Can cats eat chicken bones

On the internet, there are many contradictory information present related chicken bones for cats. A lot of researches done to know either chicken bones are beneficial for cats or not. Some say that cooked bones are good for cats, and some say raw bones are good rather than cooked because cats are carnivores. In this article, you will find all the details regarding the chicken bones for cats in their feed. Also answers what to do if a cat eats a chicken bone?


Can cats eat chicken bones

As a true carnivore (those animals who are meat dependent), cats need animals’ proteins in their food to survive from different sources. Cat lives in the wild because of the wild behavior they prey small animals to get food. They eat their prey from head to toe that contains raw bones, meats and their organs i.e. intestines and food or vegetables that are present in them and glands, etc. except nails and teeth.

Bones contain a lot of nutrients in it such as calcium at a balanced level to strengthen their reproductive system, heart, and vision. If you are feeding chicken bones to cat it would be a helpful component but make sure that bones should be in raw form rather than cooked form. Bones in their raw form are beneficial and cooked bones would be bad for your cat’s health. Raw bones will maximize consumer health i.e. because it contains nutrients in high amounts.

Chicken bones usually is present in all homes that’s why it is important to know its benefits and harms in your cat’s food. Each cat has separate behavior regarding the dietary plan. The following data will help you to know all these things.

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Can cats eat cooked chicken bones?


Cooked chicken bone puts a risk because when you cook chicken, the composition of bones would alter and get weakened. By cooking bones, a lot of nutrients are lost. Cooked bones can easily split and break and become pointed. These pointed bones cause damage to your cat organs.


Fragmented chicken bones can damage your cat’s esophagus means that the throat and stomach system and, intestine affect badly and cause inflammation. Due to the inflammation cat feel difficulties in food gulp down. This damage to an organ may cause even death. Cooked chicken bones are not good for your pet i.e. cats and dogs.

So, these are your responsibilities to look after your pets and keep an eye on what they are eating. Because they just smell the food and eat, they do not know which things are harmful to their health. According to research conducted in 2007, the ribs bones can most easily split down after cooked.

Can cats eat raw chicken Bones?


Your cat can eat chicken bones but make sure that these bones should be raw. The great advantage of giving raw bones to cats they do no split and break. Due to this property raw bones would not damage the internal organs of your cat. Due to its ancestry hunting nature, cats are carnivores in nature.

So, the cats’ digestive system is highly able to deal with raw chicken bones. Chewing the raw bones also help to strengthen their jaws and keep their teeth clean. Raw bones are also valuable for your cats’ health because these bones are high sources of a lot of nutrients including potassium, calcium, etc. Make sure that your cat is taking enough nutrients from food which are essential for them.


If your cat is suffering from calcium deficiency feed them raw bones. But make sure that which bones are suitable for them. Raw bones should be fresh. Cats are living things too fresh food also matters for them. Bones should be appropriate size neither too large nor too small. Moderately small bone does not damage their internal organs, but large bones will do.

Bones should be in moderate size. Avoid those bones which are thick outer layer. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to sustain a cat’s health. To examine their health, keep an eye on their stools rectal bleeding when your cat had chicken bones. If you see i.e. bloody stool, remaining of bones, irritation, acidity, etc. then stop feeding bones to your cat.

If your cat is suffering from constipation, then lessen the number of bones in its food. One to two bones would be enough in a week after a few days to overcome the constipation issue. 

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