Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times

Let’s Have a look on the 51 Best Cat litter boxes of all times. we have categorized the best in all options so its easier for you to select the best fit for you.

If you are looking for the best cat litter boxes and their honest reviews, than this is the right place because, here I am going to share with you my personal experience and review of these products.

Best Litter boxes of all times

I hope that reading our article will help you make an informed decision when buying your next cat litter box. Before we dive into our article below which showing the best litter boxes we want to help you choose if you have a certain need, so presenting you the best litter boxes for certain situations:

Should we prefer open or closed cat litter boxes?

The answer depends largely upon how much time you want to spend cleaning up the mess left behind by your feline friends. Open litter boxes require frequent emptying, while closed ones keep everything contained within their walls. Some owners find that having both types in their homes makes things easier when it comes to keeping track of what goes where.

Also look for what your cat wants, to be honest with you, I personally prefer closed or hooded litter boxes but I will let my Cat choose it, if you are really interested in knowing the answer than have both and let your Cat decide which one it prefers. I have written a very thorough guide on covered vs uncovered litter boxes to understand more.

How often should I change my cat’s litter?

The answer depends on the type of litter you use and how many cats you have. First, you want to look at the litter’s instructions. Most brands will recommend changing the litter on a bi-weekly basis. You should also look at how many cats you have and add a few days to that amount.

For example, if you have two cats, change the litter once a week. Cats are pretty clean animals so you don’t want to change it more than you have to. This way, you’re not putting extra wear and tear on the different parts of the litter box.

How many litter boxes do I need and what size should they be?

There are a lot of factors that go into how many litter boxes you need. To get the best results from your litter boxes, you should have one box for each cat, plus one extra. For example, if you have 2 cats, you should have 3 litter boxes. If you have 3 cats, you should have 4 litter boxes. The size of the boxes is dependent on the type of cat you have.

As a general rule, bigger cats need bigger boxes and smaller cats need smaller boxes. If you follow the steps here, you’ll be able to be confident when you hear a yowl or a meow, so you can go give your cat a comfy place to do their business!

We will be reviewing the  “TOP litter boxes”  in different categories so you can pick the one you want. following “our Top Picks” you will see The Best of:

Quick Top 8 Litter boxes List

Choosing the best is always difficult but it becomes easier when you dig down a little bit, you can simplify cat litter boxes into the following specifics. choose according to your choice or scroll down to read the best highlights and an amazing buyers guide for cat litter.

Best for: Product Image
OverallPetmate Top entrybest hooded
Odor Control HoodedVan Ness Odor Control Extra Giant best enclosed
Odor Control uncoveredPurina Tidy Cats Litter Box System odor control
High sidedNature’s Miracle High-Sided large cat litter box
Top EntryIRIS Top Entry Litter Pan best covered litter box
DisposableNature’s Miracle Disposabledisposable
SiftingPet Mate Sifting litter box sifting
Self cleaningPetSafe ScoopFree automatic

But let’s have a look, which are to best 26 cat litter boxes for us:

Top 51 reviews of Best litter boxes

1. Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan- Best top Entry

What is its specialty? This High Sided Litter Box has high rise sides to avert urine squirt. It’s very easy to clean because of its nonstick inner and easy dispense. Litter boxes with carbon filters and automatic shifting are normally expensive. If you want to a litter box in the best budget and efficient too, then this is a perfect fit for you. It’s the Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box. This is not just at a reasonable price but also includes all those features which you love being a cat owner.

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is unlike a usual litter box. The best part of this litter box is that because of high sides it completely prevents all mess of cat specially sprinkles of urine outside the box. It is quite spacious in order to adjust big sized cats inside.

This litter box can easily adjust the large quantity of litter with a design which is attractive for cats. Moreover, the easy dispense tray system can help you to easily pour out all the litter and you can easily empty the whole box.

Its nonstick interior and the design which is active against microbes, this litter box can keep itself fresh for longer hours. The Cat Digest announces this cat litter boxes in the top ten picks, adulatory its uncomplicatedness.

Having 1300 plus reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is a perfect fit for budget-oriented cat owners. If you think this too big for your small cats, you can turn it over and also use this as a cat house.

Have a look on the demo:

  • High rise sides controls urine spray sprinkling outside
  • Easy to and clean because of the simple design
  • Nonstick interior helps to pour out the litter
  • Active against microbes
  • Clutches lots of litter efficiently
  • Spacious for big cats
  • Control less odor as compared to a covered box
  • Ingress lower than some other boxes
  • May be large enough for small cats

2. PetSafe ScoopFree – Best Automatic Self-cleaning Cat litter box:

Why is it good:  Self-cleaning litter boxes are a hassle-free way to make sure you do not have to keep an eye on cleanliness every day. There are different self-cleaning boxes with different days range this Scoop Free Self-cleaning cat litter box can be used for weeks without worrying.

Please read the detailed review of Pet safe ScoopFree Self-cleaning cat litter box

Why is it out Favorite Automatic Self Cleaning Cat litter box has to do with its positive reviews and its crystals. Though there are some negative reviews as well, what we have observed is if the crystals are properly used as per guidance, it’s quite useful.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self cleaning cat litter Box

Petsafe Scoop Free automatic has a very nice way of working. It has a grill which can be timed after the certain number of minutes, like 20 (optimum time) minutes, and it will move the litter to the closed cabin in the end so your place stays odor-free and your crystals stay clean.

