Best Shampoo for Maine Coon Cats

Grooming the Maine Coon cats is not just a necessity but it ensures a joyous moment as well that pet parents can share with their beloved Maine Coons. In short, regular grooming promotes bonding & when done properly, it will increase the confidence that your Maine Coon has in you. There are various elements that are involved in the entire grooming process and this article is going to cover all those.

Moreover, pet parents should know that Maine Coon cats have long hair & this means that the coats have to care for constantly in order to maintain a shiny and healthy coat, & only the best shampoo that is especially formulated for Miane Coon will serve the purpose. The article will review the 5 best shampoos for Miane Coon cats available in the market.

Why cats need to shampoo in the first place?

Cats are very clean animals. They do not like to get dirty or have their fur altered in any way. Because of this, they will need to be shampooed more often than other pets.

Cats groom themselves by licking their fur and paws, which helps remove dirt and oils from the skin and coat. However, this is not enough to remove all of the dirt that cats pick up from walking outside or from sleeping on the floor next to their food dish.

What makes a Good Shampoo for Maine Coon Cats

The best shampoos are those that have been formulated specifically for your cat’s skin, hair type, coat condition and age. The most important thing is the ingredients used in these products. If you’re looking for an all-purpose product, look for one without harsh chemicals or fragrances. You can also find some good quality shampoos at pet stores. However, if you want something more specific, then it may be worth investing in a professional grade product from a reputable manufacturer.

Should my Maine Coon cat get a haircut in the summer?

We suggest not to. Brush your Maine Coons’ coats regularly. Maine Coons tend to shed quite often, which means that you’ll probably end up having to clean up after them at least once per week. This isn’t necessarily bad news, though; it simply means that you’re going to have to keep cleaning up after them. If you live somewhere cold, then you might even have to wash your carpet weekly.

Best Shampoo for Maine Coon Cats

What is the best brush for the Maine coon cat?

MalsiPree Pet Grooming Brush, 2 in 1 Deshedding Tool & Undercoat Rake Dematting Comb for Mats & Tangles Removing, Reduces Shedding up to 95%, Great for Short to Long Hair of Medium Large Dogs

I have three cats and I’m not joking when I tell you that this brush has changed my life. I thought I was going to have to take two of my cats to the vet to get them declawed. I know, I know, that’s terrible. The cats will feel so much better without the fur build up on their feet. The cat brush works great. It gets all the hair out and it doesn’t hurt them. I recommend it.

I cannot shampoo my cat what should I do?

This is a really tough question, and there is no one answer that will work for every situation. It may be easier to find a groomer who can do the job instead.

What are the Different Kinds of Maine Coon Shampoo?

It is vital to mention that clearing the Maine Coon’s fur can easily be done with various products. Moreover, shampoos are especially formulated in numerous ways in order to allow for swift and smooth application therefore, depending upon the preferences of cat owners, they might decide to go for a certain type of shampoo for Maine Coon cats. The commonly available types of the shampoos are as follows:

Shampoo Conditioners

This amazing blend is more budget friendly as it usually comes as a single product. Although, Maine Coons do not always need conditioners but using such a blend will help keep the Maine Coon’s fur more manageable and extra soft.

Traditional Shampoo

This is the regular type of shampoo which usually features gentle and mild formulas to help with the grooming of Maine Coon’s skin. Likewise, there are several formulas available for all skin types ranging from sensitive to normal skin.

Waterless Shampoo

This is perfect for Maine Coons who hate water & are afraid of actual baths. Waterless shampoo is the best alternative to different wet products & it normally comes in spay, power, and wipes format. While selecting the waterless shampoos, pet parents should avoid those products that are made of essential oils because these products can harm the Maine Coon’s coat.

How Does the Best Cat Shampoo Affect Maine Coons’ Skin and Coat?

Well, using the best and good quality cat shampoo on a regular basis is great for grooming the Maine Coon’s skin & coat. Additionally, the shampoo will help get rid of loose hair & dead cells while eliminating all the dirt and debris that has accumulated on the skin surface. The whole grooming process also lets natural oils to properly circulate the cat’s body in order to promote good health. So, it is better to invest in chemical free shampoos to reap all the benefits.

One of the other things to remember that Maine Coon cats are great pets, and to take care of their skin and hair, you need to give them good food as well, food is a very important part of healthy cat skin and hair.

Reviewed: Best Shampoo for Maine Coon Cats

It is worth mentioning that pet parents should not use shampoos that are designed for humans while bathing the Maine Coons because this might irritate the eyes and skin. No doubt, finding a suitable shampoo for Maine Coons is paramount. There is a huge range of Maine Coon shampoos to choose from so if prospective buyers find their eyes glazing over as they look at different options, I am here to help.

Pro Pet Works Cat Shampoo

Beyond thrilled to find such a wonderful shampoo for Maine coon because it did a great job getting Maine coon neat and clean. The key is to wet the cat & do a light shampooing then, rinse that shampoo. Afterwards, shampoo the cat again to truly work it down to the skin. If Maine coon owners are treating the skin related issues, then, let the shampoo sit for around 5 minutes.

The best thing is that the Pro pet shampoo is highly recommended for multiple pet households. No doubt, it has a very strong smell straight out of the bottle however, after sometime there will be no floral/fruity smell, only a clean version of the cat scent. Overall, it can be said after trying different shampoos including all those recommended by vets, only Pro Pet cat shampoo appears to be the best one cat owners can ever find.


  • Safe for daily use
  • Best for Maine coon’s sensitive coat and skin
  • Help eliminate wet cat smell
  • No animal by products or alcohol
  • Can easily be used with different treatments


  • Some buyers might not like the strong scent

Vet’s Best Cat Shampoo

Simply adore the fact that it is a safe shampoo made of all-natural ingredients. This product is perfect at helping cat owners keep the long-haired Maine Coons’ hair smelling & feeling clean without actually needing to bathe them multiple times a month. The scent is quite subtle & pleasant while foams easily thus, making it extremely easy to apply. No doubt, one application does make a huge difference.

