Breeds of cats that dont shed

There are a lot of good things about having a cat. Cats become a partner of your fun time and make you feel happy and less lonely. Many people love to play and hug them because they are soft. Cats love you without any means that is a good thing about them. There are some problems too with having a cat.

Cats are cute but they are a little damaging. They like to scratch on just about everything include on the furniture, walls and the door. Here a duty arises for you to keep all the things save from your cat scratching. Locating a cat’s hair from everything in your house is quite frustrating and does not want to deal with it. Living with long hair or fury cats means you have to deal with a hairball. There are many cat food to prevent cat hairball. Check out the whole article or check out the following food, click on the image to go and check the features.

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Managing with a cat’s hair sometimes looks like a task impossible. Here is a solution for you to keep yourself away from the cat’s hair. Keep those cats that do not shed too much. There are a lot of cats races which are not hairless but do not shed much. Cat breed that does not shed much is probably the best for the people concerning allergies. Less shedding does not mean that cats are hypoallergenic.

Keep in mind do complete research before purchasing a cat, which cat will be suitable for you and your family. Some cat breeds are listed below which does not shed. The following list is not about all the cat breed that shed less.


  •     Devon Rex
  •     Bengal
  •     Sphynx
  •     Donskoy
  •     Russian Blue
  •     Siamese
  •     Japanese Bobtail

Devon Rex


If you are searching for a cat that is anti-allergic and does not shed, then Devon Rex is the best option for you. This cat breed has long ears and feet with a small head. Rex has both under and outer coat hair layer that is too soft. Devon Rex has very fine, thin wavy, curly hair. Rex loves to play and family-oriented cat.

Devon Rex shed less as compare to other cats. Some people believe that due to its fine hair texture, it does not shed. It is not true, Devon Rex shed but not as others shed. Shedding occurs seasonally for all cats. It can occur timely due to some medical problems. Be sure to eliminate all the surrounding issues by which changes occur.



This type of cat is crossed breed between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic short-hair cat. That’s why its hair coat resembles a leopard different from a domestic cat. Bengal cats have a hair coat which seems like thick in real it is quite thin.

Their hair sheds less as compare to others. Bengal cat breed is the best option because it is considered as anti-allergic and ideal for those who are suffering from allergies. This cat breed is extremely friendly and communal. Even Bengal cats do not need much grooming, they easily adapt surrounding.



This cat breed is the result of careful effort to breed a cat with no hair. Sphynx is considered as an Egyptian cat breed but is a crossbreed. Sphynx seems like a naked cat, but it has hair follicles. Sphynx is shielded with a very fine small hair coat.

Sphynx looks creepy but in reality, it is quite soft. Because of its naked body, it required more care and safety. Sphynx has too short hair so that hair does not absorb oil which is an allergen. For this reason, they need to take a bath daily. Its skin needs to be a guard from the sun to stop burning because of less hair.



Donskoy has resemblance with Sphynx but it is Russian originally. Donskoy has wrinkle less skin covered with hair coat but seems like a naked.  Donskoy breed shows its exceptional behavior than others, it sweats to spread the heat around.

It is quite hot to touch. It is happening because its body temperature regulates due to less hair. It loses its chest and tail hair during summer. It needs to take a regular bath and skin safety due to less hair.

Russian Blue


Russian blue breed sheds once or twice in a year over two to three weeks. This cat breed has a thick hair double coat, but it does not shed as much. The hair of the Russian Blue positions out at a 45-degree that you can exactly trace designs into, it stands at 45-degree position until you set them out with your hand.

This cat breed is extremely friendly and communal. Russian blue cats do not need much coaching sessions. This cat breeds that time to mingle with other cats and people. But Russian blue is very close to them with their love.



Siamese is a famous cat breed that is Thailand originated. Siamese has blue colored eyes that add more beauty in its personality. It seems bubbly but they shed less as compare to others. This cat breed has a short fine coat that covered its body nicely. Its hair appears in different colors include creamy black etc. and does not easily twist.

To remove the dead hair from its coat, use the fine comb to comb its hair daily. When dead hair removes from hair coat there is comparatively less shedding. This cat breed is extremely friendly and communal. This cat breed has a unique voice between a rasp and yowl.

Japanese Bobtail


This cat breed is the oldest breed that is inherent in Japan. It is famous due to its bobtail which seems like a rabbit tail.  This uncommon feature of this breed makes it different from others’ breed.

Japanese bobtail has a single coat hair that shed once in a year during spring. This cat breed does not need much safety and protection. So, bobtail does not need a daily bath, a bath in a week is ok for them. Regular combing helps to remove dead hair.

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