7 Best Dog Foods for Blue Heelers

Pet lovers have surely heard about one of the most active and adorable dog breeds i.e. Blue heelers. If yes, they will be surprised to know that Blue heelers are also known as Australian Cattle Dogs. Loyal, intelligent, and hard-working, that is all about Blue Heelers. It is the best pet for adventure lovers.

Beyond their active nature, Blue Heelers always love their owners tremendously & are also regarded as Shadow dogs and some other breeds of Shadow dogs are Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherd and Maltese. They are extremely devoted to the owners & disliked being parted away from them.

Best Dog Foods for Blue Heelers

But in order to help Blue Heelers remain active and healthy in the longer run, it is important to give them the best food & this food should be safe, affordable, AAFCO compliant & made with top-quality ingredients.

Whether people have an amazingly healthy Blue heeler or even one with food sensitivities or allergies, this article has got the required resources to help people find the healthy & best dog food.

I would like to share a few general recommendations considering the special needs of the Austrian Cattle dogs. Continue reading the article to learn more about the top picks concerning the best dog foods for blue heelers.

Breed’s History & Overview:

Blue heeler is surely the most hardworking dog. Developed by the Australian settlers for the sake of handling herds of cattle especially on extensive ranches, Blue heelers are still used as herding dogs.

Apart from herding work, Blue Heelers always do quite well at canine games including obedience, flyball, rally, agility, & competitions of flying disc.

As the Blue heeler was raised to herd, he is considered as a mouthy pooch. His only instinct is to nip pets, children, and cattle, in fact each & every moving object. It is vital to mention that today’s Blue heeler is definitely the outcomes of several breedings & cross-breedings. 

Health & Temperament

Blue heeler dogs are usually healthy however just like other breeds, they are also prone to few health issues. Therefore, the hardworking and loyal blue heelers are always best-suited to the environmental settings where they get lots of mental and physical stimulation.

So, all those pet lovers who are planning to own Blue heelers, try to provide them with an appropriate outlet for their bright minds and natural energies. Moreover, the blue heelers need early training and socialization.

And the dog can become nervous if he is not socialized properly when young. Because, early socialization sets the stage for later life events. When it comes to temperament then, no doubt Blue Heeler is a tough dog both physically and mentally.


Blue heelers come in 2 different color coats i.e. red & blue but the most famous is blue. It is worth mentioning that this dog breed does not demand much grooming even though regular brushing & the everyday hygiene & care is important to keep him healthy and clean.

It is advised to brush Blue heeler periodically in order to distribute skin’s oils while removing dirt. Furthermore, brush his teeth twice or thrice in a week for removing tartar buildup & killing bacteria.

Reviewed: 7 Best Dog Foods for Blue Heelers

When it comes to selecting the best and right food items for this precious four-legged companion, several considerations always come into play. Additionally, the dog’s activity level, health, & age are only a few.

Well, selecting the best dog food for Blue heelers is a tough task particularly considering the varied assortment of choices available. Therefore, in order to help dog lovers make a wise decision, below is the detailed review of the best options including the perks & drawbacks. 


7 Best Dog Foods for Blue Heelers 17 Best Dog Foods for Blue Heelers 2

A perfect and highly recommended option for Blue heelers, the ORIJEN dog food is carefully packed with the essential nutrients & minerals that growing pooch needs.  It is made of 85% meat to give healthy fat and protein in abundance.

 Best Dog Foods for Blue Heelers

It is vital to share that this dog food does not contain rendered meats, no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. What this little canine chow does have is six fatty acids, Omega 3, chondroitin, EPA, PHA, glucosamine in order to keep his joints and bones healthy.

Especially formulated for Blue heelers, this product is high in calories and fats to help keep them fit nevertheless, this might not be suitable for dogs with a little extra pounds. Here, I would like to share that ORIJEN dog food always takes a lot of time to demonstrate change as compared to other formulas. What’s more, the food can be extremely tough to digest if sufficient exercise is ignored.


  • Rich in proteins
  • Packed with minerals and vitamins
  • 85% premium-quality animal ingredients
  •  Grain-free, biologically appropriate diet
  • Give the best value for money


  • Demands a long transition time
  • Difficult to digest

User Experience:

According to Blue Heeler lovers, it is the best dog food with best ingredients without any weird ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals. Some other buyers have commented that this dog food is hand down the perfect diet for Blue heelers due to being clean along with amazing ingredients. Moreover, the diet is not just extremely nutritious but also quite tasty to little pooches.

IAMS Dry Dog Food

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This product is considered as the mini-chunk formula to help Blue heelers remain healthy. It is highly recommended for Blue heelers having small teeth. The IAMS dog food is available in a chicken flavor & comes in 6 different sizes.

Furthermore, with numerous nutrients, the IAMS dog food has healthy and recommended levels of fiber and proteins. Pet parents will find antioxidants, probiotics, L Carnitine, & Omega 6 to ensure healthy metabolism.

