Best litter box for your picky cats

If you are having a problem with selecting the litter box for your cats, you are at the right place. This article will help you in selecting the best litter box for your picky cats. Each cat has its own measures for selecting the litter box. If you are not dealing it sensibly it will be a great problem for you. Many cats are ok with any litter box, but it is not the same with the picky cats. Sometimes cats get urinary tract infection that’s why wise selection is most essential.

Cats are known for being independent creatures who don’t always want to follow directions. They also tend to be picky eaters as well as picky in other things like choosing the litter box; to me it’s quite fascinating. If you have a cat, you probably already know how frustrating it can be? to try to get them to use their litter box.

If you’ve tried everything to train your cat to use the litter box, then you’ll appreciate this article. It’s going to give you some ideas on how to get your cat to use the box.

The first thing you need to do when trying to teach your cat to use the toilet is to make sure they understand what using the bathroom means. You should never force your cat into doing something he or she doesn’t like. Instead of forcing him or her to go outside and relieve themselves, just let them out whenever they feel the urge. When you see your cat relieving himself or herself outdoors, praise him or her as soon as possible.

Dealing with picky cats?
here are some tips

Letting your picky cat use the new litter box:

The first thing you need to know about the litter box is that it’s not a place where cats go to do their business. It’s a place they use as an area in which to eliminate waste products from their bodies and deposit them into a container of some sort. The most common type of litter used by pet owners today are clumping litters because these types of litters have shown to be more effective than non-clumping litters at keeping urine odors under control. Clumping litters work by absorbing moisture so there isn’t any odor left behind after urination. Non-clumping litters absorb very little water and therefore leave behind lots of urine smells.

When setting up your cat’s litter box, keep in mind that it needs to be placed somewhere that won’t attract pests such as mice or rats. Cats usually prefer dark areas, especially if those areas contain food sources. A good rule of thumb is to put the litter box near the baseboards or inside cabinets where rodents aren’t likely to find it.

You’ll also want to consider placing the litter box away from high traffic areas such as doorways, staircases, hallways, etc., since cats may become accustomed to walking through those places and start eliminating elsewhere. Also, avoid putting the litter box too close to furniture or appliances, since cats might knock over items while searching for a comfortable spot to defecate.

When picking out a new litter box, look for one that’s easy to clean and easy to keep and we have made that easier for you by choosing them already for you.

Best litter box for your picky cats

Picky cats? No problem. Think your kitty is picky when it comes to litter boxes? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. 65% of cats surveyed by Petco say their litter box is their least favorite part of the house. 1 in 5 cats will refuse to use a litter box altogether. So, how do you make litter box use a priority? Don’t worry, we found the perfect litter box for your kitties. The Littermaid Super Scoop litter pan comes with an adjustable handle, big bags, and automatic cleanup. It’s ideal for cats 25 pounds and larger. The self-cleaning feature even includes sensors that detect your cats presence.

Here you go with the list of Best litter box for your picky cats.

1. Speedy Sift Cat Litter Box

Best litter box for your picky cats 1Best litter box for your picky cats 2

So Why your picky cats will love this is the fact that it has all the features of the most comfortable and handy litter boxes out there. I decided to try this litter box for my picky cats based on the specs and what I was able to read from others who owned it. The liners are easy to replace, and very easy to clean. I use the liners for both my cats, one of which is very large. I have noticed that the liners have holes, and I can’t see the waste getting stuck in the holes, so I am happy with that. I have noticed that the liners cut down the odor of the litter box, so I am happy with that. I was able to order this online, and it was delivered to my door. I am happy with that.

This litter box has 4 packs. Each pack has 14 sieving liners and 1 replaceable liner. Each liner plays the role of a sieve. It has a dimension of 35″x31″x1mil. When 2 liners balance and assembled it become a robust base that inhibits scraping. All liners i.e. 15 fasten in a fix position, in no time. It also prohibits the urine leakage and litter falling from the end. Litter is so well kept in the last liner. Made up of 100 percent plastic, light-weighted with waterproof quality. No cardboard use in manufacturing. No trowel is required. Hands never touch litter while cleaning.

Best litter box for your picky cats

• No waste stuck to the side of the litter box
• Cats cannot destroy the liner through scraping because of strong plastic durability.
• No trowel required for cleaning.
• It is made up of waterproof plastic.
• Hands never touch litter while cleaning.
• Urine will go straight down the clay and the size of the wall prohibit leakage.
• Litter will not go out because of the high walls.
• Easily adaptable to cats.

• While sieving dust will spread everywhere.
• It will not work completely until assembling it properly.


  • Only Use clumping litter.
  • Do not lift 2 liners at the same time while sieving.
  • Watch the video first, to assemble the liners properly.

2. iPrimio Ultimate Stainless-Steel Litter Box

Best litter box for your picky cats 3Best litter box for your picky cats 4

Most of the litter boxes are made up of high-quality plastic and end up with stains and smell. This litter box is made up of stainless steel and normally don’t stain. This litter box can easily clean and disinfect which is one of the reasons why picky cats like this one. It is a little expensive than others, but it has a long lifetime warranty. It has a dimension of 23. 5 inches long by 15. 5 inches wide by 6 inches deep. There are 2 cells on the boundaries of the litter box.