20 minutes is a good time to absorb the moisture. The timing of the grill movement can always be changed according to your own convenience, and the number of cats you have.

If we talk about the reviews, more then 60 percent of the reviewers have given it full marks, which is quite good. Then we have a few 4 stars and 3 stars as well.  For us, it has worked wonders, but off-course it’s not for everyone. It has to do with expectations as well, make sure you read the detailed review to understand what are the important things you need to take care off.

It might not be for everyone, that’s why we are here to explain each and every aspect so you make the best conscious decision.

More than a thousand reviews might not be wrong. The best way to buy anything is to read the reviews first before buying so you don’t regret later on. For us, it’s the top automatic self-cleaning cat litter box.

  • Made of good quality material
  • Odor control
  • Self-cleaning
  • Comes with disposable tray
  • Also comes with a “forever tray”
  • Timing option to grill movement
  • Completely hands free
  • Can be used for multiple cats
  • Automatic sensor after cat is done.
  • Little expensive
  • Some cats might not adjust with the crystals
  • May not stand up with rough handling


3. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box– Best Disposable

What is so special about this litter box? This is made up of recycled items and pervaded with baking soda for long-lasting control on odor. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box is a budgeted item for diminishing upkeep cost even for a multi-cat owner.

Cleaning a cat litter box is often a difficult task especially when it comes to odor. You should have an alternative way to control this trouble. And the solution to this problem is a disposable litter box. Disposable litter boxes may not include as many features as other types, but the best part of this type is you can simply pour out all the litter without any hassle of scratching the mess and encountering deadly smell. Yet they are cost-efficient.

Simply throw the mess once it starts smelling. The best disposable litter box according to us is Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box.
Nature's Miracle Disposable Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box comes in 3 different sizes so you can choose according to the size of your cat. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box also offers a Jumbo Size for cats weighing over 15 pounds. These boxes are made up of environment-friendly material like recycled paper and they are decomposable. There will be no leakage or shredding so you can use swap them every couple of weeks or as required.

In the category of litter boxes with disposable litter trays, Kitty Cater names this its top choice. The site particularly mentioned about the tray which is made up of baking soda that extraordinarily controls odor. Existing users of these boxes are quite happy because of the easy use and it remains clean for a long period of time.

Having 1100 plus reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box is loved by people because of convenience in use and it can hold any kind of litter. Some users are pleased by this box because their large-sized cats can easily sit on the corners without any problem.

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Made up of recycled and decomposable papers
  • No shredding or leakage
  • Strong design for heavy cats
  • Sides are not high enough for messy cats
  • Requires scooping to control the freshness
  • Not recommended for silica cat litter
  • Not strong enough for heavy use

4. Omega Paw Self

Why select this? Although it’s not as automated as other automatic litter boxes, still this litter box provides the ease of hassle-free and self-cleaning litter box.

If you are looking for a self-cleaning, convenient, cost-efficient and multi-letter control litter box, then Omega Paw Roll Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a perfect fit for you.

This is on the top of the list of self-cleaning litter box but not all such boxes are self-cleaning. Fully automated boxes are quite expensive to purchase and maintain.

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Large

This litter box may look like a normal/traditional one but there is something special; a useful grill that distinct plodded waste and dispense on to a pullout tray (which you can easily take out and toss away). Just a tender roll is required to do all this. Moreover; this self-cleaning box is spacious enough for large-sized cats and loved by multi-cat owners. Its covered design prevents odor and dust.

The Omega Paw Roll Self-Cleaning Litter Box is declared as best in the category of self-cleaning litter boxes not just because of all other features but also because of non-electric self-scooping apparatus. Reviewers still say that there is a room for improvisation in terms of durability. High odor-controlling due to covered design and reasonable price are the noticeable points.

Having 7000 plus reviews and a 4-star rating on Amazon, The Omega Paw Roll Self-Cleaning Litter Box is popular among quality and price-oriented people.

Have a look on how to video:

  • Made up of frivolous materials
  • Odor control
  • Cleaning is one roll away
  • Easy pullout tray
  • Spacious for big cats
  • Non electric mechanism
  • Affordable price
  • Not fully automated
  • May not handle rough use
  • Covered designs are disliked by cats
  • Majorly suitable for hard-clumping litter

5. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter box– Best Extra Large

Having large pets demands large litter boxes, We would like to start off with mentioning that this litter box is Amazon’s Choice on large litter boxes because of its positive reviews and bang for buck value.

With over 5000 reviews, (most of them are positive) Catit Jumbo litter box sits on the very top of large litter box category.

best cat litter boxes

The Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan allows your cat or cats plenty of space to take care of their business. They will not be crowed and will get the privacy they want.

