Best Food for Lovebirds

Finding the right kind of food for lovebirds is not an easy task, pet parents may have to consider the number of products available in different stores. Aptly termed, lovebirds are quite affectionate and intelligent birds. As compared to other species, they also need a little more care along with special dietary needs.

Due to this, it can be very overwhelming when it comes to figuring out what lovebirds can & cannot eat. Luckily, the products that lovebirds should avoid eating are all similar to the products that other bird species should avoid. So, in this article, I will be reviewing some of the best foods for lovebirds that pet parents can feed to their precious lovebirds.

What Pet Lovers Should Know About Lovebirds?

It is worth sharing that the lovebirds are famous for their attentive and loving bonds that they form with their owners. Lovebirds are the small and attractive species of parrots, mainly ranging from 5-6” in length. Many of them are native to South Africa & there are a total of 9 species. In captivity, lovebirds tend to live 11-12 yrs., though few have been known with 15 years of lifespan. High quality nutrition is very important for a healthy and long life of lovebirds.

How Much Should Pet Parents Feed Lovebirds?

Well, on average, these birds consume between 1-2 ounces of the feed daily. However, the quantity of food that lovebirds eat can vary when it comes to activity level and health conditions. Furthermore, if pet parents have a large cage for lovebirds to remain active then they might need more food. The natural diet consists of berries, grain, seeds & other fruits. However, for a balanced and healthy diet, it is important to introduce a wide range of foods. Like all parrots, lovebirds enjoy chewing.

What is the Difference Between Seed Mixes & Pelleted Foods?

Many breeders and veterinarians today advise bird owners to feed lovebirds pellet food items rather than seed mixes. So, what is the basic difference between these two? Pelleted foods contain the required nutrients that lovebirds need in every pellet. It simply means that a lovebird cannot be a picky eater & just select the yummiest bits & leave the rest.

 On the other hand, seed mixes are extremely delicious; however, they often result in sick or malnourished birds. Pet parents can select the seed blend, but try to avoid millet or sunflower seeds as they are more palatable. This thing will encourage lovebirds to eat other healthy seeds also.

Product Reviews:

After exploring the market & reviewing the different products for lovebirds carefully, I have selected the following products. Continue reading the article to learn about the best foods that are available for lovebirds. Lovebird owners will also get more detailed information about all the products later in this article.

Volkman Avian Lovebird Food

Before moving ahead, I would like to say that this is the best brand that my lovebirds love the most. I have been buying Volkman Avian seed for over a year now & it is probably the tastiest food that I have found so far. My lovebirds are very picky & have a habit of leaving about half of the seeds in their plates untouched normally but with Volkman it is reduced to around a third. As lovebirds are picky eaters, many seeds always go untouched.

My precious lovebirds do not eat the large seeds & instead pick through & go for the little seeds especially sunflower kernels. But with this wonderful mix, lovebirds are doing perfectly well & have a lot to eat. However, it is advised to make sure that your lovebirds will eat this food before spending the money because the product is a bit pricey.

  • Very healthy and delicious
  • High quality seeds
  • Bird approved taste
  • Dust free
  • Free of artificial flavors and additive
  • The quality of new formula is not up to the mark, so choose wisely

Hagen Tropimix Food 

Hagen Tropimix Food 

Being a small passionate breeder of canaries and lovebirds, I usually prepare a homemade soft food & use Hangen Tropimix while making it. And, my precious babies are obsessed with this recipe of mine. This is also a highly recommended food by the parrot rescue foundation, mainly as a supplemental good that can be added to the seed mix.

Everything apart, the product was delivered on time & in a very good packaging. And I personally believe that the price was also reasonable. But my concern is related to the pellets, sometimes the birdies pick out the peeled seeds and fruits & disregard the pellets totally, so I would recommend getting a brand of pellets as well on the safe side. I am still going to feed Hagen Tropimix to lovebirds because it strongly act as the daily healthy & yummy treat for them. 

  • Offer essential vitamins & nutrients
  • Great taste
  • 100% edible
  • Fulfill lovebird’s appetite
  • Complete & balanced diet
  • It might not appeal to few lovebirds

RoudyBush Bird Food

My green cheek lovebirds have only been on RoudyBush food for 1 month but I already noticed that their feathers look very bright & colorful. This product makes it easy to convert 2 seed eating cockatiels over to bits. In other words, a great product to make a successful transition from seeds to pellets.

The food offers the nutrition, lovebirds need for healthy, shiny plumage & they seem to enjoy it. It is better to get the mini size so lovebirds can snap it easily with their beaks. Moreover, unlike some other brands, this bird food does not contain dyes. Here is another useful for all the lovebird owners out there, if you are planning to buy this product & not sure if your lovebirds will eat it or not then, it is better to contact RoudyBush brand directly to get the free sample.

  • Scientifically formulated
  • No added colors or sugars
  • 100% edible
  • Without any kind of animal by products
  • Give the best value for money
  • Pellets might still be larger for some lovebirds

ZuPreem Sensible Bird Food

This bird food really has a very good selection of different bird seeds. It contains small fruit pellets they lovebirds love & are important to ensure optimal health. Bird owners can mix it with some other food items to give variety & maximum health advantages for lovebirds. Specifically made for lovebirds, it can also be added into the birds’ regular bits for some fun.

Here, I would like to share that I have bought this bird food earlier & usually it has a pleasant yet slightly fruit odor but unfortunately, this one was completely rancid. And, I do not have energy or time to send it back. So, select wisely because the product is also a little bit pricey.  

  • Help minimize wasted food
  • Contain essential nutrients
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Rewarding treat for lovebirds
  • Ensure birds’ wellbeing & health
  • Pricey

Sweet Harvest Lovebird Food

Sweet Harvest Lovebird Food

The last product on this list is offered by Sweet Harvest, and considered a good option for lovebirds. Smells great & lovebirds will surely look forward to having this food added to their bowls. It has many different kinds of ingredients and seeds that bird owners cannot see lovebirds getting bored with it.

Moreover, the product has a wide range of minerals and Vitamins that is surely a mile long. However, the price is a bit higher as compared to other brands. So, it is better to purchase it when it is on sale. On the downside, there are too many sunflower seeds in it with added ingredients that few lovebirds won’t eat. So, a lot will surely go to waste.  Overall, the variety is good thus, making it a nice basic bird seed mix for the money.

  • Premium lovebird seed mix
  • All natural ingredients
  • Free of filler ingredients
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Make feathers bright
  • Too much sunflower seeds 


Providing your lovebirds with a complete nutritional diet is essential for their protracted health and well-being, so invest in the Best Food for Lovebirds you can afford.

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