The TOP 5 Best cat litter MATS

Every cat owner knows about the cat litter box, and every owner knows how it feels to find your cat litter on clothing, bed, carpet, and your furniture. As a feline owner, ensure that you get the right products for cat litter mat that will attract their little feet like a magnet.

What is Cat Litter Mat?

 A cat litter mat is basically for those who have a cat and cat litter box. This cat litter mat is just like a doormat. When you get a good cat litter mat, it catches all granules from their paws, so they don’t spread around your home. A cat litter mat also likes a welcome home mat for your cat box. That is to say, that a good cat litter mat minimizes the mess created by the cat, and also it keeps your home cleaner.

This is the ideal solution for clumsy cats. The retentive material absorbs messes rapidly while the waterproof support shields them from penetrating through to your floor. The delicate material is accessible on the paws with only enough surface to extricate litter and lessen tracking.

You should have in mind that not a cat litter mat is perfect. So don’t look disappointed when the one you use gets a bit scattered. Although some cats don’t understand litter boxes, they sprint out of the litter box and cough out hairballs. But when you invest on the litter mat, you will see changes; the litter mat will serve as the litter box mat and help catch disasters.

Why is Cat Litter Mat Good?

When you have a cat litter mat, your cats will be comfortable, and when their paws are dirty, they can scratch it on the mat, which then reduces the mess in your house. So if you don’t have a litter mat, your cats will look for other objects to use in cleaning their paws. For your rugs, carpets, and sofas to stay clean, then it is crucial to get a litter mat for your cat.

The cat litter mat is also good because the litter mat is very easy to clean. You can brush it, use a vacuum, or wash it with the machine; it is indispensable for you to always clean the litter mat for proper hygiene for your cat. When you use the litter mat, it helps in the reduction and spread of feces by also lowering the risk of disease.

Sometimes your cat is peeing on cat litter mat so if you don’t have a good quality cat litter mat it may not live long.

Specially for large cat litter boxes or hidden litter boxes or cat litter furniture its very important to have this mat to keep your house clean.

Top 5 Large/XL Mats for CAT litter boxes list:

1. iPrimio Large Matcat litter mat 30 x 23 x 0.8 Double layerAA+Check price
2. Gorilla Grip Matcat litter matDifferent up to 47″LVacuum cleaningAA+Check price
3. Pawkin Litter Mat cat litter mat 35 x 23 x 0.2 Vacuum cleaning A+Check price
4. Pieviev Large Matcat litter mat30 x 24 x 0.4Double layer A+Check price
5. Little Tiger XL Matcat litter mat 47 x 36 x 0.5 Vacuum cleaning ACheck price

TOP 5 Best cat litter MATS Reviews:

1. iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper litter MAT Review:

iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper

The iprimio cat litter mat has designed as a dual-layer that is to say that the mat is both coarse and elegant too. The iprimio is very good in hiding litter to scatter and the down part. The litter mat assists in the controlling of litter tracking by using the unique dual-layer design. If you have cats that love to play with their litter, then you should consider getting the iprimio mat.

The mat litter is also design for cats that always have urine by accident. This model offers an insertion of the absorbent pad that can quickly soak up the urine. The mat bottom is waterproof to avoid any leakage to the floor.

Features of iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat:

  • The mat traps every litter material,  it doesn’t matter of the size, and it can be used with a puppy pad
  • It is a waterproof and repels urine with the plastic film that comes with it
  • It has extra smooth paws surface, and it is made up of quality nylon material
  • Easy to maintain
  • It can be a vacuum and washed with water
  • It is large and covers your desired area


Traps Litter

The mat traps litter from the paws of the cats and also litter from the box. Then the litters fall through big holes.


The litter mat absorbs urine into the pad, and the waterproof bottom traps the urine from reaching the floor.

Super Smooth Surface

The surface is so unique it doesn’t make the cat feel uncomfortable like other litter mats.

EZ Open Edge

The EZ Open Edge make sure the under sink head, shake off, or showerhead is clean



The borders of this litter mat are quite difficult to pour or discard litter

2. Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Review:

best cat litter mat

The Gorilla grip cat litter mat is one of the growing types of mat in the market. The way the gorilla mat is designed does not permit the litter to be scattered. This mat Is among the most demanding mat litter in the market. Litters stay in the mat, which makes your home very clean. The gorilla grip is made with very soft materials and can last for a long time.

The surface is very developed with amazing patterns, which makes it very flexible and helps clean the paw of your cat from when the cat leaves the litter mat.

Features of Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter:

  • Phthalate-free
  • Traps litter from the box and paws
  • Soft on the cat paws
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Best scatter control
  • Mat is designed for your cat comfort
  • The mat is BPA
  • It comes in large sizes
  • The price is affordable


Slip Resistant

 With the slip-resistant, the spillage of the mat stays in the mat. The gorilla litter mat keeps your litter in just one place.

