Best Litter Box for Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats are a super cute & fluffy breed of felines, especially famous for their placid and docile nature. And the best thing about them is that they make amazing pets for the most inexperienced pet parents as well. Furthermore, Ragdoll cats are usually classified as the furriest felines due to their medium-large hair growth.

Thus, while selecting a litter box for such felines, pet parents have to consider the size & the general making of the litter box. Ragdoll cats have very silky hair that can trap litter easily, particularly when pet parents use different clay litter products. Keeping this in mind, the article is going to review the 5 best litter box for ragdoll cats on the basis of shape, size, design & other features currently available in the market.

How Many Litter Boxes Pet Parents Should Keep?

Well according to vets, the total number of cat litter boxes pet parents should have in their homes always depends upon the number of felines, plus one extra. So, in short if pet parents have 3 cats, then they should have 4 litter boxes. No doubt, this is an extremely important factor especially if the felines have not developed the habit of using litter boxes to do their business. Use air fresheners to get rid of the stink of cat litter.

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Reviewed: Best Litter Box for Ragdoll Cats

Many experts say that getting the right sized and good quality litter box for Ragdoll cats is just as mandatory as keeping it neat & putting it in a well-ventilated area. So, while looking for the best litter box for Ragdoll cats, pet parents should ensure that the litter box they are selecting is at least one & half time the size of the Ragdoll. In case, they are not sure about the size then, do not worry because the below-reviewed products will serve the best purpose in this regard.

Genie Litter Box – Best high sided litter box

This litter box is very lightweight & much easier to move around while cleaning. No doubt, Genie litter box was a great find as after having a hard time finding a litter box that is large enough for Ragdoll cat, this particular litter box can be considered as a life saver. The nifty handles make cleaning and emptying the litter box a breeze.

Moreover, for the size and shape, this is the best litter box pet parents can ever get for Ragdoll cats. The high sides give good privacy for Ragdolls cats while reducing litter scatter. Overall, this is probably more than anything but the available images make it look like as it is made of a soft, nearly rubbery plastic but this is not the case, in fact it is made of a thin but very hard plastic. On the downside, the handles are a bit flimsy.

  • Made of flexible plastic
  • Ensure quick and easy cleaning
  • Innovative design
  • Give Ragdoll cats a comfortable space for privacy
  • Budget-friendly
  • It might not fit in tight spaces well

Catit Jambo Litter Box – good litter box For CATS

A truly adorable litter box that can be declared as a wise investment. It has impeccable quality with amazing other features. Easy to clean, the bottom has a very smooth flat surface with no grooves to deal with while cleaning the litter box. As compared to other litter boxes, the price of Catit litter box is also unbeatable. It is worth sharing that this litter box is suitable for bigger felines like Ragdolls as they can easily stand up fully & turn around with the lid on while having no issues with the door size etc. Our team ordered it for testing, the product arrived on time and well packed. We have rejected many other boxes because they were crap.

So, all those Ragdoll owners who need a litter box that allows them to eliminate odors drastically then, they should consider buying the Catit Jambo litter box. On the other hand, as it is so big thus, it does not perform well in small areas. Therefore, it is advised to plan accordingly if pet parents are looking for a good-sized litter box but are tight on space. If your cat has a constipation problem, check the best cat food for constipation.

  • Provides required privacy
  • Equipped with locking tabs
  • Economical
  • Has reliable design & humongous size
  • Give the best value for money
  • Flap door needs some modifications

Petmate Booda Cat Litter – best large litter box

This wonderful ramp keeps the Ragdolls from just hopping out of the commonly available covered litter boxes & tipping over the box or even spilling litter everywhere on the way out. Furthermore, the lift off lid with no locks, always makes cleaning it a breeze. As per personal experience, it might not be the high-end product Ragdoll owners will purchase but for the price point, it does a great job. This is much bigger than those traditional litter boxes out there so, if pet parents think they can use the same small they were cramming their last litter box, then please note this is not going to happen with a Petmate cat litter box.

For this, pet parents need space so does their Ragdoll cat. The only drawback of this litter box is that the lid does not offer a lock feature. On the whole, it is bigger than expected while being stylish.

  • Ensure complete privacy
  • Contain odors
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Storage and travel friendly
  • It does not help with litter tracking

iPrimio Ultimate Litter Box – best stainless steel litter box

If you have a Ragdoll cat, get this litter box now but if you have more than one Ragdoll then, you should have purchased this a long time ago. Scooping scuds & clumps is easy with this magical litter box. Stainless steel may seem weird at 1st but it is totally the best thing for Ragdoll cats because stainless steel does not collect bacteria due to being non-porous. The most noticeable feature is that the litter pan is quite heavy-duty & delivered in perfect condition.

Additionally, the size of the iPrimio litter box has solved the problem of litter tracking throughout the house. With this litter pan, Ragdoll cats have plenty of room for playing & privacy. Cleaning the litter pan is completely effortless because nothing sticks to it. Apart from this, it does not retain the unpleasant odors the way few plastic litter boxes do, which is a plus point but unfortunately, the plastic top is not durable.