Have a look at the Litter box here:

  • Large with huge space for your large cat
  • Easy to open/close hood
  • Carbon filter to remove odor
  • Not for non-squatting Cats
  • Its not a high end litter box, so quality is not for a 100$ box

6. Ecoflex Cat litter box cover– Top Hidden Litter Box

Now last but not the least, home decoration is one of the vitals for women, cats are always awesome to have but if there is a way that their litter box blends into the home decorative design, it will be out of the world. that is why we chose the best-hidden cat litter box for you.

best furniture cat litter box

it will serve as home furniture like a side table and also your pets litter box. isn’t it amazing?

Please note that it is a litter box cover, you can buy a budget litter box to place inside. another important thing is, it is made of such a material that it will not soak the moisture so nothing to worry about swelling.
best hidden cat litter box

The material is a heavy plastic, assembled with plastic “thumbscrews” so it can be disassembled and washed with water. Assembly takes about 5 minutes. The ventilated windows on each side make for a fun and play. tip: the side pieces go inside of the front piece (that’ll make more sense if you already own it and have the pieces in front of you).

Have a look on the unique style:

  • Good quality plastic material which looks like wood.
  • Good ventilation
  • Does not soak moisture
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • Plastic screws should have been better quality
  • Some times the holes and screws doesn’t line up
  • A little expensive as its a cover in addition to the litter box

7. ModKat Litter Box Review

Whenever the new cat parents start receiving the litter box suggestion from their circle, ModKat litter box is the name that they heard the most. There are many reasons for its popularity, you will get to know all of them soon.

Modern design with a durable body is the foremost feature that makes it the top priority. You can choose from 3 different colors, by considering your home décor. So that it does not seems weird when you place it in your living room.

Modkat Litter Box

From every corner, it is completely packed. The entrance of the cat is from the top of the box. This enclosed design feature allows your cat to do her business in privacy and meanwhile, it protects it from other pets, they can’t dig into your cat’s litter box anymore. Although the top entrance design is only suitable for the active cats, if you have the elderly or lazy cat, then it should not be in your consideration list.

The durable material that has been used in it, ensures that your cat can’t break it down. No matter, what’s your cat attitude towards this litter box, you will not find any leakage from this square-shaped litter box.

Space from inside is enough that your cat can comfortably get her business done privately. She can turn around in it and can jump out of it easily. If your cat finds it difficult to jump out of this litter box, then you can add up more litter so that she can have the higher ground.

Either you have a bulky cat, smaller one or the average-sized cat, you can go for this litter box. But if you have more than 1 cat in your home, then it would not be the best option. You will be required to have another litter box along with it if you have more than 1 cat. Cats do have the habit of covering up their waste after doing their business. During the digging and covering, the litter gets stuck into their paws and they spread it all over in your room.

Very few litter boxes consider this feature while manufacturing, and ModKat litter box is one of them. The top lid of the ModKat litter box acts as the walk-off a mate for your cat, it has been installed to reduce the litter tracking. When your cat jumps out of the box, the litter falls back into the litter box due to the top lid.

The cleaning of the litter box is no more hectic, with the ModKat litter box. The scoop has been hanged on the side of the litter box so that you can easily scoop out the waste whenever needed.

The liner of around 10″ has been perfectly attached with the litter box, and most importantly this liner is reusable. You can wash the liner for making it useable again. Even the liner does not require to be replaced before 3 months, and the litter box can also be used without this liner. When you need to replace it, you can easily remove it and throw it out with the help of the handle.

Final Words

ModKat litter box is suitable for every cat, either she is a bulky or smaller one, she can use it comfortably. If you don’t have any other place for litter box other than your living room, then this is the best choice because of its perfect modern design. Along with the design, every feature makes it the right fit litter box for your cat. Grab it now! For having a better experience.
  • Durable
  • Suitable for every cat other than a lazy and disabled one
  • Enclosed design
  • Top lid to reduce litter tracking
  • Relatively Expensive

8. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box Scoop

IRIS litter box is not different from other popular litter boxes in any sense. From the design to the features, almost everything is similar. But this model is the one that provides the best value for money.

IRIS top entry litter box

Design is perfectly prepared by considering the cat’s behavior. Every cat parent may be already familiar with the fact that the cats love to explore the things. And the top entry design of IRIS litter box provokes the cat to explore it from inside. This helps a lot in the litter training of your cat. Your cat will get to know why you have placed it in your room, and how she has to use it.

The overall design of the litter box is enough good that you can place it in any room, it will perfectly complement your room décor. Furthermore, BPA- Free plastic has been used in manufacturing that makes it durable. No worries, because even with the plastic material it does not look cheap. Your cat can’t tear it down. But if you have the dogs in your home along with the cats, then you have to pay attention to its safety.

The inside space is enough larger, that your cat can easily get her business done comfortably. But keep in mind, it is not enough spacious from inside that multiple cats start using it at the same time.

IRIS litter box will not let you smell the odor of your cat. This reduced odor feature is the one that makes it a perfect fit for you if you want to place the litter box in your living room. Even the cats don’t like to go back to the smelly places, that’s why they have considered it and manufactured it accordingly. Along with the enclosed design, the litter that has to be placed inside the box plays a crucial role in keeping it odor-free.