Why you choose stainless-steel litter box?

This litter box is easy to clean. Material from which litter box made i.e. stainless-steel does not engross odor, would not silt and never tarnish. Merely trowel as per routine. When there is a need to clean, empty it, wash and disinfect it with hot water or any sterilizer. That’s why cleaning is easy for this box. The bottom of this stainless-steel litter box has rubber-coated that helps to stay on the place and prevent from slipping and sliding. It looks rigid as compare to other colorful plastic litter box, but it has more life than others. It has a courageous design that can rightly fit at any place.

iPrimio Ultimate Stainless-Steel Litter Box

• Rust free and long-lasting.
• Easy to clean, odor and stain free due to stainless steel.
• Large in size.
• This litter box can hold up well.
• Litter does not stick on the wall and the edges as well.
• Easily adaptive to the cat.

• Trowel/scooping can damage the coating.
• Litter can be out caused by the low sides
• Odor because of the uncovered lid.

• Scratches will appear but it’ll not affect its non-stick property.

3. Pet Safe Scoop Free Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning

Best litter box for your picky cats 5Best litter box for your picky cats 6

This scoop free ultra-Automatic litter box is a self-cleaning that you can leave without cleaning even for a week. The only work you need to do is, attach both parts and watch its efficient work. It works automatically. Litter can automatically move down into the covered area. After 10 to 20 minutes cat uses the litter box. When cat enter timer will reset that detect your cat reenter in the box. You can quickly identify the health issues of your cats with the help of the health counter. The health counter helps you to detect how many times your cat uses the litter box.

This litter box has a lid that keeps the privacy of the cat. The closed design of this box keeps the litter inside the box. This box has a tray which is made up of special crystal. For cleaning remove the try and dump the litter. Try has a lid to dispose of quickly. This crystal try helps to prevent the litter from stuck in the cat’s paws. This litter box is 5 times more efficient than others to control odor and helps to fresh the air all the time. The plastic covering of this box prevents urine leakage.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self cleaning cat litter Box

• Covered lid controls the odor.
• Prevent from urine leakage due to crystal litter, making it more efficient.
• Keeps the privacy.
• Self-cleaning without scooping, cleaning
• Hands never touch litter while cleaning.
• Can detect health issue with the help of health counter.
• Dust and rust-free.

• The problem in the digital panel, it may not light up.
• Not waterproof.
• Cost issues in changing litter try.
• Different sizes of litter cause issues, litter stuck on the rake.
• Cats cover the sensor that would not work properly.

4. Pet Mate 42036 Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

Best litter box for your picky cats 7Best litter box for your picky cats 8

Arm and hammer large sifting litter pan based on a unique system that provides an easy and well-organized litter system. The three-pan system of Arm and hammer litter pan has 2 even pan and one sifting pan to remove grubby litter without any trouble. The sifting pans have holes form which litter passes down quickly and easily without having scooping and throbbing.

The grubby litter can separate easily all at once, which saves time and keeping the litter fresh for a long time. This litter pan has antibacterial protection which prevents bacteria accumulation that causes staining and odor. The bottom of this pan is made up of durable plastic making its strong, can hold heavy-weight and easy to lift. This litter pan is suitable for those cats who like an open litter box. This litter pan has dimension 18.9 x 15.2 x 7.9 inches

best sifting litter box

• No scooping required because sifting will be done for cleaning
• Hands never touch litter while cleaning.
• Litter pan has microbial protection that helps to prevent bacterial accumulation.
• Stain and odor-free.
• Litter pan has wide bottom no worry about litter box has full.
• Time-efficient because sifting will be done at once in no time.
• Easy to lift.
• Cost-efficient.

• Not suitable for elder ones because the urine will be fall out when a big cat did on its wall.
• Litter stuck on the stiffing pan’s holes and cause odor.
• Inhalation of the dust happens while stiffing.

5. Petphabet Covered Litter Box, Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

Best litter box for your picky cats 9Best litter box for your picky cats 10

Petphabet Cat Litter Box best for Multiple Cat Households. This litter box is suitable for the average size cat that can sit with their little ones at the same time. This cat litter box has a proportion poop Fest in a jumbo litter box. It has a detachable and transparent top cover that helps to see so well what you are lifting. Transparency of litter boxes saves lots of time especially and reduces the amount of litter residue.

The Head of this jumbo litter box is broader than its bottom which helps to lessen the spill-over. The front is high enough that it helps to contain the litter within the litter box. Cats feel free in this jumbo litter box or like they could be aimlessly trapped with a litter box for cats. Have a wider bottom that’s why cats can move freely, and it is easy for the user to remove the litter and to clean too. It has the color slip that fits over the opening.