  • No sharp sides
  • Easy to cleanup
  • Perfect height
  • Designed to be completely safe for Ragdolls
  • Rust-free
  • A bit pricey

PetSafe Litter Box – easy to clean litter box

PetSafe Litter Box - Easy to clean litter box

Another great product that is especially designed for Ragdoll cats, the PetSafe litter box is much better than the other commonly available automated litter boxes. The build quality seems sturdy & well-designed. It is worth mentioning that this is a highly recommended product for those pet parents who got tired of scooping the traditional litter boxes as this is a self-cleaning litter box. Well, the design has few flaws but they can be tackled easily with a little ingenuity.

Moreover, the best thing is that it is easy to change the litter in a couple of minutes, just take off the top & cover the old litter with an included box lid & stick it in the waste. As per personal experience, it is important to follow the instructions and guidelines that come with this litter box, so that you will get optimal value and performance. In short, the PetSafe litter box is a great investment for a single feline household.

  • Unbeatable odor control
  • Offer leak protection
  • 99% dust free
  • Keep floor clean
  • Does not stick to Ragdoll’s paws
  • Costly

Buying Guide: Best Litter Box for Ragdoll Cats

Now that pet parents have read the detailed reviews of some of the worth buying cat litter boxes for Ragdoll cats, it is the time to get one. Selecting & buying the good quality litter box for Ragdoll cats is not easy as it demands a lot of research and hard work. To help make things easy, this buying guide will look further into more details.

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How to Select the Best Litter Box for Ragdoll Cats?

Here are some important factors that prospective buyers should consider before purchasing a litter box for Ragdolls.


For Ragdoll cats, give preference to the bigger litter box. But again, pet parents should consider the cat size before getting the right one. Even though a bigger cat litter box always paves the way when it comes to ease of usage. On the other hand, if pet parents have some space related issues, then, they can opt for the compact litter boxes. For large size cats, use the big size litter box.

Ease of Cleanliness:

Well, the basic idea behind using a litter box always revolves around cleanliness. In short, it is vital to keep the cat litter box clean or else there is no need to use it. Due to the rapid technological advancements, pet parents can select from manual or automatic mode of cleaning.


It is advised to purchase a hooded litter box for Ragdolls as it offers different advantages for instance, rendering privacy, preventing urine & poop from spilling around while controlling odor.


Select a bright colored litter box, since many Ragdolls prefer privacy while doing their businesses. Likewise, pet parents can give preference to discrete colors which are not usually attractive or they can select a litter box which complements the home décor.

What are the Key Litter Box Requirements for Ragdoll Cats?

Some major requirements for litter box are:

Big Size:

It is a well-known fact that bigger felines always need bigger litter boxes. So, when pet parents select a litter box for a Ragdoll cat, they should ensure that it is nearly 1.5 times bigger & longer than a Ragdoll. Any smaller & pet parents run the chance of their Ragdoll cats peeing all over the sides. Moreover, it has to be quite wide to let her turn around & get comfortable.

Keep Box Clean:

Every cat prefers his/her litter box to be completely spotless. But with Ragdoll cats it is extremely important to keep the litter box clean. Bacteria, dust, and litter can easily nestle in Ragdoll’s fur & get tracked all around the house. Besides, consider buying a litter mat as this is especially designed to remove litter from the cat’s paw once he/she leaves the litter box.

Not Much Litter:

It is advised to not put much litter into the box. If pet parents put extra litter in the box, the Ragdoll cats will surely sink into it & have their belly hair dragging all over. On the other hand, a lighter lay of the litter will let Ragdoll cats walk on the top without dipping in while keeping their coats cleaner.

High Sides:

It is worth sharing that Ragdolls are extremely calm and docile cats. Therefore, the chances of Ragdolls vigorously digging deep in the litter box are less. But in the case of a male Ragdoll, pet parents should consider buying a litter box with high sides in order to protect the floor and walls.

Few Important Tips:

Pet parents should introduce their Ragdoll cats to the litter box as soon as they bring it home. In case, Ragdoll cats feel uncomfortable at 1st, then it is completely normal. Do not force them to use the litter box instantly.
It is advised to place the Ragdoll cats in the litter box right after meals, or playing sessions,

  • Keep the cat litter box neat and clean because Ragdolls are skittish & prefer peeing in a clean area. So, it is better to clean their litter boxes on a regular basis.
  • Never use artificial fragrances in order to deal with unpleasant odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What should be an ideal litter box size for cats?

It should be 1.5 times longer than your cat. Small size litter box are not comfortable and pet may face peeing problems.

 Q2. which type of litter box are good for cats, open or close? 

It depends on their habits. Some cats are strict towards their privacy while others enjoy in open litter box.

 Q3. What is an average life span of Ragdoll cats? 

The average life span of ragdoll cats lies between 12-15 years.


Overall, it can be concluded that after reading the reviews of the best litter boxes for Ragdoll cats, prospective buyers must have a clear understanding about the different kinds of litter boxes currently available & the feature set they can expect from the selected product. Select the litter box for Ragdoll cats wisely after considering all the above-mentioned factors. Pet parents should inculcate the habit of using a litter box whenever their Ragdoll pees/poops in order to maintain good hygiene.

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