Top 2 Best Hidden cat litter boxes

After testing several hidden cat litter boxes, we came up with the very concise and sought after list of top 2 best hidden cat litter boxes. this is based on design, ease of use and performance which are the top three parameters for us to choose the best cat litter box.

The below is the list:

List categoryProduct
Best cat litter box: Overall 1. Good Pet Stuff cat litter box
2. ecoFlex Litter Loo
Best Cat litter Hidder for washroom or sofa side 1. Merry pet hidder
2. Unipaws
Best one door litter box enclosure1. Trixie
2. Internet’s best

Now let me review both of them for you guys. some pros and cons as well. this buying guide will be helpful for you to make a wise decision. This is one of the top reasons why I kept my TOP list only 2 is that more options confuses more. so here you go with the review of both of them.

Best cat litter box: Overall

1. Good Pet Stuff cat litter box review:

hidden cat litter box

Ideology of this cat litter box is to look like a clay pot, which is something attractive, you may use natural or artificial plants to make it look beautiful and off-course its something almost everyone likes to have.

the best part is, if you are like me and cannot take care of the plants as well, then just have an artificial plant and you are done, no maintenance required.

hidden cat litter box

Made of polypropylene which is a durable material made to last long. Unlike concrete and steel, polypropylene will not wear away over time and does not rust or react in any way with water, acid, detergents or non-oxidizing organic compounds.

Another great news for multi cat households is that this is a good fit for them as well, now lets go to pros and cons of this litter box.

This is one of the best option for those, who are concerned about keeping more than one litter boxes and do not want to put the litter trays everywhere.

The great news is it comes with high-quality plant, decorative moss, and dust filter, so the only thing you need to do is to add litter, haha.

  • The best thing is its Hidden and attractive
  • Great material
  • filter to remove odor
  • Good for big cats
  • You may not like the plant design, but you can always buy one.
  • Assembling can be challenging for a few.

2. EcoFlex Litter Loo review:

hidden cat litter box

Even if it looks like a wooden furniture but the best part is it will never absorb any moisture. even if you cat misses it, you can easily swipe it away. its easy to clean and easy to use. You can use a sifting cat litter box to make it more cleaner and hassle free. you can also sometime use it as table if you need to, like below:

hidden cat litter box

physically it looks good quality and is made of good material. you can use it in different forms like a pet house or a pet litter box. the size is as follows, Exterior (in) : 23.6 (L) x 18.5 (W) x 22.0 (H); Interior (in): 21.1 (L) x 17.1 (W) x 20.5 (H); Door (in): 7.9 (W) x 7.9 (H)

  • Looks like a side table
  • Great material
  • Large enough to enclose a large disposable litter tray
  • Does not soak liquid
  • For high cats it might not be the best fit
  • Assembling can be challenging for a few.

Other honorable mentions:

Best litter box hidder for washroom or lobby:

1. Merry pet hidder review:

According to our experience this washroom bench is one of the best camouflage for your cat litter box. Because of its design, its easy to place it in your washroom and use it for different purposes. Because of the small window on the side, your cat does not have to open the main doors and skip away from the side. This hider is good enough to hold extra large litter boxes.

Best litter box hidder for washroom


The size of this furniture is 21.26″ D x 37.40″ W x 22.64″ H which is even suitable for the automatic litter boxes. Normally finding furniture for automatic litter boxes is difficult to find because of the space they take.

Additional compartment:

It comes with an additional wall which is removable and comes as an option to maximize the functionality of the furniture. This is up to you to use. Buts it’s a nice addition.

2. Unipaws

Best litter box hidder for washroom or lobby:

One of the most stylish cat litter box hiding furniture out there! Compared to above product, the size is smaller so that it fits less space areas, smaller washrooms or act as a side sofa table. Woth the size of 29.61”W x 21.26”D x 20.24”H this is one of the most compact side table litter box hiders.

It is made of good, so the look and feel are not cheap and it also comes with the removable separator which can give you space to place scoop or any other accessory

Best wooden one door litter box enclosure

1. Trixie

 Best wooden one door litter box enclosure

Tricks is one of the best known companies for making cat litter boxes, this little box has a ventilation system on the backside which is one of my favorites even if the door is closed, your cat will still be able to see the light.

It’s a great letter box enclosure with a very wide front opening coming with 8.5 inches Opening from where the cat can always jump out and you don’t have to open the door.  it can be used as a very nice pet house 

Coming with normal dimensions of 19.2 x 20 x 20 inchesMost of the cat litter trays can fit in it with don’t expect it to be too large.  the door opens quite well. The Hinges are good quality. the material used is A grade.

Top 2 Best Hidden cat litter boxes 1

2. Internet’s best:

More like a brother to the above litter box enclosure. apparently there is no difference in the shape and size by the image but there is a slight difference in the size; Comes with the size of 19” Width x 20” Depth x 20.25″ The difference in the size may not be noticeable but they are two separate companies.

 This letter box enclosure is mostly popular to be used as a side table made with good material. you can put a box or other stuff on it and use it. so it becomes our second choice of 1 door litter box enclosures

How to hide a cat litter box? 2 methods:

If you are like me, who wants to make their home as beautiful as possible, you might be in search of furniture boxes which can hide your cat litter box in a great way while not disturbing your cat or its operations. You can hide the cat litter boxes with two basic ways which are mentioned below.

Ready made method:

This is simple and easy, we have mentioned a few top cat litter box hiders, just buy them and they are ready to use without any hassles. One of the good things about them is the outlook, which means not only they hide the litter boxes but also they are beautiful outside.

DIY methods to make a litter box hidder:

If you are feeling adventurous, and you like the do it yourself method then let us help you with this. You can take the inspiration from the above products we mentioned.

  1. Buy a plastic pot.
  2. Cut it to the size of your litter box.
  3. Keep your litter box inside it and bam, you are done.
  4. Or may be buy a cabinet with only one door and convert it to litter box furniture just by placing the litter box in it.

Also watch the video below for some awesome ideas:

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