quite clear, the brand recommends sorting the pieces for effortless assembly but honestly, they are all sorted in the box properly. Everything is very easy to find & goes together without any problem. On the downside, the hooks for the hammock are unsafe. If pet parents screw them all the way in, they might poke past the 2nd tier board & can injure their hands. Overall, for the price point & usage, this is a great buy for senior cats.


  • Durable and cute
  • Offer utmost comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Come with proper instructions
  • Fun playhouse


  • Large footprint

Amazon Basics Cat Tree

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 13Cat Trees For Senior Cats 14

This is a good-sized cat tree for the price, the carpet is quite decent & better than fleece. It comes with different double-threaded bolts that can hold the columns to each other. It assembled easily in less than 10 minutes & is amazingly sturdy. Here, I would like to share that it is extremely difficult to find real carpeted cat trees & it is vital to get the ones with real carpet as they last way longer & cats prefer that material to wreak havoc on.

Cat Trees For Senior Cats 15

Seemingly built with functionality and simplicity in mind, the Amazon Basics serves its purpose as a tiny nest for the senior felines. Well, the assembly process is relatively simple but not intuitive. The trick is to follow the manual so you do not start screwing the wrong pieces together. Overall, it is studier as compared to other small cat trees with this price tag, with better quality carpet.


  • Stable base
  • Provide durability
  • Offer cat-friendly surfaces
  • Assembles easily and quickly
  • Tools and instructions are included


  • Top level bed always run small

Revealing The Best Cat Tree For Arthritic Cats You’ll Love

The Best Cat Trees For Your Home

Cat trees are a great way of keeping your feline friend entertained and safe. They can also help with their health by providing them with an elevated perch from which they can stretch out or sleep comfortably. There are many different types of cat trees available on the market today, so it’s important to choose one that will suit both your needs as well as those of your pet.

Buying Guide: Best Cat Trees for Senior Cats

Senior cats have different needs & requirements that pet parents should be aware of in order to make cat trees more beneficial and productive. No doubt, the best cat tree for senior cats is surely the one that has been designed after considering the needs of senior felines in mind like, it has been designed to accommodate cats with arthritis, mobility issues, low activity levels, & other neurological and orthopedic conditions. This buying guide is going to cover all those factors that pet parents should consider while picking the best cat tree for senior cats.

What To Look for in the Best Cat Tree for Senior Cats?

Pet parents should give attention to the following factors:

Shape & Size:

Cat trees are currently available in different shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny, one-level cat trees to sprawling, complex jungle gyms. The final decision depends upon the size of home & where pet parents want to put the tree. Please note that few cat trees are quite vertical whereas others take up much floor space.


The majority of cat trees have a wide range of toys and scratching posts integrated into their design. If the felines have been scratching the furniture, pet parents should find a tree with an in-built scratching post. Moreover, if felines are playful then, it is better to get a product with various hanging feathers & other accessories.


Another important factor to be aware of while buying a cat tree is to ensure that any tree pet parents select is according to the height of the cat. I highly recommend that pet parents should never stretch out the cats in order to measure them because they won’t appreciate that.


There are numerous cat trees with intricate and elaborate designs to keep felines interested and stimulated but the senior felines just want a peaceful place to sleep.

Extra Cushion:

Senior cats are usually skinny as compared to younger ones. Between decreased fat and muscle loss, senior cats would surely prefer a bit more cushioning on the cat tree.

Qualities of the Best Cat Trees

  • They are constructed from heavy-duty wood & wood products. There are different kinds of derivative wood products such as particleboard, MDF, and plywood.
  • They are always covered in durable and comfortable materials such as faux fur, faux fleece, & carpet.
  • They are very sturdy. It is advised to look for cat trees with heavy construction, substantial base, & a reputation of firmness.
  • They have unique features that always suit the style of a senior cat. Some have multiple platforms, cubby holes, dangly toys, & various scratching posts. Well, these features can be the source of utmost fun and enjoyment but pet parents have to know the cats & whether or not they will be into it. Better to consider the cat’s personality & play style before buying the cat tree.
  • They compliment the home décor and fit in the budget perfectly

Is Your Older Cat a Large Cat?

When they were younger, they used to easily jump up but now that they are older, they need another means of doing this.

If so, then these condos will be perfect for them. These condo towers have three levels which makes it easier for larger felines to reach all areas of the unit without having to go through multiple floors.