Dog lovers should remember that they can also get grain in this dog food, not a recommended option for Blue heelers with allergies & sensitivities. The high level of protein helps Blue heelers build strong bones and muscles to ensure active lifestyle while keeping them firm and lean. In short, the IAMS dog food is quite nourishing thus, contributes to a healthy immune system & supports strong muscles.

Blue heeler owners should consider buying the IAMS dog food to keep pooch in the best of health and physical shape.


  • Vet recommended
  • Maintains healthy digestion
  • Supports strong immune system
  • Ensure healthy metabolism
  • Premium-quality ingredients


  • Might be difficult to digest for some

User Experience:

The majority of Blue Heeler or ACDs lovers have recommended IAMS dog food as it is made from high-quality animal proteins. According to Pet parents, this well-balanced diet is perfect for moderately active blue heelers. Many buyers have loved the fact the IAMS dog food is an affordable option with all the required ingredients.

Purina Pro Dry Dog Food

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Another recommended product for all those who are looking for an affordable yet workable option, the Purina Pro dry dog food is definitely the best pick. This healthy dog diet works on 30/20 plan, it simply means it has 20% healthy fats & 30% protein to keep Blue heelers going strong. 

Moreover, it is easily available either in salmon or chicken & both flavors contain real meat without any artificial preservatives or flavors. The Purina Pro dry dog food also contains antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, & amino acids.

Whether pet parents are dealing with senior canines or puppies, this dog food will help Blue heelers keep their lean muscles tonus while making them healthy. Likewise, considering the fact that Blue heelers need a lot of exercise or physical activity, the Purina pro dog food is formulated to make muscles or body functions much better.


  • Easy to digest
  • Contains EPA and glucosamine.
  • Maintain lea muscles
  • Real chicken as the 1st ingredient
  • Advanced nutrition for Blue Heelers


  • Smells bad

User Experience:

Many reviewers have commented that Purina Pro Dry dog food is easily digestible. Some buyers have mentioned that the best thing about this dog food is that we can select from 5 different size bags & the product is suitable for adult canines of all sizes and breeds. In short, this dry dog food is good at maintaining the overall health and well-being of Blue heelers thus, highly recommended.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

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Before moving ahead, I would like to share that one of the several advantages of Blue Buffalo dry dog food is the real meat as the 1st ingredient. Top-quality protein from real lamb will surely help Blue heelers build & maintain healthy lifestyle and muscles.

Moreover, the diet contains garden fruits & vegetables along with health-giving whole grains. It has essential proteins & carbohydrates to fulfil the daily energy requirements of adult Blue heelers & features omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for promoting a healthy skin and shiny coat.

It is worth sharing that this perfect blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants carefully chosen by holistic animal nutritionists and vets to ensure a healthy immune system along with oxidative balance.

I should point out that this dog diet does not contain wheat, soy, and corn thus, it is perfect for Blue heelers with allergies and sensitivities.


  • Best for adult Blue heelers
  • All-natural dog food
  • Healthy vegetables and fruits
  • Helps build strong muscles
  • Rich in protein


  • Might cause stomachache to few dogs

User Experience:

According to the pet parents, if it is in the budget then, better purchase the Blue buffalo dry dog food. The dog food is surely the best one when it comes to sensitivities and allergies. It contains all-natural ingredients, very well-priced & almost every dog breed loves it. Few buyers have commented that no doubt it is a little expensive but gives the best value for money. 

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

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Currently, this is the most famous dry dog food available in the market. If Blue heeler or ACDs lovers do not know much about what to feed their precious canine they can easily go with Taste of the wild dog food. As the name applies, this dry dog food is a perfect formula to get Blue heelers riled up & ready to move.

Moreover, if pet parents want their Blue Heeler to enjoy all-natural and healthy ingredients then, they should consider buying Taste of the wild dog food. The diet is especially formulated for satisfying the nutritional requirements of the Blue heelers while keeping their healthy and happy.

Due to this valid reason, it is considered as the worth buying option.  Furthermore, the diet has buffalo meat as the 1st protein source along with other supplemental proteins such as chicken, venison, lamb, and bison. The fresh vegetables and fruits are also there for leveling up all the ingredients thus, giving much needed carbs, minerals, and vitamins.


  • Protein rich formula
  • Packed with minerals and vitamins
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Nutrient rich & highly digestible
  • Support immune system


  • Difficult to digest
  • Hard kibble bits
  • High in fat

User Experience:

The majority of Blue heeler owners are happy and satisfied with the performance of Taste of the wild dog food. Many users have commented that the best thing about this dog food is that it is carefully formulated with the balanced amount of essential nutrients particularly for strong and active Blue Heelers. 