Easy To Clean

All you have to do is rinse the soap off and your litter. When you have done that, your mat will be as good as new.


It is made in a unique web pattern that doesn’t allow litter scatters, and it helps the cat in cleaning or their claws. This gorilla mat is the combination of softness, strength, and the right choice for your sensitive feline paws.


The gorilla litter mat is made with suitable quality materials, which gives them a longer lifespan; they are soft and paw-friendly.


Chemical Fiber

The material in which the litter mat is made could be a strong chemical fiber

3. Pawkin Cat Litter Mat Review:

Pawkin Cat Litter Mat Review

The pawking litter mat is very different from others. If you don’t want your feline to be exposed to chemicals like carcinogens, then this pawkin litter mat is the right choice for your cat. Some other litter mat in the market releases cancer that is caused by phthalates; this pawkin litter mat is phthalates and toxins free. The sizes of the mat are remarkable and have litter mesh that is for trapping litter. The litter mat from pawkin has a deeper mesh and is thicker.

The pawking litter mat is very easy to clean; all you have to do is vacuum or shake the mat, and litter gets sucked out. It is very eye-catching that it will attract your cat to use it for their sensitive paws, and also it serves as home décor. The non-slip bottom helps the pawkin litter mat in one place, even if your cats hover on it for some time.

This litter mat comes from high-quality PVC materials, and it is liquid-resistant, it can be washed with liquid. The content in which it is made up of makes the mat very comfortable.

Features of pawkin cat litter mat:

  • Catches litter
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip backing
  • Phthalate-free
  • Keeps your floor clean



This pawkin litter mat is designed with exceptionally soft materials; in that way, your cats can walk on it very comfortable and feel relaxed. It is imperative for your cat to feel comfortable to avoid any further mess in your home.

Good in Capturing Litter

If you don’t have a good litter mat, your cats will track litter everywhere around the floor as they leave their litter box. With the help of a pawkin litter mat, that issue is solved as the mesh litter lock captures every litter from your cat paws. This trapping is done so that your cat litters will not get to the floor.


The pawkin mat can withstand everyday use, and it does not get torn by the cat claws or by cleaning.

Amazing Design

This litter mat is beautifully designed to attract cats and also serves as home décor

Easy to Clean

 When cleaning this litter mat, you can either vacuum it or shake it, and all litters fall out of the mat.


Litter Granules

The litter mat is deeply embedded that it makes it very difficult for granules to fall out


 When it comes to this pawkin mat, it is not ideal if your feline frequently overspray

4. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat review:

Best cat litter MATS

The pieviev  cat litter mat is one of a kind, just the idea of the dual-layer trapping inside the mat is fantastic. The pieveiv two-layer trapping pad can be an excellent option for you. It comes with a dark grey, minimalist structure, and it looks modern and blends with every home. The two-layer design is very efficient in trapping litters from the cat, which avoids spreading around the house. The top layer of the litter mat has a perforated design in which the litter falls in, and the lower part of the design litter mat has where the debris from the litter is held.

This litter mat is elementary to maintain and very comfortable with soft materials for your cat to relax. The litter mat is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if your cat pees on it because it won’t reach the floor of the house. The pieviev litter mat is a lightweight, unlike the other mats that can easily lug the item around.

Features of Pieviev Cat Litter Mat:

  • It is waterproof
  • Efficient and lovely design
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • This litter mat is a lightweight
  • It is advantageous when it comes to trapping and discarding of litter
  • High-quality EVA material


Waterproof and Urine Proof

The pieviev litter mat has a waterproof bottom layer and a slip-resistant that stops the flow of liquid to penetrate to the floor. For instance, if your cat vomits on the litter mat, you can easily clean it up without stress. It also protects your floors, rugs, and carpet from cat urine stains, so it doesn’t get o different areas at home.

Washable Litter Mat

This pieviev litter mat is an upgraded litter mat, which is made with washable and very soft EVA. It is effortless to remove dirt from this litter. You don’t have to vacuum or sweep the litter mat every single day. It saves you time and energy for you to do other stuff.

BPA and Phthalate Free

This litter mat is amazing that is great for trapping litter, comfortable for their sensitive paws. The pieviev litter mat does not contain harsh toxic chemicals that can cause or hurt your cats. This litter mat is BPA and phthalate-free, and the EVA is super soft for your cat paws. When cats step on it, they are relaxed.


The pieviev dual-layer honeycomb is constructed to assist you in gathering your litter. The open edge litter mat makes it possible for litters to fall out. This is one of the best litter mat ever made, with no litter stuck to the feet of your cat. The big holes on this litter mat will help trap and catch the litter. It is suitable for all types of litter boxes, hooded, self-cleaning litter boxes.


Non-Slip Bottom

If you have the type of cat that likes jumping out of their litter box and then landing on the mat, there is an excellent chance that they will slip because they do not have the non-slip bottom.

