Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd is a simple amalgamation of agility, loyalty, & beauty. In order to keep his versatility, pet parents should know some facts about the Australian shepherd.  Usually, Australian Shepherd is extremely easy to train due to being obedient, intelligent, and energetic. To keep it healthy, we must provide best dog foods for Australian Shepherds.

So, due to their active nature, they needs a very nutritious and healthy diet. Even if Australian Shepherd is not herding cattle frequently, his metabolism and immune system still cry out much protein & other worthy sustenance.

I would like to share that fondly nicknamed as Aussie, the famous Australian Shepherd comes under the category of medium-sized dogs that every pet parent wants to own due to wonderful herding abilities & unmatched intelligence.

Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds

Apart from the admiration as herder canine, the Australian Shepherd is very versatile and always ready to learn something new & different.  Well, picking the best dog food for Australian Shepherd to fulfil the nutritional requirements is tough but pet parents have to do it for maintaining the health & well-being of the dogs.

Therefore, this article is going to share some worth reading information concerning the best dog foods for Australian Shepherds to help pet parents make a wise choice while selecting the best formula according to their budget.

Breed’s Overview 

Australian Shepherds are derived from the line of Europe’s best herders. The Australian Shepherds or Aussies is one of the famous dog breeds in the US. Their high level of intelligence and boundless energy always make them a loving, hardworking, helping and entertaining pets.

Temperament & Personality

Australian Shepherds could have different temperaments ranging from being quite outgoing to shy. There are various fun games that pet parents can with their Australian Shepherds including fly-ball, hide & seek, & agility activities. Aussies are raised to work & also need plenty of exercise. Very sharp & well-adapted especially for sports avid, the Aussies are known for their great speed. Very tolerant and sociable, the Australian shepherds are capable of adapting to family life easily.

Health & Nutrition

It is vital to mention that Australian Shepherd is a hardy dog breed & usually stays quite healthy with a lifespan of around 12-15 years.  But, there are few health issues more common to Australian shepherds such as they are more prone to eye problems, arthritis, elbow & hip dysplasia, and epilepsy.

However, to help prevent these health issues, it is advised to feed the Aussies with a premium-quality diet made from whole, and real food sources. Well, it is always better to do some research in order to better know and understand the dog food’s world along with the recommended nutritional requirements of the Australian Shepherds. 

Reviewed: 5 Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds

No doubt, the best dog food for Aussies should contain natural, wholesome ingredients and begins with the top sources of animal protein. However, it is important to share that before locating the best product for your precious Aussies, people should have a complete understating of the dog’s dietary requirements.  Because, then they will be in a better position to select the right food items. So, in order to help Aussie lovers select the best option, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the top-selling dry & wet dog foods.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 1Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 2

Before buying any type of product for Australian Shepherds, pet parents have to ensure that they are selecting a grain-free product. So, keeping this important fact in mind, the food offered by Honest Kitchen brand is a way to go without giving any second thought. This amazing dog food is made from cage-free turkey.

The most noticeable thing is that, pet parents will not find any kind of grain being offered as a 1st or active ingredient. In fact, the diet contains real wholefood ingredients including coconuts, spinach, and cage-free turkey which are mildly dehydrated to ensure maximum nutrient preservation & easy digestion.

Additionally, the Honest Kitchen’s recipe is jam-packed with human grade, cage-free turkey especially for an irresistible quality and taste.  This complete and balanced diet is highly recommended for Australian Shepherds of all ages & sizes.


  • All-natural
  • Suitable for adult dogs & puppies
  • Super tasty & high protein
  • Premium-quality ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives, fillers, or by-products


  • Not good for picky eaters

User Experience:

The majority of customers are happy and satisfied with the performance of Honest Kitchen dog food. According to them, this dog food smells great, easy to use, and gives the best value for money. Few buyers have commented that this dog food has all the essential nutrients as recommended by AAFCO & well-known vets globally.

Earthborn Holistic Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 3Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 4

If Australian Shepherd owners are looking for a healthy and grain-free food then, Earthborn Holistic dry dog food will serve the best purpose. Formulated without gluten, grain, or potatoes, this wonderful formulae is perfect as a grain-free and high-protein alternative diet.