The cats dig and cover their waste after getting free from their business. That’s why odor will hardly reach your nose. But the digging habit causes another issue of litter tracking. But don’t worry! IRIS litter box has the lid at the top that reduces the litter tracking. Whenever your cat jumps out of it, the litter falls back into the box instead of the floor.

The easy to use for your cat and for you is another interesting feature of the IRIS litter box. You can easily scoop out the waste and can easily clean it so that your cat can use it again. The features of IRIS litter box is similar to any other premium litter box, but it outranks all of them due to its price tag. It is the most reasonably priced litter box in the market right now and provides you the real value for money.

Final Words

There is no reason to avoid this model when it comes to the litter boxes. It has every possible feature that you can imagine in the litter box. If you don’t have multiple cats in your home, then you should have this one. Most importantly, its litter tracking reduction rate makes it the top priority for many cat parents.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce foul smell to spread in your room
  • Reduce litter tracking
  • Spacious enough for one cat use
  • Multiple cats can use it at the same time
  • Does not use liners

9. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

From all other automated litter boxes, CatGenie litter box is the one that got the widespread fame in the pet parent’s community. The major reason is the automation in the cleaning process. Many litter boxes claim to be auto cleaned boxes. But this CatGenie is different from all of them.

catgenie litterbox

Manufactures makes it like human toilets. From the design to the operation, everything is right according to your toilet. You need to provide the water source to this litter box and have to connect the sewage system to flush out the cat’s waste.

For your convenience, they have already attached 2 standard-sized hoses so that you can use 1 for providing the water source and the other one to drain out the waste of your cat. You don’t need to scoop out your cat’s mess anymore. Furthermore, it also gets washed automatically with the sanitizing solution so that your cat doesn’t get affected by the germs. What else do you need?

The Washable litter granules are interesting for the cats because they provide the same feeling to the cat as the litter in other boxes provide. Still, with the granules your cat can do digging for satisfying herself. Moreover, the granules need to be replaced after every 3 months. But if more cats are using it then you might need to replace it soon. You will get to know about the replacement time when you start smelling the strong odor of your cat’s waste.

If you find out someone in the toilet of your home, then you can wait for your turn but the cats can’t. So if you have multiple cats in your home, then CatGenie would be the best choice for you. At the same time, 3 cats can use it without disturbing each other.

Being the automatic litter box, it requires you to instruct it. You need to customize it and have to choose one mode setting from 3 different options at the start so that it keeps working as per your preference. Cat start, auto start, and push start are the options that you will have. It’s better to try all of them in the start and analyze them for next 1 week before putting it on any one mode for a lifetime.

The whole journey with this litter box will be convenient but at first, during the installation, you will face some serious hurdles. You need to put the great effort for enjoying later on. The installation is not easy but can be done by reading the manual that comes with it.

Final Words

There is no other automated cleaning litter box that can compete with it in terms of design and performance. Everything is perfectly designed and your cat will be loving to use it. But it demands the effort from you during the installation. If you are ready to put effort to set it up for your cat, then there would be no other better option.
  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Designed for Multiple Cats
  • Automatic cleaning process
  • Installation is not easy relatively

10. Good pet Stuff litter box

Good pet stuff is the leading brand in the pet industry, they are here in the market to produce the quality and innovative products that the users can get at a reasonable price. This not their claim but they are practicing it, that’s why every pet owner loves to have their products in their home.

Good pet Stuff litter box

By using their innovative approach, they have launched the litter box that is different from all the other available litter boxes. Its shape is similar to the clay pot, which allows you to place it in between your natural plants. Even if you placed it in the living room, still no one can recognize it as the litter box. The used material is plastic that does not allow your cat to tear it down easily.

Your cat can do whatever she wants to do, there will no effect on its body. The only downside of the plastic is that it looks cheap. But you can get rid of it if you want to by just spraying it. Spray it with the color that can blend with your home décor and all of your worries will fade away. If you want to make it more realistic, then you can also change the upper artificial flower.

The double-layer construction prevents the odor to go out of this litter box, so now you will not have a complaint about the odor. The filtration system that has been installed inside, works equally with the double layer construction to remove the odor. In a nutshell, Filtration system does not let the odor to build up inside and construction stop the odor to leave the litter box.

There is enough space inside that more than 1 cat can use it at the same time, if you have multiple cats in your home, then there will be no problem for you. Even the cats used it to relax, they make it a bedroom or a toilet according to their needs.

Whether you have a bulky cat, smaller cat, lazy or an active cat, Good pet stuff litter box is the one that will satisfy you. It has every essential feature that you might be looking for. To place it in your living room or in a bedroom, you just need to do some modification for improving its Appearance but from the performance perspective, it can eliminate many models from the Competition.

Final Words

If you are on the budget, but wants to have the best possible option without compromising on the performance, then this litter box from the leading brand should be in your home for your cat.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Multiple cats can use it at the same time
  • Filtration system to prevent odor
  • Inconspicuous
  • Plastic material
  • Looks flimsy
  • Have to spray for improving its appearance

11. Purina Tidy Cats Litter Box System

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 1

This is by far one of the best open odor control litter boxes out there.I had to say this because Purina has made such a good effort in creating a litter box which is beautiful in design, and very functional in operations. This little box comes with a scoop holder to place your scoop on. There are two layers in this litter box; the one on the top is for the poop. the one in the bottom is for the pee.

