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Rabbits are considered wonderful family pets due to being quiet, cute, and loving. Majority of the pet parents prefer to let their beloved rabbits roam around freely in both indoor & outdoor settings. But whether pet parents bring their rabbits outside on a daily basis or occasionally, a secure and durable rabbit hutch is important as it helps ensure to keep rabbits happy and safe in outdoor settings.

Apart from this, a hutch is required where pet parents can place the food bowl, litter box, hideaway, and water bottle of the rabbits. In fact, a hutch is basically a home for rabbits where they feel secure, safe, and comfortable. It offers a very natural setting for rabbits. But for pet parents who do not have sufficient indoor space to keep their rabbits comfortably, an outdoor rabbit hutch is definitely the best option for them.

Due to the wide range of options, finding the best outdoor rabbit hutch can be quite challenging. Therefore, this article is going to review the best-selling outdoor rabbit hutches on the basis of space, comfort, and security.

Should Pet Parents Cage their Rabbits Outdoor?

Well, that is not mandatory but it can be a wonderful idea especially when pet parents are not in a position to supervise their rabbits. They never know what harmful predators are in that particular area. Therefore, for the safety of pets, it is wise to cage rabbits outdoors.

Is it Good to Get a Rabbit Hutch with Run?

Selecting a rabbit hutch with a run depends upon personal preferences. Rabbits always need extra space to hop and run. But getting a rabbit hutch with a run is considered a humane and smart idea especially if pet parents have to cage their rabbits for a long time.

A rabbit hutch with a run can also serve the purpose if 4-5 rabbits are kept together. In short, the run offers more freedom and safety to move about & play.

How Long Should Pet Parents Let their Rabbits Remain out of the Hutch?

It totally depends on the type of rabbit hutch. If pet parents have a large and spacious hutch along with a huge extension area then there is no need to bring rabbits out of the hutch. However, if pet parents own a small hutch, then it is better to give 4-5 hours of exercise time.

What if Rabbit Owners Do not Have Sufficient Space for Outdoor Rabbit Hutches?

In case of limited space, an outdoor rabbit hutch without a run should be given due preference. For more than 5 rabbits, there are a few hutches with 2 cages fixed on the uppermost part of each other. And, this gives extra space without even increasing the hutch footprint.

Product Reviews:

As mentioned earlier, a hutch is basically an outdoor resting or living area for rabbits. As compared to a cage, which is mainly used for indoor settings. Just like human beings, rabbits also need fresh air & space to get some green grass and exercise.

And, the safest method of providing rabbits with all this is to get a good-quality outdoor rabbit hutch. I have put together a complete list of the best outdoor rabbit hutches to help prospective buyers pick the right one.

TRIXIE Outdoor Hutch

I ordered this hutch for my rabbit who stays outside. The product was delivered on time & in excellent condition. I truly liked the fact that the hutch was very easy to assemble, instructions were fairly straightforward & I managed to get it together in just a few minutes. It worked wonderfully for what I was looking for. It is quite difficult to get something completely made of wood in this price range.

The hutch is extremely cozy and comfortable with a pet heating pad. It is small but very well-designed. Well, the design of this outdoor hutch needs ventilation holes or might be a window, my bunny feels safe in this hutch. I would like to say that this hutch has a very strong smell so not good for immediate use & needs airing for 1-2 days.


·         Easy to clean

·         Rain-proof

·         Perfectly designed

·         100% wood construction

·         Attractive & functional


·         This outdoor hutch is not waterproof

Aivituvin Outdoor Hutch  

This outdoor rabbit hutch is quite close to being perfect. During the last few years, I have purchased different hutches for my precious bunny but this one is beyond amazing. It was delivered pretty fast and came as advertised. I assembled it all by myself by using a power drill & it took me around 30 minutes. Assembly was a little tricky but not that complicated as long as pet parents verify each & every part before starting the process.

I liked the provided instructions & extra screws. The most noticeable feature of this rabbit hutch is the 3 removable trays under every compartment. The trays also slide out to ensure easy cleaning. On the downside, the hutch is not as sturdy as it should be to withstand an outdoor environment.


·         Offer a warm environment a

·         Huge run area

·         Non-leak and deep trays

·         Easy to clean

·         Very spacious


·         A bit flimsy construction

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch  

Captivating, that’s the real word for Petsfit hutch. This is a solid, good quality, & adorable product. My brother, who is a bunny lover, was able to put this hutch together in less than 45 minutes by himself with a much-needed coffee break. It is worth sharing that the provided guidelines were quite comical & not really helpful but if rabbit owners have basic assembly skills, then, hopefully, they will not face any problems.

This outdoor rabbit hutch does a wonderful job for small or medium-sized bunnies. Because the ramp may be difficult for large bunnies to go up & down comfortably. Well, my concern is related to the shipping process, the product was delivered on time but with minor damage. The board on the hutch roof was slightly dropped off. And secondly, the door has a lock on it which is quite flimsy.


·         Spacious & practical design

·         Solid and safe

·         Stylish and functional

·         Outstanding vision & ventilation

·         Easy to clean


·         It has a strong toxic smell

Good Life Rabbit Hutch

This hutch is good, bought it for my 2 bunnies and they absolutely loved it. This hutch is not customizable with configuration but that’s completely ok. The hutch is made of softwood & my rabbits try to chew it but I have provided them with different chewing options so, it is not a problem now.

I liked the fact that the assembly was easy, you do not need many tools, just a mallet or hammer can serve the purpose. The included guidelines related to assembly were also easy to read & follow. Well, on the downside the construction and quality of the material are not up to the mark, I would never put the cabinet under extreme weather conditions unless there is a shelter.

Moreover, the plastic trays are very easy to clean but when exposed to any heat, they will warp badly.


·         Waterproof

·         Sturdy construction

·         User-friendly design

·         Very spacious

·         Removable tray and grid fences


·         It can be difficult for large rabbits to get out of the hutch easily

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