How to Litter Train a Cat

Like human beings, cats also learn a lot of things by just looking at their parents. So if your kitten has her mother cat along with her, then there will be no issue.

But if you just bring her home from the animal shelter, then you have to train her for using a litter box.

Here in this article, “how to litter train a cat” you will get to know all of the possible ways that you can implement to avoid the elimination of your cat.

How to train a cat to use the litter box?

Step by step GUIDE: How to train your cat to use litter box?

Before moving towards the actual process of litter training, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill.

  1. You must have the right litter box according to your cat size.
  2. Choose the covered or uncovered litter box by considering your cat’s behavior towards it. Some prefer to use the covered while some prefer to use uncovered. But you can change their preferences by training and by cleaning the litter box regularly.
  3. You must have more than one litter box in your home, while you are in the training phase. If you have 2 cats, then having 3 litter boxes would be the best approach. But must have as much as you can afford to quickly train your cat.
  4. Placed the litter boxes in the appropriate position, must be visible and accessible but should be in corners.
  5. Add up the right amount of litter that makes your cat comfortable and makes the better ground for your cat when she needs to jump out.
  6. Do keep cleaning the litter box without missing any single day if you are serious about litter training of your cat.

Check out a very nice video giving proper instructions:

Points to consider: Train your Cat to use the Litter box

The litter training actually starts after fulfilling all of the mentioned requirements, if you missed any one of them, then training your new furry friend will become difficult.

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Know your cat

Analyze the routing of your cat, figure out when she actually defecate. Most of the time, cats do their business after eating food and after taking a nap. But it may vary from cat to cat. So you have to check out the routine of your cat.

After checking out the routine of your cat, keep instructing her to move towards the litter box for doing her business at the time when she normally defecates. And you have to instruct and direct her towards the litter box on a daily basis.

Play with your cat

Most of the time cats eliminate after playing. So it’s the best thing that you can do during the training. Do give her to eat something and then start playing with her, when you feel that now she wants to eliminate, direct her towards the litter box and keep directing her to be in the litter box until she gets it done.

Act as her mother

Most of the cat’s don’t love the instructions and they never follow, while sometimes, they don’t get the point that you are trying to tell them.

So if your cat is not using the litter box, even after so much instruction, then it’s better to act like her mother. And put her in the box, and teach her to dig. Use your finger to visually represent how to dig, and later on use her own paws to teach her.

Keep addressing the issue

If it still keeps eliminating outside, then the better approach is to keep putting her food at the place where she eliminates most of the time. They have the sense, and they never eliminate at the place of their foods. This is the approach that is working for almost every cat parent.

Final words

If you are serious about teaching your cat about the litter box usage, then you must follow the above-mentioned steps. But they will not work until the basic requirements are not fulfilled by you.

So, first, complete the checklist and keep monitoring the Performance of your cat simultaneously. You need to do all of these activities regularly, otherwise, your cat will never be able to use a litter box.


Do you have to train a cat to use a litter box?

Yes you do, But its not as hard as you might think. If you are imagining that it’s like training a dog how to respond to certain actions, its not that way. In the video above you could see its easy that you just have to put your cat to the litter box a few times to introduce.

how to train an older cat to use a litter tray?

It’s important to let the cat use both the old one and the new one, its important to let them adapt the new one, while the old is still there. put the litter in the new box and introduce the cat by putting the cat in the new one.

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