5. Litter Super Phthalate Durable Litter Review:

Litter Super Phthalate Durable Litter mat

This cat litter super mat comes in XL large sizes, and it does not contain toxic chemicals that can hurt your kitties. This litter mat is simple to maintain and clean.  It is phthalate-free and durable with soft on sensitive paws. In size, it is about 47’’ large by 36’’ litter mat.

Features Litter Super Phthalate Durable Litter mat:

  • Amazing texture
  • Soft on paws
  • Jumbo size
  • Phthalate-free
  • Very easy to clean



This litter mat has been tested repeatedly to be non-toxic and for your cats. It is made up of a good quality of environmental PVC materials; it is long-lasting and very comfortable for your cats.

Easy to maintain

When it comes to the cleaning and maintaining of this litter, you will find out how easy it is to clean. You can vacuum or use your brush to clean the litter, and it is also washable.


This litter mat has a water-resistant component, and the bottom of the mat is made to be a leakproof


Your cat can jump out of their litter box onto the litter mat and still stay in the same place.

Different Colors

This litter mat comes in a variety of colors; black, grey, brown


This litter mat comes in big sizes 47’’ by 36.’’

Best litter mats for Cats Buyer’s Guide:

What should you look for in a cat litter mat?

When you have decided to get a litter mat for your cat, there are different types of litter mats in the market. Before getting a litter mat, below are things you should look in a cat litter mat.


The most important thing to look for when buying a better and quality cat litter mat for your elegant cat is the material.  Just as there are many cat litter materials, you can opt for, the same is for litter mats.  Make sure to look for your cat’s allergies before deciding on a litter mat. Your feline may be sensitive to some odors, chemicals, or certain surfaces. Just try as much as possible to eliminate any materials that your cat may be allergic to, but if you can’t, then go any phthalate-free product or BPA free.


If your cat is the type that likes to make a mess, you should make sure to consider the foam mat options, whether it is machine washable or not. Because some cat litter mat will be easier to clean than others. For example, a plastic, deep mesh may need more work to get clean than a nylon mat, which requires just a quick wipe down. The best option for you to consider is the nylon multi-layer mat.


When you want to get the right cat litter mat, make sure you shop for the best material. Although some cat litter is a bit expensive than others, it doesn’t mean you should go ahead and get the wrong cat litter mat that will mess your home.


The area of your cat litter box might lack enough space, and this will limit the scope of mat you need. If your mat’s material is made of linen, foam, or recycled materials, you can cut it down to the required specifications. For better satisfaction, rubber and plastic mats tend to meet standard requirements or half circles.


After using the litter box, your kitty may like to claw and scratch the material’s surface. So, you need a robust and hard material for the mat to enhance adequate durability. Sturdy materials, as well as vinyl and silicone, are the best choices.


Does litter mat work for a cat?

Litter mat helps with the sensitivity of your cat’s paws; in that way, your cats can quickly react to their surroundings and feel at home. But if you get the wrong litter mat with abrasive texture, your cats will run away, and they won’t use the litter mat. Do you know what else happens if they don’t like the litter, mat? It will be hard to catch the cat litters, and that will surely mess up your home.

So if you want to get the perfect cat litter mat, ensure to shop for products with a soft surface. And also, shop for a mat litter that will trap all litters from the cat paws. With the above list of products for cat litter mat, I have listed all have soft surfaces that you can choose from.

Can you wash a cat litter mat?

Litter mat is washable and very easy to clean; you can give it a quick vacuum or shake it. Since it is water-resistant, you can soap it up and rinse it for a more refreshing smell.

How do you stop cat litter from spreading everywhere?

 You can stop cat litter from spreading by using a litter mat, placing it at the front of your cat litter box. Doing this will minimize the flow of litter in the house and on your cat’s feet. With the help of a proper litter mat, and reduces the litter tracking in your home. To clean the litters shake it, and all the litter will fall out

What does a litter mat do?

If you have an excellent litter mat, be sure to have less mess and a cleaner home. The litter mat also helps in covering the floor texture and serves as a reverse welcome mat for your cat litter box. The litter mat is soft and sensitive for your cat paws for the rest of their day


It is essential to take care of your cats, make sure they are comfortable. With the above Products for cat litter mat, I hope this article; guide you in making the right choice when it comes to shopping cat litter mats for your kitties. A good litter mat will help contain materials and smell in one place and keep the household from getting soiled.

I hope you find the best litter mat for your lovely feline with these top selected products. Although not all of them might suit your budget, you should know they are good options. Give it a chance and experience how your cat can live a comfortable life with less maintenance. All of the above litter mats get the job done.

I genuinely recommend the above litter mat product for cat owners who want their felines to tracking litter throughout their homes. I know how frustrating it is for the cat owner to keep cleaning cats mess all over the house. With litter mat, you will be able to have confidence and relax because your cats are comfortable on their litter mat.

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