They also feature two ramps which allows your feline friends to access both sides of the tower at once. This way, they won’t have to worry about falling off the side because there isn’t any floor space below them.

Why Do Older Cats Need In A Cat Tree?

According to the folks at Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, “Many cats begin to encounter age-related physical changes between seven and ten years of age, and most do so by the time they are 12.” That means it’s probably best to at least consider some age-appropriate cat trees for your cat as early as 7 years old.

As we get older our bodies change in many ways. Our bones become less dense and brittle, our muscles weaken, our eyesight deteriorates, our hearing becomes worse, etc. These things happen gradually over time but eventually lead to health problems that require medical attention. The same thing happens with our pets! As their bodies grow older, they also experience gradual changes such as:

• Joints stiffen up

• Muscles lose strength

• Vision worsens

• Hearing declines

 What Age Is Considered “Older”?

The age that your cat reaches is entirely up to them, and it can vary from kitten to adult. The average lifespan for cats is between 12-14 years old, but some live as long as 20 or more! If you have an older cat who has reached their golden years, then they will need something special to keep them happy and healthy.

Cat trees are great because they provide many benefits such as:

1. A place where your cat feels safe and secure

2. An area where he/she can relax and enjoy themselves

3. A place where they can hide away when needed

4. A place where they feel comfortable enough to sleep

5. A place where they don’t have to deal with other animals

6. A place where they spend quality time together

7. A place where they socialize with each other

8. A place where they exercise their claws on

9. A place where they scratch furniture

10. A place where they find peace and quiet

11. A place where they entertain themselves

12. A place where they rest comfortably

13. A place where they eat well

14. A place where they stay warm during cold weather

15. A place where they receive love and affection

16. A place where they meet new people

What Is Arthritis in Cats?

Arthritis is an inflammation that affects joints. It causes them to swell up and stiffen. This condition usually occurs with age or injury. However, there are other factors that contribute to arthritic symptoms like obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid problems, etc.

The most common symptom of feline arthritis is lameness. Other signs include stiffness, difficulty moving around, lack of appetite, weight loss, and even vomiting.

Do cats like cat towers?

If you notice your kitty scratching up the side of your couch or upholstered chair, provide them with a cat tower with a built-in scratching post. Cats love climbing on things. They enjoy exploring their surroundings by jumping onto shelves, tables, chairs, beds, etc. Cats will use these items as platforms to reach higher places. Some cats even climb into cabinets and closets to explore. This is why it’s important to keep all furniture away from your cat’s sleeping area. It should only contain bedding and toys.

Where should I put my cat tree?

If you notice your kitty scratching up the side of your couch or upholstered chair, provide them with a cat tower with a built-in scratching post. A cat tree is best placed where it will receive plenty of sunlight and air circulation. It should not block an exit route out of the room. A cat tree should never be placed on top of furniture as it could cause damage to the structure.

What kind of cat tree do I need?

There are many different types of cat trees available today. Some come preassembled, but most require assembly by the owner. The type of cat tree depends upon what size cage your cat needs. If your cat has a small space, get one that’s about 10 inches tall. For larger cages, choose a taller model. You may also want to consider getting two smaller ones so your cat doesn’t become bored if she spends too much time alone.

How often should I clean my cat tree?

Cats prefer to live indoors. Therefore, cleaning your cat tree regularly helps prevent bacteria build-up inside the unit. Cleaning involves wiping down surfaces using soap and water. Make sure to wipe off any food residue before washing. Afterward, rinse thoroughly with hot water. Use a soft cloth to dry everything completely. Do this every week.

Is My Cat Tree Safe?

Yes! Your cat tree is made of sturdy plastic material.

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Final Thoughts:

In the end, it can be concluded that as the cat’s ages, pet parents have to make different changes when it comes to her diet & lifestyle and to achieve this, the best cat tree is not an exception. Because cat trees are considered a perfect way of improving the cat’s quality of life, even if she is older. Moreover, cat trees also encourage the felines to focus their attention on scratching & climbing on safe areas.

Luckily, there is a wide range of options out there for senior cats including the above-reviewed & due to this, it is not that much difficult to find very plush sleeping areas, easy to access platforms, and ramps that are best for senior cats. Here, I would like to mention that if pet parents keep the cats confined indoors & they live in the small apartments or flats then, it is recommended to get a huge cat tree to let cats get much needed exercise.

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