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Rabbits are extremely different pets from dogs and cats however, when it comes to grooming and care there are a few similarities. Apart from providing rabbits with a healthy diet and suitable habitat, pet parents should follow some regular grooming regime. Grooming rabbits involves trimming and brushing the fur as required. Every rabbit owner can truly understand that these fluffy cute animals have very silky and fine hair.

what brush is best for rabits

As mentioned earlier, rabbit hair is different from dog or cat hair, which is usually coarser & significantly thicker. That’s why pet parents cannot just use any old brush to groom rabbits. Instead, they need an especially designed fine toothed comb or brush. In order to help Rabbit owners find the best rabbit brush, I have put together this comprehensive guide. Here, readers will get to know more about the top 5 brushes currently available in the market. If you go outside with your rabbit, you might check the best outdoor rabbit hutch.

How Often Should Pet Parents Brush their Rabbits?

It is worth sharing that most rabbits have to be brushed after a few days. Preferably, rabbit owners should develop and maintain a regular care & grooming routine. Well, to groom the bunny in the right way, it is advised to consider the following steps.

  • Handle the rabbit carefully
  • Brush the rabbit, once a week
  • Using a damp soft cloth, wipe away the gunk from the rabbit’s eyes and ears
  • If possible, pet parents should avoid bathing their rabbits

What Should be Avoided While Getting a Brush for Rabbit?

What Should be Avoided While Getting a Brush for Rabbit?

As discussed earlier, rabbits have a very sensitive skin therefore, it is necessary to avoid few qualities while picking a brush for hoping housemates.

  • To help protect rabbit’s skin, avoid sharp bristles
  • Uncomfortable handles, pet owners could lose the grip
  • Bad quality materials
  • Very short bristles

Is it Normal When Rabbits Shed Too Much of Fur?

Normally, rabbits have three stages of fur or hair loss. During those times, rabbits shed a lot & it is a quite natural behavior so pet parents should not be worried. However, if rabbits shed a lot of fur or hair other than those times then, there could be a problem. Skin infection can cause hair loss.  The sensitive skin can be a great chance for mites, ticks, or bacteria to enter the rabbit’s body. These will cause itchy skin, sores, & make rabbits feel uncomfortable. During these days, use best grass mats for it.

Product Reviews:

As with many other pet products, selecting the best brush for rabbits is difficult. So which pet brush do pet parents select? Well, it can be a complex task. But do not worry the following products can serve the best purpose for rabbit owners.

Small pet Comb 

Small pet Comb 

When I 1st heard about this hair brush, I was quite skeptical.  But after trying it out, I was completely shocked to see the outcomes. In other words, this is the only product that actually works. This rabbit brush is truly a lifesaver. The product is very well-designed and was delivered on time in a nicely packed box.

The comb collects a lot of hair and loose fur painlessly with each pass. It has nice and soft rounded prongs therefore; it does not harm the rabbit’s sensitive skin. Well, no doubt this comb is costly but it is surely worth every penny spent. On the downside, the handle is not of good quality & looks like it is hot glued on.

  • Give the best value for money
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Very well-made
  • Catches the fur & hair perfectly
  • Game changer
  • Should be use carefully to prevent puncturing rabbit’s skin

Ware Manufacturing Grooming Kit

This is indeed a much better and amazing deal than purchasing all of these products individually. The entire shipping process was hassle-free and the product was delivered on time. This little grooming kit for rabbits is very practical. I would like to share that these hair brushes and nail clippers work really well.

I have multiple rabbits & they all love the brush and clippers. The metal brick is good for removing loose fur & hair, & the pink soft bristle brush is highly recommended for regular brushing. As per personal experience, the shedding brush looks like metal bristles however, it does not hurt the rabbit’s skin. My beloved rabbit loves the chew toy that is included in the kit.

  • Yummy chew treat is included as well
  • Help build strong bond between rabbits & owners
  • Great use and easy to use
  • Prevent hairballs & reduce shedding
  • Safe & effective
  • The quality of clippers is not up to the mark

Dougez Rabbit Brush 

Dougez Rabbit Brush 

I cannot believe how perfectly this product works in grooming my precious rabbit. Even though my rabbit does not have long hair, he enjoys brushing & the whole grooming process. I truly love the brush handle which is extremely comfortable and easy to hold. I used the brush to gently comb the hair of my rabbit.

Well, be very cautious and do not apply a lot of pressure while combing a rabbit shedding hair. This vibrant and lively brush can be confused for the toy but can does the job in a better way as compared to other commonly available vanity utensils. On the whole, the product worked as advertised but my little rabbit needs something softer and gentler.

  • Durable
  • Great quality for the price
  • Squishy comfortable handle
  • Help remove dander
  • Safe & handy
  • Wide teeth

Dasksha Rabbit Brush 

Dasksha Rabbit Brush nad grooming glove

I purchased this brush & was hoping it would work on my rabbit and to my surprise, it works amazingly. My rabbit was shedding a lot of fur and hair during winters so, I bought these brushes. They worked great & my rabbit loved to be groomed with the brush or glove as they both are gentle on his sensitive skin.

Truly loved the fact that the both tools are washable thus, making them the most convenient and handy grooming tools for rabbits. Well, the product is a bit messy to clean up. I normally take out all the hair and fur from the brush & throw them in the trash however, it has quite a sticky quality. Still, the brush and gloves are the best tools pet parents can ever get.

  • Collects hair easily
  • 100% washable
  • Wrist strap is adjustable
  • Very convenient
  • Come with soft silicone tips
  • Instructions are confusing

Peters Rabbit Brush

I have 3 rescue bunnies of different breeds, so due to this I have already tried various kinds of cat and dog brushes but none actually worked on them. Initially, I was worried that this specific product would also be worthless. But it worked wonderfully on all breeds & fur types. Special thanks to this brand for this truly valuable rabbit grooming brush.

But after a few months of continuous use, I have noticed that the bristles are very sharp. And, after talking to the bunny vet, I came to know that pet parents cannot use wire brushes to groom rabbits. Because they can cause horrible skin infections. So please be very careful and use this product accordingly to avoid further issues.

  • Good at removing dander
  • Well made brush
  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel pine
  • Grip handle is very soft
  • Sharp bristles

Final Verdict

Best Rabbit Brush, while not as vital as food or hay, plays a significant role in your rabbit’s life. We hope the information has aided you in selecting the appropriate brush for your rabbit’s demands. Keep in mind that rabbits’ skin is fragile and sensitive, so selecting a product that is appropriate to use is critical.

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