We have to place the pee pad in the bottom layer and check it every few days. The litter pellets are good in size and do their job properly. Again to mention one of the best properties of this litter box is the odor control. that’s why they even named it breeze. You can find a very good video demonstration of a normal household mum, which explains everything in detail. 

12. Pet Mate Sifting litter box

best sifting litter box

This concept was done by a genius. All you have to do is to have to trays, after every now and then Sift the litter through the grill, All the litter will go in the train and The Poop will be left in the grill, repeat the same the next time. no scooping required. 

The quality of the plastic is good and is using antimicrobial layering. The best part about this little box is whenever your pet is done with the business you can easily shift The Poop out there will be no odor.

A very clear demonstration is given below:

13. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided

A few of the main benefits of this letter box are; the plastic is made of good quality so it’s easy to clean and antibacterial coated. The high side of the walls prevent the scatter of the litter. The low entry point of the Litter box, Makes it easy for the cat to enter or exit, this is especially good for senior cats.

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 2

14. Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step

Lets dissect the inside of it, you can easily open it and fill in the litter. its made in a way that cat climbs in there and than comfortably sits and does its job. than after a designated amount of time you can change the bag of litter.

One of the best thing about the litter box is the design it has, I am actually in love with the design as it makes you proud of what you have. The stairs are great to act like a mat to clean the paws.

best doomed litter box

15. Catit Cat Litter Pan with Rim

This high sided cat litter box has some unique feature which makes it special. that something special is the rim, which is added to prevent spills and it really works. some users are calling it the secure lip which saves you from a lot of spill over. as it has a slanted body which is also a great fit for a litter box.

best high sided litter box

16. SpeedySift Cat Litter Box

This is one of the more premium sifting little boxes out there, comes with an easy and low entry which is great for almost all the cats.The idea of this litter box is simple, instead of having a little pan, you have disposable Liners. Which can be thrown away after use. you get a pack of 15 Liners which can be set up in a few seconds. The liner comes with small holes by which you can sift the litter. the quality of the material is good and durable.

SpeedySift Cat Litter Box

See this Litter box in action:

17. LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning

The Litter maid brand loves cats so much, they have to produce litters for a decade now, and their mission is to offer solutions and improve their cat litter. This cat litter is a multi-cat self-cleaner that runs on a low voltage; it can be powered with the use of an AC adapter or 8 AA. It has a special dispatched rake that can be used in collecting of clumps and a dual motion sensor that can be activated after ten minutes. When this sensor is turned on, the litter starts cleaning itself and automatically uses the built-in rake to depose the waste.

Best self cleaninglitter box

See this litter box in action

18. Van Ness Odor Control Extra Giant

Van ness is a good brand that you can trust for your pets. This litter box is Quit big in size as you can read in the title, and comes with the Zeolite filters for odor control. These filters are replaceable.

This litter box is idea for multiple cats in a house hold because of its size and ease of use. Comes with the clamp design for rigid grip of the two pieces together. the Flap door is of good quality as well.

vanness best giant litter box

19. Litter Genie Cat Litter Box

Sometimes you just want to give your cat something unique and beautiful looking. According to me, this is one of the best looking litter boxes which look super cute while sitting in your lobby or room.

The plastic is flexible so it can fit in small places as well, the sides are high and have a place to hold and move. the high walls prevent the scatter of the litter. because the plastic is so soft and flexible, throwing away the litter is a breeze.

Litter Genie Cat Litter Box

20. Cat Washroom Bench

This is actually not a litter box but a litter box hidder. It holds a great place in my heart because of the design and elegance it brings in. I recently covered this in my article, Best litter box hidder, in detail.

The idea is simple, you have a huge bench, which could be placed in the lobby or washroom and your cat can enter form the side, not having a wide enclosure, gives you the luxury to put a litter mat inside as well so your cat comes out clean every time.

best litter box hidder

21. Catit SmartSift Litter Box

I would rather call it a semi automatic litter box, Its an revolutionized version of the sifting litter box where all you have to do it to pull a lever and it will sift the litter and put the poop in a disposable bag which can be replaced after a week.

While watching the reviews the only thing people have been talking about is the odor it has sometimes because of the poop sitting in side for a longer period of time, this can only be solved by replacing the disposable litter bag more often.

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 3

22. KittyGoHere Litter Box Senior Cat Litter Box

We can and should never forget the senior cats, while the nature’s miracle high sided litter box is also very good for senior cats, but this litter box has no comparisons for those who face difficulty in climbing.

It has different size options, and can even be used for Cats with Arthritis or the Cats that need a larger litter box. The plastic used in this is good quality and easy to clean. we recommend to have a litter mat to be used with this.

KittyGoHere Litter Box Senior Cat Litter Box

23. iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel

One thing is for sure, The steel is really easy to clean, and mostly nothing sticks to it. The walls are 6 inches in height and this is good to keep this litter from scattering. Steel does not rust and stays for a long time. We definitely recommend this to those who have multiple litter boxes.