Well, the trick is to let the shampoo dry completely for a few hours after each application & then brush him/her out. And, I really clean dirt & smell out of the cat’s fur. However, I would recommend using it in conjunction with the cat wet wipes. Moreover, never put this shampoo directly on the cat, use a warm cloth or even warm the product in your hands before applying. It is surely much better than giving Maine Coons an actual bath, that being said, the Vet’s best shampoo leaves your Maine Coon pretty wet for a while.


  • Work wonders for sensitive skin
  • All-chemical-free ingredients
  • Ensure easy & quick application
  • Safe & effective
  • Clean, condition, & moisturize Maine coon skin and coat


  • Packaging is not up to the mark

Douxo PS Shampoo 

Another highly recommended product that helps reduce the likelihood of Maine coons developing yeast infections and other allergies. It is unscented which is superb because sometimes fragrance can cause irritation or rash to an already inflamed skin so, pet parents do not have to worry about making Maine Coon condition worse. Furthermore, it is gentle enough to use 2-3 times a week, you can bathe Maine Coon more often whenever it gets very itchy.

It is worth sharing that the consistency of Douxo shampoo is fairly thick so, put a bit in the hands, rub both hands together & place on the wet skin of Maine Coon. Be careful because whenever you squeeze this bottle, it might give a little pressure initially then squirt out quickly. However, after using it 2-3 times, you will easily figure it out. It can be said that the results are truly remarkable, especially concerning those Maine coons who are suffering from skin allergies.


  • Help protect Maine Coon’s skin & coat
  • Highly effective
  • Give the best value for money
  • Protect skin from irritations
  • Has powerful antiseptic activity


  • A bit pricey

Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo

This product worked amazingly on Maine Coons who are prone to skin allergies with bad swelling and redness under their feet, belly, and arms. Pet parents do not have to use a lot of shampoo to work up a lather. The Zymox shampoo smells lovely & breaks up matted tangles perfectly. Well, make sure to rinse the shampoo thoroughly because leaving any residue can irritate the Maine Coon’s delicate skin.

This shampoo has natural anti-bacterial enzymatic properties that will reduce or eliminate swelling, redness, & itching in a better way. Apart from the fact that Zymox medicated shampoo cuts down on the scratching and chewing for Maine Coon cats with skin allergies, this product is extremely concentrated & a little goes a long way. Moreover, it always rinses out of the cat fur much better as compared to other cheap cat shampoos.


  • Treat different skin issues easily
  • Smells wonderful
  • It soothes skin
  • For Maine Coons of all ages
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties


  • For better outcomes, it must be used before the Zymox conditioning rinse

Veterinary Formula Shampoo

This is by far a must have product on hand being a Maine Coon owner. This stuff does not smell bad at all & does not appear to cause Maine Coon any kind of discomfort including stinging. In fact, the Veterinary formula shampoo works much better than any prescription drug out there. The best thing is that it is super easy to spray from different angles & does not have any unpleasant odor to it.

The recommended practice is to use the shampoo 2 times in a week in order to treat the Maine Coon’s skin condition. Well, once that is completely under control, pet parents can still use the shampoo once a week in order to prevent flare ups. It is vital to mention that this shampoo only works as long as Maine Coon owners are patient & follow the provided directions carefully.


  • Help treat skin infections
  • Fast acting
  • 100 % safe
  • Affordable and effective
  • Help relieve yeast and bacterial infection


  • Spray method might not work for all Maine coons

Buying Guide: Best Shampoo for Maine Coon Cats

There are numerous choices especially when it comes to buying the best shampoo for Maine Coon cats therefore, it is better to spend extra time in order to figure out what kind of shampoo a Maine Coon needs & why. This buying guide will go through some valid reasons  why pet parents should consider getting the best shampoo.

What Makes the Best Shampoo for Maine Coon Cats?

It is advised to consider the following factors:


Maine coons have a quite sensitive and sharp sense of smell, some shampoos might smell extremely strong & be off putting for felines as a result. Whereas, other products only have the mild scent or are just unscented.

Kind of Shampoo:

Pet parents have to decide if they need a special kind of medicated shampoo, shampoo for regular cleaning or a product for hairball control.


It is important to mention that if Maine Coons have sensitive skin, then, pet parents should consider buying hypoallergenic shampoos having limited ingredients. Few shampoos will mention if the included ingredients are safe & eco-friendly.


Few cat shampoos are especially formulated with best tear-free ingredients, it simply means that if pet parents accidentally get some in the Maine Coon’s eyes, it will not irritate her too much.

Important Tip:

Well, the best way of selecting the best shampoo for Maine Coons is to seek help for an experienced vet, if in doubt & see what he recommends to you.

How & When to Bathe Maine Coon Cats?

Bathing is surely something that pet parents can easily do at home but, to be on a safe side they can follow these principles:

  • Always take baby steps
  • Try to reward your cats
  • Never hold Maine Coons in water forcefully under any circumstances
  • If your Maine coon is upset then, instantly take a step back & try again after sometime

Final Thoughts:

In the end, it can be concluded that selecting the best shampoo for Maine coon cats is super important. Hopefully, after reading the above-shared reviews, prospective buyers can select a shampoo that is all-natural, effective, & safe for their Maine Coon Cats. Well, bathing the Maine Coon cats may not be an easy task but it is surely worth it if it makes them feel more comfortable and cleaner. Moreover, if pet parents know they do have to bathe their cats then, one important way to make this job easier is by buying the best shampoo to get the job done perfectly and stress freely.

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