Champion of My Heart Site 15th Anniversary

Honestly, I can’t imagine our Champion of My Heart page celebrating its 15th anniversary. This little indie site keeps chugging on. Forget so-called DOGS YEARS This is much more than an EON IncO when publishing. The first post was published on April 13, 2007, which was a Friday the 13th. It’s fun looking back at early content. Apparently back then I had more time for my craft and was much more lyrical. Lately I’ve focused on providing interesting and practical information about dogs and veterinary topics, with occasional more personal posts about my current generation of dogs. Look back (and forward) with me, won’t you?


Once upon a time… Yumehub

My original hopes were to create a real-time, essay-style memoir about our original dog heroine, Lilly, who died from a severe/rare rabies vaccine reaction. But between 2007 and 2013 I chronicled her life as best I could.

After Lilly died, it took me a while to figure out how to move forward. In the meantime, I’ve written an Amazon bestseller about pet loss called Heart Dog – Surviving the Loss of Your Canine Soul Mate.

I stuttered around for a while, even after Clover and Tori joined our family and then Mr. Stix too.

Our Champion of My Heart website is also quite famous around the world for offering FREE access to audio/video files that make the canine relaxation protocol much easier to complete. Information about the protocol remains – by far – the content that receives the most attention. Beyond that, however, the top 25 pages (of all time) look like this:

  1. relaxation log
  2. A beginner’s guide to puberty in bitches
  3. Why I chose a traditional syringe
  4. When a puppy’s urinary tract infection doesn’t go away
  5. Feeling guilty about getting another dog after one dies
  6. Relaxation Protocol Background / Explanation Post
  7. The main page of the blog
  8. Audio file for Day 1 of the relaxation log
  9. dog etiquette
  10. Explanation of a veterinary neurological examination
  11. Dogs Not Eating – Myths and facts about picky eaters
  12. A post about a nasty spider bite
  13. Does the relaxation protocol work?
  14. Adverse vaccination reaction / behavioral changes
  15. Dewclaw Mishap – Care gone wrong
  16. Is a current rabies vaccination sufficient to protect rabies-exposed dogs?
  17. Titer determination in dogs
  18. Naming a Puppy – Why Clover?
  19. Our About Us page
  20. Dog genetic testing – thumbs up and thumbs down
  21. Our contact page
  22. Bully sticks and broken teeth
  23. Treatment of dog spider bites
  24. neutropenia in dogs
  25. Incontinent dogs / diaper options

If there is any content you really want or need, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

What’s next?

In 2022, I’ll be doing a better job posting weekly, so that’s it. Did you notice? do you care *wink Have you already subscribed?

I also do more original video content for posts. It’s time consuming, but it gives you another option. I am including the same information from the video in text form for those who prefer consumer information this way. I understand that often you don’t have time to sit down and watch a video that is 15 or even 30 minutes long – such as How Not to Get Fired as a Veterinary Client.

I’m working on the first in a series of children’s books about Mr. Stix.

Look for new and more affiliate partnerships with fun/fresh products for dogs and dog lovers so the site can better support itself (and me). I only associate with companies or products that fit my personal brand and readers. I turn down many offers because they seem sketchy or almost comically expensive from a veterinary perspective (and I would never advise you to waste money). However, if you scroll to the very bottom of this page, you will see a pug purse that I 100% have to have. Yes, the new partner will send me one for free. Eeeeee! Since the dog attack in November 2021, I’ve been in desperate need of a fun summer purse.

The page needs a big design like I did my website as a professional writer recently, but this site only has 16 pages, and this one is huge in comparison.

I am planning to rebuild our online store with a new platform and new products. That’s another big task, so we’ll see. We will not?

For now, check out these stats from 15 years of our Champion of My Heart website!

It just dawned on me, with my 30th wedding anniversary also in April, that our Champion of My Heart site is halfway through my marriage…ROTFLMAO. Does that count as having a teenager in the house?

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