Keeping this as a back up is always a nice option, unlike plastic, it does not have time limit of use. Metals normally don’t absorb the odor so its a great idea to keep it. No chemicals are used in its making. It has rubber feet at the bottom so you wont here that cringe sound of moving metal on the floor.

iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel

24. PetFusion Large Litter Box

This is one of the few which are approved by FDA and EPA for using a good quality plastic. Why its important to know is having a bad quality plastic makes it extremely difficult to clean and they start absorbing the odor.

The non stick coating helps you save time while cleaning, size is good and design is ergonomic. Entry is low but I feel not fit for very senior cats.

PetFusion Large Litter Box

25. Purina Tidy Cats Breeze

If you liked Purina concept but wanted to have it in hooded style, you are in luck, they have the same functionality with hooded design.

The best thing in buying this one is the extended functionality. Lets say your cat does not like the hood, it can always be removed and used as a lid free litter box, the rest of the functions are the same, you can read the above review for functions.

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded System Starter Kit Cat Litter Box, Litter Pellets & Pads

26. Arm & Hammer Large Rimmed

I can easily call it one of the best buget litter pans, the quality of material it comes with and the price it offers is amazing. Even if it is not hooded, it comes with the detachable walls which is good for spraying cats.

This plastic is treated with microban anti bacterial protection which is important to save your pets from germs.

high walled litter box

27. Litter Robot 3

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 4Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 5

You’ll never have to scoop with this automatic self-cleaning Litter Robot 3 box. It has special sensors to separate the waste from clean litter and dispose of it in the below carbon-filtered drawer. You won’t have to worry about the clumps sticking to the grate and only have to clean the drawer once a week.

Moreover, it can handle multiple cats, reduces odor, and leaves your kitty clean. So, you won’t have to worry about grimy paws tracking everywhere. Litter Robot 3 has automatic night lights to guide elderly cats and lockout buttons on the control panel. You can also update the unit’s default cycling time to dump the waste.

28. Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 6

Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box is a perfect choice for eco-minded people. It is BPA-free and recyclable and is available in extra-large sizes to give plenty of room for your cat to move around. This litter box has high sides and a back wall to contain the mess inside if your cat wishes to scatter the litter.

A lowered front side makes it easy for your kitty to come and exit as pleases. It is made of durable plastic to withstand the cat’s paws. Besides, it is ideal for cleaning small messes and spots with soap and water.

29. Tuft + Paw Cove Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 7

Comparable to large litter boxes in the market, Tuft + Paw Cove Litter Box is arguably the best-oversized litter box. It is made of anti-stick plastic with the rubber base material preventing it from sliding on the floor. A hidden handle allows for easy lifting and moving the litter box around.

It is easy to clean and has removable walls to reduce tracking and mess from cats who pee standing up. In addition, it offers space to place the scoop and other tools inside one unit. So you won’t have to leave the dirty tools on the floor.

30. Van Ness CP5 Sifting Cat Pan

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 8Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 9

Van Ness CP5 Sifting Cat Pan is manufactured with the highest FDA-approved materials. It is the perfect choice for cat owners who uses clumping litter. A high polished finish prevents stains and odors. The frame adds height to reduce mess and holds the cat pan liners together.

It has a smart design with two nesting pans and a sifting screen. You can stack the pans together with the sifting screen on top to filter the litter clumps. Moreover, this litter pan comes in assorted colors so that you can choose a soothing color for your kitty.

31. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 10Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 11

Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box is ideal for home use or cat carriers. It is made of recycled paper but is sturdy enough not to shred or leak. Furthermore, you can use it with all litter types. The built-in baking soda provides protection, and a 2-in-1 odor control technology prevents odors.

A superior airflow also filters out distinctive odors and reduces moisture. Besides, there’s no need to clean it up. You can quickly dispose of it in a landfill without feeling remorse. Replace with the new Nature’s disposable litter box after four weeks.

32. Litter Robot 4

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 12

Litter Robot 4 is the latest Wi-Fi-enabled upgrade on the Litter Robot 3. It’s ideal for holding up to four cats. This litter box has an upgraded Odor Trap System and carbon-filled drawer to trap odor and dust. A litter fence prevents litter tracking, and the wider opening is inviting for cats who are skittish about enclosed spaces.

With the help of the Whisker app, you can monitor waste and litter levels in real-time. Moreover, the Smart Scale weight sensor lets you detect your kitty’s activity and weight. A Quiet Sift cycle provides quiet self-cleaning, and an integrated Safe Cat System analyzes four zones to ensure your cat’s safety.

33. Kittygohere Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 13Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 14

Kittygohere Litter Box is ideal for senior cats with arthritis and kittens who can’t cope with a traditional litter box or pan. It is made of durable plastic. The large pan provides comfortable room for squatting and can hold multiple cats.

In addition, the box’s 3 inches height also allows the cats to get in and out easily. So, no more jumping in and out for your cats.

34. Pureness Giant High Sides Cat Litter Pan

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 15Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 16

Pureness Giant High Sides is a giant-sized litter pan for holding large or multiple cats that are a little enthusiastic with their digging. It is made of sturdy plastic and has a high polished finish to prevent odors and stains. It is easy to clean, and the high sides reduce litter scatter.