The salmon meal, herring meal, & Pacific Whiting meal gives premium-quality sources of protein in order to help develop & sustain energy along with muscle function. Hence, Australian Shepherd lovers can give required support to the beloved canine by simply maintaining his health and well-being.

It is worth sharing that this formula is packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, & other essential nutrients for daily optimal health. The Australian Shepherds will definitely love the perfect blend of wholesome fruits & vegetables, fish-based protein meals along with minerals and vitamins in this mouthwatering recipe. This dog food is recommended for large or small Australian Shepherds.


  • Packaging is BPA-free, recyclable, and reseal-able
  • Support to maintain dog’s skin and coat
  • Help maintain Australian Shepherd’s immune system
  • Top-quality ingredients
  • Balanced proportions of both Omega- 6 & Omega-3 fatty acids


  • Some dogs might suffer from diarrhea

User Experience:

According to the buyers, it is great and high-quality dog food. Many users have commented that they won’t recommend this product enough, if pet parents are searching for fish based, and grain-free dry dog food then this is a perfect option to try. The product also helps treat itchy and flaky skin.

CRAVE Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 5Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 6

This product is best-suited for Aussies for all ages and sizes & pet parents can be rest assured that this formula does not contain artificial flavors or colors, grain, soy, or wheat. Inspired by the foods of their wolf ancestors, this particular dog food is especially made from top-quality animal protein & the complete meaty flavor Aussies love.

The product is good at satisfying the Aussie’s natural desire for the animal protein along with real lamb as the 1st ingredient. Moreover, the CRAVE dry dog food supports a lean and strong body with around 34% high protein.

It is important to share that this dry dog food gives energy that Australian Shepherds need with grain-free carb sources such as peas. The diet is highly recommended when it comes to meeting the nutritional requirements of small to large Australian Shepherds. 


  • No-chicken by products
  • Enriched with omega fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Grain-free
  • Real meat as 1st ingredient
  • Perfect for increasing Aussie’s energy
  • Support lean and strong bodies


  • Few Aussies might not like the taste
  • High levels of protein can cause few issues to dogs with sensitive stomach

User Experience:

Many buyers have recommended this product as it is crafted using only good-quality ingredients. According to the pet parents, they have noticed a huge difference in the dog’s overall health after using CRAVE dry dog food. Few customers have mentioned that this product gives Aussies with enough energy to help maintain their lean bodies.

Purina ONE Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 7Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 8

This amazing canine food comes in a tempting rice and lamb flavor your beloved Australian Shepherd will surely love. The Purina ONE dry dog food is recommended to help keep Aussie’s immune system healthy and strong. Furthermore, due to being a pet parent to Aussies chances are always there that you are trying hard to give them a healthy and balanced diet.

Once the Aussie becomes an adult dog, the majority of pet parents have some issues when it comes to selecting the right dog food. But, the good news is now here in the form of Purina ONE dry dog food that is considered as the perfect blend of high-quality ingredients from protein sources & lamb being the 1st ingredient.

This carefully designed kibble contains all-natural sources of the glucosamine to help maintain healthy joints. It is vital to mention that the list of ingredients also has a blend of antioxidants that gives a strong protection against harmful bacteria.


  • High-quality protein sources
  • Help support healthy coat and skin
  • Available in different size options
  • Maintain healthy joints
  • An array of textures and flavors


  • Only suitable for adult Australian Shepherds

User Experience:

Many customers have commented that they are using this wonderful formula for a long time without facing any issue. Other buyers have mentioned that all the ingredients & quality is perfect. Few Aussie lovers have said that they are happy after receiving this formula, the dogs are more healthy and happy.  Highly recommended

Nulo Dog Food

Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 9Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds 10

Another great grain-free and all-natural dog food that has healthy ingredients to help maintain the energy levels of dogs, balanced diet along with healthy weight. The Aussies will definitely love the yummy flavors of turkey, lamb, and salmon. This dry dog food does not contain allergy causing grains, soy, wheat gluten, fake additives, flavors, and colors.

Moreover, this meat protein enriched, BC30 probiotic, low carbohydrate, and small kibble diet is recommended for each adult Australian Shepherd to ensure that he receives all the necessary nutrients for a healthy, long & active life.