It has such a big opening so the more litter may out. This litter box has a wide opening that helps the cats for effortless entry and exit. The dimension of this litter box is 24.8″L x 20″W x 16.5″H and door opening size is 8.2 X 7.8 inches. Cat litter box litter is made up of reliable non-stick and antimicrobial plastic also covered the top of the litter box for trouble less cleaning.


• Wider area, cats can easily move
• Removable and transparent top
• Lesser spill over because of enclosing and walls
• Microbial protection
• Easy to clean
• Ideal for both young and older cats
• Effortless entry and exist
• Time-efficient because less time is required for cleaning.
• Fine for multiple cats i.e. kitten or older cats.
• Availability in multicolor.

• Without any filter and door, may cause the odor of fresh poop.
• No holder on the lid for easy moving.
• Have a wide opening so that the litter may out of the box.

6. Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box

Best litter box for your picky cats 11Best litter box for your picky cats 12

Good pet stuff plant is hidden litter box add beauty in your home décor. It is made up of clay and has a plant at the top that makes it more attractive. Under the plant there is a filter that controls odor. It can easily replace from one place to another. This litter box has 2 units that need to assemble. The upper area can remove that create ease in cleaning It is made up of durable polypropylene. This litter box is designed for each type of cat i.e. kitten, older. Most suitable for the older cats. This litter box had a dimension of 20″ wide x 20″ high” and with the plant is 20″ wide and 55″ high.

best for picky cats

• The Venter filter system helps to control odor and dust.
• The litter box has a large area.
• Easy to clean because of high capacity.
• Suitable for the small area.
• Removable top that helps to clean easily.
• This litter box provides privacy to cats.

• Leaves and straws can be dangerous if the cat chews them.
• A little bit expensive.

Do cats prefer covered litter boxes?

The covered litter box can be best for people because it helps to control odor, keep more litter inside and litter off the floor. Most of the cats do not like a covered litter box. Cats do not like those boxes where they feel stuck. Even when they do not feel vulnerable. Most of the cats do not like to do potty in the closed litter box because they feel trapped with high walls. But some of the cats like privacy to do potty.

The covered litter box has low air circulation and required more time to litter dry. That’s why most do not like wet areas to stay. In covered litter box odor remain in the box so the cat does not like to stay in that smelly area.

How do you attract a cat to a litter box?

1. Put the litter box in the silent area of your house so that the cat can easily use it rather than to place it in a noisy and dark area. Put the litter box in that area where the cat can easily get in and out.

2. Provide the lid free litter box to the cats. So that the cat feels easy and trapped free. Clean the litter box at least 1-2 times a day. Your cat would not use a dirty litter box. There are numerous choices for tramping litter, including clay, wheat, and corn-based ideas.

3. Verify your cat’s liking by placing litter boxes side-by-side and fill them with each type. Continue to offer the type of litter in the box your cat uses the most.

4. Clean the unsuitable eliminating sites with a cleaner to remove all the stain and odor of cat feces and urine. So that your cat would go there to litter. This will help to stop your cats to go there instead of the litter box to do litter/potty.

How about the cat litter boxes for messy cats or the cats who kick litter.

1. Why do big cats need extra-large boxes?

Cats usually urinate or defecate once every two hours during the day. But they also tend to go outside twice per hour. That means that even though there is enough space inside the litter box, your cat still needs some additional room to move around comfortably. A bigger box gives them plenty of room to stretch their legs and scratch themselves.

2. Do cats prefer covered litter boxes?

Covered litter boxes are preferred by most cats because they don’t need to worry about getting wet from rain or snow while sitting inside. Also, there won’t be any mess left behind after each visit.

3. What kind of material does a good litter box require?

The materials used for making a litter box should be non-absorbent so as to keep the smell away. The ideal material would be plastic free.

Common Cat Litter Box Problems

If you’re having trouble getting your cat to use the litter box, here are some common problems and solutions.

Litter box too small: If your cat refuses to use the litter box at all, then he might just prefer another spot. Make sure the size of the box matches the size of your cat. Also, try placing more than one box around the home. This helps prevent territorial behavior between cats.

Cat doesn’t want to use the box: Cats often have preferences when it comes to using certain types of litter. For example, if your cat prefers sand over clumping litters, make sure she gets her favorite brand. You may also consider switching brands until you find something she likes better.

Box smells bad: It could mean that your cat isn’t properly cleaning his paws before going into the box. Try adding baking soda to the litter to encourage paw washing. Or, add an enzyme product such as Feliway to the litter to reduce odors.

Your cat has accidents: Some cats like to mark their territory by leaving little piles of poop on furniture or other surfaces throughout the house. To avoid this problem, place the litter box where your cat spends less time. And clean up those areas regularly.

You’ve tried everything! Here are some tips to help you solve these issues.

Tips for cat owners:

  • Make sure the litter box is placed near the door.
  • Place multiple litter boxes throughout the house.
  • Add a scratching post next to the litter box.
  • Use scented products to mask unpleasant smells.
  • Keep the litter box clean.
  • Try changing the litter frequently.
  • Clean the area surrounding the litter box daily.

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