35. Petmate Open Cat Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 17Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 18

Petmate Open Cat Litter Box is great for large cats and small kittens. Made of non-stick pre-consumer plastic, it can hold heavy litter easily. Also, the low sides provide ample space for your cats to do their business comfortably.

The top is open, and the base is wide to contain the mess inside. The box has rimmed sides that offer comfortable lifting and moving.

36. Van Ness Pets Large Sifting Cat Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 19Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 20

Van Ness Pets Large Sifting Cat Litter Box comes in a large size with an integrated frame to prevent litter spills. It is ideal for owners who want scoop-free maintenance but with no enclosed space.

This litter box allows easy cleaning, and the highly polished surface is stain and odor resistant. It has two solid pans with a stacked filter in the middle to sift clumps in the bottom one. You can easily dump the waste and restack the pans.

37. Kitty’s Wonderbox Disposable Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 21Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 22

Kitty’s Wonderbox Disposable is a 3-in-1 litter box that makes a great fit for home use, elderly cat owners, and cat owners on the go. Made from 100% biodegradable paper, it has the perfect PH to control ammonia’s odor.

This box is durable and won’t leak or shred. An enhanced airflow controls odor and keeps the box moisture free. It can also function as a litter box liner.

38. SPORT PET Large Pop Open Kennel

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 23Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 24

SPORT PET Large Pop Open Kennel is a portable cat cage for owners on the go. It is easy to assemble and can fold down for convenient storage. This cage has seatbelt straps to place within a vehicle and a drawstring bag for storage.

The bottom pad is cushiony and waterproof to prevent spillage. In addition, a roll-up mesh panel allows for maximum visibility and ventilation. It has soft construction, a side zip entrance, and a pull-down shade for nervous cats.

39. Sfozstra Cat Litter Box with Lid

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 25Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 26

Sfozstra Cat Litter Box is an enclosed litter box with an enlarged space for large cats with privacy problems. It is made of environmental-friendly PP material and is non-toxic for cats. A sloping edge design makes the waste slide down easily.

Furthermore, one door allows for convenient entrance, and a top lid provides an exit for your cats and prevents excess litter from tracking outside. There are small holes on the lid so the litter won’t stick to your cat’s paws. It comes with a scoop for convenient cleaning.

40. Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cage Carrier and Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 27Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 28

Necoichi Portable is a fully collapsible cage carrier large enough to hold two cats and put a travel litter box inside. It comes with a double-sided waterproof fleece mat that is easy to clean and a portable bag for storage.

A sizeable roll-up mesh panel allows visibility, while a visibility-zipper lock will prevent the cat from escaping. You can get the pop-up litter box separately.

41. Portable Travel Litter Box for Easy Drive with Kitty and Cats

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 29Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 30

The Portable Travel Litter Box is lighter than rigid litter boxes and is handy to carry. It comes with a storage bag, a collapsible bowl, and a scoop. This box is flexible enough to fit inside a car back seat or a kennel.

It needs no assembly, and you can place biodegradable bags inside the box as a conventional liner and dispose of them later. Made of waterproof fabric with support inserts, it has a zipper lid, doesn’t leak, and prevents unpleasant odors.

42. PAWISE Cat Starter Kit

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 31Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 32

PAWISE Cat Starter Kit is a colorful litter box set with a double liner, a scooper, and a double-bowled dish for food and water. It is a large 10.5×14.5-inch framed pan that is easy to clean and is odor and stain-resistant.

Besides, this litter box set is perfect for new pet owners who can benefit from a starter kit. It is compact, easy to carry, and includes a toy for exuberant kitties.

43. FEANDREA Cat Litter Box with Lid

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 33Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 34

FEANDREA Cat Litter Box with Lid is an enclosed wooden litter box with unique barn doors. A rustic finish makes it blend with all home styles. It offers a spacious room and privacy for cats to follow nature’s call comfortably. Also, you can remove the divider to make it roomier.

This litter box allows for multiple uses. You can convert it into a litter box, make a bed inside for your cat, and put plants over it to liven your house. A front lid allows for easy entry and exit for your cat. The parts come with labeling and a step-by-step manual. So, you can assemble it stress-free in just 20 minutes.

44. Sfozstra Open Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 35Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 36

Sfozstra Open Litter Box has an open design and enough space on all sides to allow free access and turnaround room for cats. It is made of high-quality food-grade ABS material and can easily accommodate an 8 pounds cat.

This litter box is odor resistant and BPA and phthalate free to provide a healthy environment for your cat and home. It has a unique leak-proof design at the front to prevent spills and the cat’s paws from catching the litter. A double barrier with a high-level fence blocks urine spillage.

45. PuppyGoHere Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 37Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 38

PuppyGoHere Litter Box is best for all pets, from senior cats to puppies, ferrets, and rabbits. It has a robust construction and can withstand a 20lbs puppy. The bottom is curvy with rounded corners that make for easy cleaning.

It is excellent for families working or living in an apartment with pets. Besides, there are multiple sizes to choose from, depending on your pet’s size.

