Best Dog Food for Maltese

This small but courageous, loving but extremely curious, dog breed is considered the ultimate companion canine. Mainly famous for their shiny & glamorous coats, this toy breed is very energetic while being friendly, and is the oldest canine breed in the world. The Maltese dog has an elegant yet distinctive appearance.

They are surprisingly bold, with sturdy builds. Basically, this is a wonderful toy breed that usually stands 9-10” tall and weighs somewhere around 5-8 lbs. at maturity. But just like other dog breeds, the Maltese needs a premium quality diet plan to help ensure long-term wellness. I would like to mention that Maltese often have very sensitive digestive systems & a strong propensity to develop food sensitivities and allergies.

Best Dog Food for maltese

For this reason, the best food for Maltese should be centred around healthy fats & quality proteins with other digestible ingredients.  With a number of dog food brands out there, selecting the perfect choice can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best dog food for Maltese on the basis of quality ingredients, budget, and provided nutrition.

What Type of Food is Safe for Maltese Dogs?

It is worth mentioning that all canines need a premium-quality diet. However, the quality of the provided ingredients is very important for this dog breed as they are quite tiny & have a tendency to develop different food allergies. The Maltese require a very calorie-dense diet. As per research, good quality dry food is surely the best option.

On the other hand, a freeze-dried or dehydrated diet would be a good option as well, if pet parents can afford it. Moreover, small breed canines like Maltese have a fast metabolism; therefore, they generally need a diet with high-fat content, but they also need a lot of protein to help maintain healthy body weight & lean muscle mass. You may check the best shampoo for dog dander.

How Much Food Should Pet Parents Feed Their Maltese Dogs?

How Much Food Should Pet Parents Feed Their Maltese Dogs?

Well, whether pet parents own a Maltese adult or puppy dog, the recommended quantity of the food to be fed mainly depends upon the dog’s size, weight, and his/her activity level. Puppies need more food, i.e., 266 calories per day, to boost their growth & development. An adult Maltese needs 300 calories a day. But these are just estimates. Pet parents can adjust the calories according to the above-mentioned factors.  Moreover, they have long hair, so use the best dog shampoo for them.

Food Items to Avoid:

Best Dog Food for Maltese 1

How Often Should Pet Parents Feed Maltese?

Pet parents should offer 3 meals per day to maltese puppies. It is better to follow a set timetable. And, adult Maltese should be provided with 2-3 meals per day. The quantity depends on the Maltese’s size and physical activity.

Product Reviews: Best Dog Food for Maltese

With a stunning white coat & soulful bright black eye, the Maltese is an extraordinarily beautiful dog. This article is going to analyse the top-rated foods for Maltese along with the pros & cons of each food item to help prospective buyers select one that can serve the best purpose for Maltese & meet their expectations.

Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

Last year, I adopted a Maltese puppy. After trying different brands of dog food, I eventually discovered that Blue Buffalo dry dog food is surely the best for my Maltese. The prime shipping was great. Everything was delivered in good packaging. Instead of being jam-packed with wheat, soy, or corn, it contains a lot of healthy nutrients, including antioxidant rich vegetables & fruits, whole grains, & fresh poultry.

The aroma is wonderful & my Maltese seems to adjust immediately to this food. The quality and consistency of Blue Buffalo dog food is amazing, and for this reason, I prefer to change the flavours occasionally just to offer him some variety. Well, there are still a few byproducts in this dog food, but not as many as compared to other products.   

  • Build & maintain healthy muscles
  • Ingredients that are nutritious 
  • Vet recommended
  • No preservatives or artificial flavours.
  • Promote healthy coat & skin
  • Few Maltese dogs can experience vomiting or diarrhoea. 

Wellness Core Dry Dog Food

I bought the Wellness Core for my beloved Maltese & my extremely picky eater simply loves it. I appreciate the entire shipping process. The food was delivered on time. No doubt, the customer service is also great. Now the Maltese dog is all smiling, playing freely, has bright eyes, without any tear stains, & a better digestive system. The kibble is small, and highly digestible.

As per personal experience, the size of the small bag is a wonderful option for those living in apartments with minimal storage. Moreover, the seal always keeps the kibble tasty & fresh, so pet parents do not have to worry about the bottom of this dog food being less tasty or fresh. If this is the first time, pet parents are feeding their Maltese this dry food, then they should phase it in gradually, otherwise the Maltese might experience diarrhoea or vomiting.

  • Wholesome grains
  • Support the high energy needs of Maltese
  • No fillers, or meat by-products.
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Promote shiny coat & skin
  • A little pricey

Merrick Classic Dog Food

First of all, this dry dog food is of top- quality, I can actually smell & feel the freshness of the food. The major reason behind buying Merrick Classic is that, it has helped a lot with my Maltese’s anal gland problems. The size of the kibbles is easy for my Maltese to chew. I usually put a spoonful of chicken broth on the Maltese’s food in order to soften the kibbles just a little for his tiny mouth.

The bag came with a resealable top opening, and this is one of the best things I have ever seen in any dog food. The ingredient list is wonderful. Pet parents should know that every Maltese is different with his/her individual needs. But luckily, my Maltese has been enjoying this food for years now, & I have noticed nothing but amazing outcomes. Furthermore, do follow the transition instructions mentioned on the bag or else your Maltese might get sick. 

  • Great flavour
  • Premium-quality ingredients
  • Gives the best value for money
  • Make hips & joints healthy
  • Support for healthy digestion
  • Kibbles are very small


My Maltese is a very picky eater. He doesn’t like kibble & it is always a struggle to get him to eat any kind of food. After much hard work & research, I discovered this brand. I selected this one due to the healthy ingredient list. It tastes very good, & my dear Maltese loves this dry food. His vet & groomer are both amazed by his shiny, healthy coat & they both have commented on how adorable & healthy he looks.

The most appreciable thing is that the ORIJEN dog food came in a durable, vacuum sealed bag. And, once opened, the product gave off a fishy smell. Without a doubt, this dog food is very expensive, but it is well worth a try. Because it is easy on my Maltese’s sensitive stomach. His bowel movements are now firmer & healthier looking.

  • Biologically appropriate
  • Tastes great
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Help prevent skin allergies
  • Great quality
  • Pricey

Solid Gold Dog Food

I received the product in just two days, so I think that was surely a huge plus. I like the packaging & the list of ingredients is great while being grain-free. My 12-years- old Maltese is a very picky eater and he always struggles with a sensitive digestive system. Selecting a dog food that is both gentle and tasty for Maltese is a real chore. Whenever I offered him Solid Gold dog food, he gobbled it up instantly.

The bag also has a pinch seal on the top in order to keep the food tasty & fresh. Because his stomach does not have much capacity, I feed him four times a day. Up until now, the food has seemed to be working amazingly well.  On the downside, this dog food is very expensive & it is very difficult to order huge bags again & again, I wish the brand sold 30 lb. bags.

  • All-natural dog food
  • Small kibbles
  • Protected probiotics
  • Support optimal gut & digestive health
  • Healthy whole grains
  • Very Costly

Final Verdict

Numerous high-quality dog food products are available for your Maltese.

The primary purpose of the dog’s diet is to give complete nutritional nutrition, which the meals on this list accomplish. Choose the Best Dog Food for Maltese that usually works for both you and your dog!

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