Holistic Select Dry Dog Food

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If pet parents are looking for a healthy grain-free dog food for Blue heelers or ACDs then, the Holistic select dog food will serve the best purpose. This diet has no meat by-products, fillers, gluten, and wheat.

Moreover, the diet is free from artificial flavors or ingredients. It is worth sharing that the Holistic select dog food is an all-natural diet that comes in a mouthwatering anchovy, salmon, & sardine flavor to satisfy the Blue heeler’s cravings. The chow has fiber, protein, probiotics, prebiotics, & antioxidants.

The most noticeable thing is that there are live yogurt cultures as well for promoting healthy digestion. The added enzymes and minerals combined with top-quality ingredients make Holistic select dry dogs a healthy diet that is easily digestible while supporting the dog’s immune system. The packaging is also very convenient to let prospective buyers make a healthy choice.


  • Grain free diet
  • Protein rich
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Ensure good digestive health
  • Support healthy coat and skin
  • High quality nutrition


  • Bit costly
  • The formula does not has any supplements to support joints

User Experience:

According to the Blue heeler owners, this food gives dogs with premium-quality and consistently safe natural food. What’s even more, it is completely a natural dog dry food which is now available in yummy flavors. The Blue heelers love it, a bit pricier but jam-packed with nutrients. Thus, a perfect and highly recommended diet.

Hill’s Science Dog Food

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The last product on this list is offered by Hill’s science dog food, the food is perfect for adult growing Blue Heelers who need a lot of calories. This dog food has a yummy blend of oats and chicken with additional antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

The premium-quality dog food is enriched in protein to develop strong lean muscles. The purpose of Hill’s science dog food is to stimulate the Blue Heeler’s health while allowing proper growth & development which is mandatory during early life. In order to support strong bones and joints, this particular diet is packed with calcium, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

 Formulated to suit Blue Heelers specifically, the Hill’s science dog food boasts ample fat and protein content in order to boost growth. The vitamins and minerals ensure the Blue heelers have a healthy and strong immune system along with maintaining shiny coats and beautiful skin.


  • Promote bone growth
  • Promote strong teeth in large canines
  • Top-quality protein
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vet recommended


  • Might not taste good to few Blue Heelers

User Experience:

According to the pet parents, overall whether people are looking for a balanced diet for Blue heelers or simply want a healthy & nutritious diet for breeding them through early stages of life, then Hill’s science dog good is surely the best one. Few customers are happy that the product is free from artificial ingredients. 

Buying Guide: 7 Best Dog Foods for Blue Heelers

As mentioned earlier, Blue heelers are the outdoor agile canines. They like to spend their time hiking, jogging, running & other fun filled activities. Therefore, they need some healthy and balanced diet containing all essential nutrients.

 Best Dog Foods for Blue Heelers

It is not advised to buy any product for Blue heelers randomly instead some basic understanding and research will always serve the best purpose. Keeping all this mind, now it’s time to share useful information when it comes to making a final buying decision.

How to Select the Best Dog Food for Blue Heelers?

Blue heelers always need a perfect combination of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fat, proteins, & joint supplements. There is only 1 factor that people should consider while selecting and buying the best product & i.e.

Well-Balanced Diet

All dog breeds need minerals and vitamins to remain healthy and the same goes with Blue heelers. The most important nutrients are Vitamin E and A. Apart from this, it is better to look for a diet with probiotics to promote the health of the digestive system along with antioxidants to keep skin, coat & immune system healthy.

Pet parents also check for the good dose of calcium and fiber as well. It is also necessary that the select dog food should not contain harmful ingredients such as artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. In short,

  • Lots of protein
  • Low carbs
  • Supplements for bone health

FrequentlyAsked Questions


Concerning the Blue Heeler’s diet, the most important ingredient is meat. However, the following ingredients should be avoided completely.
* Soy
* Meat by-products
* Rendered fat
* Artificial ingredients
* Cellulose
* Corn syrup
* Yeast & ensured salt
* Grey or white flour
* Vegetable oil

What are the Common Health Concerns of Blue Heelers?

Overall, Blue heelers are known as the healthier breeds. But there are few health concern every pet lover should look for:
* Hip dysplasia
* Deafness
* Progressive retinal atrophy


Well, Blue heeler needs a lot of work in order to keep him busy or else he becomes destructive. Therefore, early training and socialization is recommended. Blue heelers or ACDs might be a little hard to train as compared to other dog breeds especially due to active nature.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, I would like to say that hopefully readers have enjoyed reading the reviews of the top 7 best dog foods for blue heelers. No doubt, the health of furry friends is extremely important & selecting the right kind of food might be tough. The best thing is that, parenting the blue heeler dog’s means people will never get annoyed or bored. Because blue heeler is surely an exceptional and loving breed which needs freedom along with a caring home.

When we talk about food choices then, pet parents have a huge collection without compromising the pet’s health. Pet lovers can select the food dogs for the above-shared options & they will never get disappointed.

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