What is it? When a pet mouse is shaking

Body language plays a significant role in understanding a person. The same goes for animals, too—all the animals in the animal kingdom exhibit different body language. A dog wagging its tail is often considered as a symptom of loyalty, but the same does not go with all the animals. 

Animals usually follow a pattern in their life. Either they fight or flight. It also depends on the situation and their surroundings. Some animals like cats shake their tail at times when they are irritated. Small animals like mouse also at times shiver and your pet mouse can shake at times. 

When a mouse is shaking, First and Foremost, it’s taker should not be panicked. Take a deep breath and read this article. We have done deep research and hope we have made your work easy.  

Reasons of your pet mouse shaking:

Fight mode on:

This might be quite surprising, but the reality is such. Not all male mice get along with each other very well. On seeing another animal of its same kind, the mice usually feel irked. It wants to fight with the other to make sure that the other is not going to stay around. When you figure out your mice shaking its tail then it is a clear indication that they are not comfortable with each other. In due course of time, the condition might change. They might end up being friendly with each other and stop shaking their tail.

Unwanted disturbance:

A mouse shakes its tail not only to assure its presence, but it also shakes its tail whenever he spots an unwanted disturbance or any unwanted activity disturbing him.At times they feel so irritated that they also make a noise to say that they are annoyed. When the mouse shakes its tail and makes a noise, then for sure, it is irritated and annoyed. Find out the cause of its irritation and eliminate it to make your pet mouse happy.

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what is it? when a pet mouse is shaking

Territory marking:

As I mentioned above, no two male mice get along with each other very well. Usually, mice live in groups. They get compatible with each other when they are bred together from the beginning. If they find someone new in their group, they shake their tail vigorously to make sure that this territory is it’s own and not of the intruder mouse. The same situation might not be the same as two female mice. Females get along with each other quickly. A male mouse with many female mice also will not cause many problems. But two male mice together will create territory marking issues and make their fight mode on and shake its tail.

Displeasure with human:

A mouse may, at times, feel irritated by the mere presence of yours. It may not like you being around with it. It may feel insecure and needs some time to get compatible with you. At times feeding it may even cause you a free bite by your mouse. Be safe around it when it shakes its tail. Understand it and give him enough time to get compatible with you.

Need for water:

 At times a mouse sensing a new environment may be quite fearful of it. It might not eat or drink properly. It just moves around by shaking itself. Give him an adequate amount of food and water. Let the mouse eat it and fill its appetite, and slowly, on the due course of time, it gets compatible.

Keep a close eye on your pet mouse

Vet consultation:

When you feel that there are no mistakes from your side, and even your mouse keeps shaking, then consult a vet without any hesitation. A vet will find out its reason and sort it out in minutes. All we need is our pets’ well being. 

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