Along with nutritious ingredients, Nulo dog food has Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acid in order to nourish the Aussie’s skin while promoting shiny and beautiful coats. Apart from this, the Nulo dry dog food is best for Australian Shepherds with sensitive digestive systems and allergies. All the included ingredients are low-carb, rich in protein, & included probiotics.  


  • Promotes healthy lean muscles and coat
  • Grain-free
  • No chicken or egg proteins
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Boost energy levels


  • Good quality but not recommended for picky eaters

User Experience:

According to the Aussie lovers, Nulo is an all-natural dog diet that helps Canines maintain good overall health & well-being. Many others have mentioned that with both canned and kibble recipes, the brand has made it easier for pet parents to find a grain-free dog food that Aussies will love.

Buying Guide: 5 Best Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds

If pet parents are the lucky ones who have Australian Shepherds then, they must know how much energy Aussies have.  It can be said without any doubt that Australian Shepherds are stunning dogs & they are quite common in different countries of the world especially in the US. Specific breeds of dogs can have specific nutritional requirements but usually canines have similar dietary requirements. By nature, Australian Shepherds are considered energetic dogs, so in order to fulfil their dietary demands, it is important to give them a high-calorie, high-protein diet.  However, a few factors also matter a lot including the below-discussed.

Dog Foods for Australian Shepherds

How to Select the Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherds?

Due to the energetic and hardworking nature of the Aussies, it is advised to select the food wisely in order to ensure that Aussies are getting the right amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to help support their very active lifestyle. Following factors should be kept in mind while selecting the dog food for Aussies.


Protein is a vital component when it comes to the best dog food for Australian Shepherds. This dog breed should be given a lot of lean meat & other proteins in order to provide the muscles with required energy & strength for keeping up with the dog’s instincts. The protein enriched diets consist of lamb, liver, beef, and chicken. Well, fish is also rich in proteins however, it also contains omegas and fatty acids to keep fur and skin healthy. Apart from this, non-meat food items are also available. Vegetables & healthy grains including brown rice and peas are good sources.


As Aussies are very active and energetic, they are prone to joint problems. But, thankfully pet parents can do a lot to promote their joint health with the help of supplements including Chondroitin and glucosamine. Moreover, ingredients like fatty acids and fish oil act as a strong source to help prevent inflammation while relieving pain eventually.

Prebiotics & Probiotics

They both have now become standard in several dog diets particularly in kibbles. Prebiotics and probiotics help Australian Shepherd’s gastrointestinal system function properly while strengthening the immune system. Furthermore, prebiotics come under the category of dietary fiber that maintain the growth of pet-friendly bacteria in Aussie’s gastrointestinal tract.

Minerals & Vitamins

Pet parents might have doubted why dog diet brands add minerals and vitamins to the food when all the ingredients must already contain minerals and vitamins. Additionally, brands add minerals and vitamins to dog diets especially kibble immediately after cooking. Adding minerals and vitamins back into the diet after cooking guarantees that the canines get the required nutrients.

Healthy Fats

In order to give Omega-3 fatty acids, try to go for the ingredients such as chicken fat or fish oil. It helps keep the skin and coat shiny and healthy. Fat is a necessary source of energy for any dog breed not just Australian Shepherds.

Which Ingredients Should be avoided?

Just like other dog breeds, pet parents should never feed the following ingredients to Australian Shepherds.

  • Alcohol
  • Chocolates
  • Xylitol
  • Caffeine
  • Garlic and onions
  • Gluten
  • Preservatives

How Much Should Pet Parents Feed their Australian Shepherds?

Honestly speaking, it is better to give them around 30 calories/pound in a day. However, this depends on different factors such as physical activity, age, & health condition. In other words, when Aussie is quite young, pet parents can feed him 3-4 times daily. But, once he grows, people can reduce the timings to 3.


In the end, it can be concluded that now Aussie lovers have truly understood the basics of their beloved pet’s dietary needs. All the above-reviewed products have their own pros and cons but, each and every product is good at boosting and maintaining the Aussie’s overall health and wellbeing. Brainy, trainable, tireless, and smart, are only the few words that can describe the Aussie in best way possible.

Thus, as a loving Aussie owner, it is important to know and understand what actually best suits him. The vet’s recommendations are important along with Aussie’s digestive issues, activity level, food allergies, life stage, & preferences. It is advised to consider these factors as well while making the final buying decision.

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