46. Lucky Champ Litter Pan

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 39Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 40

Lucky Champ Litter Pan is an innovative and sophisticated litter pan that blends in with any home style. It is ideal for all kinds of cats, from seniors with arthritis to frisky kittens.

A high side and back walls keep the mess inside, while a low front wall allows a comfortable entry and exit for senior cats.

47. Petco Brand – So Phresh Dog Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 41Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 42

So Phresh Dog Litter Box is ideal for use by dogs and senior cats during harsh weather. It has a sturdy design and ample space for comfortable movement. Moreover, it is easy to clean and provides an indoor potty training solution.

This litter box has a low height of 5 inches and an opening of only three ⅛ inches high. So, cats with arthritis don’t need to access the box by jumping.

48. Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cats with Arthritis

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 43Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 44

Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box is ideal for cats with arthritis. Other pets such as hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs can also use it.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel that is anti-bite, odorless, and highly durable, it has a non-stick surface that is easy to clean. A 4-inch height of the box provides easy access to senior cats and small animals.

49. Richell PAW TRAX High Wall Cat Litter Box, High Sides Cat Litter

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 45Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 46

Richell PAW TRAX High Wall Cat Litter Box features a sleek open design for quick and comfortable access. It can hold a cat up to 17.6lbs and has high walls on all sides for privacy and to contain the spray inside.

In addition, an Anti-Tracking Grate Step removes the litter from the cat’s paws. A recessed handle at the bottom allows for easy lifting and moving. This litter box also includes a scoop which you can hang on a hook inside the box.

50. Bolux Foldable Cat Litter Box with Lid

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 47Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 48

Bolux Foldable Cat Litter Box is a large, foldable litter box with a drawer design. It is made from high-quality PP and PS material and is suitable for all cat breeds. You can pull out the drawer for easy cleaning and replacing the litter.

It has an attachable scoop that you can hang on the side of the box. The closed design allows for privacy, while a transparent entrance provides enough visibility. It has an Anti-Tracking exit at the top to prevent your cat from tracking litter on the floor.

51. Hillpig Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 49Top 51 Best Cat Litter Boxes of all times 50

Hillpig Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box comes with an APP Control to keep the litter box clean through Elspet APP. It is extra-large and can hold multiple cats weighing 3.3 to 28lbs. An automatic cleaning system helps dump the waste after the cat exits the box.

Furthermore, it prevents the waste from sticking to the box and keeps it from spreading odor. You’ll only have to scoop after 20 days.

It features built-in LED Safe Alert sensors that let you monitor the operating status and protect the cats against any case. A Smart Health Monitor sensor allows you to track litter levels and your cat’s activity and health status.

How do I keep the cat litter box from smelling in my house?

After your cat uses her litter box, the box can start to smell real bad! There are a number of solutions to the problem of cat litter box odor. Spraying an odor remover, (get one with natural scents), around your house is one way. Another is to place a few drops of essential oil in the litter box after you’ve cleaned it. You can also place a few drops of the same essential oils in the water you use to clean the litter box.

I use a natural litter, which is clay-like and has a number of scents in it already. When it was time to clean the litter box, I added a few drops of clove oil. The best thing to do is keep the litter box clean, and add the essential oils when you’re cleaning it out.

We can clean the litter box regularly, but it can still smell bad. One reason is that the litter is not clumping correctly. This leads to more urine mixing with feces, which creates a stinkier situation. We should aim to scoop out all clumps and wet spots after we change the litter once a day or so, and also add fresh litter as needed.

Another reason is that we are using too much litter in the box. If we put too much in there then it won’t have time to dry out before we add more and it will lead to an unpleasant aroma in our home.

How often should you completely clean the litter box liner?

It is recommended to change the liner as often as needed. If the cat litter box is in a confined space or if it is used in a place with high foot traffic, frequent changes can be a good idea.

It’s important to clean your cat’s litter box weekly, but if you have more than one cat you may need to clean it more often than that. Be sure to scoop out all of the clumps and solid waste at least once every day and change the litter every few days or so, depending on how many cats you have and how often they use the box. The frequency of changing your pet’s litter box will depend on how often he uses it and where it is located.

If you’re using a disposable liner, change it at least once every two weeks. For permanent liners, use them until they start smelling bad, then replace them with fresh liners. You don’t need to wash the whole box if you do this; simply wipe down the outside with soap and water. To make sure there aren’t any odors lingering after cleaning, give the box a good airing by opening all four doors and letting air circulate through the box.

What Kind of Litter Box is Best for Cats

Best Litter box

The best litter box for cats is the one that works best for that individual cat. Let me explain:

There are many factors to be considered when choosing a litter box. For example, the size and shape of the litter box, how high it sits off the ground, where it is located in relation to its owner (or other pets), as well as how often it needs to be emptied. I am giving you the best of the best boxes in the market, all you have to do is to choose between these.

Verdict and final words:

This is the complete list of all the working and best litter boxes out there. We have done huge amount of research like testing the products, reading reviews and researching youtube videos and trying to filter out the best of the best. so that you don’t have to spend days or weeks deciding which should be your next litter box. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you still feel confused so we can help you out in deciding. Hope it helps you.