Top 4 Cat Litter Box Furniture

Cat litter box furniture needs to look great and should be durable and worth the price. Either its DIY or hidden cat furniture we got your back.

Having the right space in your home for your cat litter box can be challenging, especially when you live in a small house or have more cats. Because of this issue, many cat owners now use cat litter box furniture; it also adds some beauty to your home.

You may find cat furniture in Walmart or Ikea or even amazon which is the easy part but the difficult part is weather it will fulfill your requirements or not. so we made a list of nice cat litter furniture so you can trust and buy with no time wasted.

Best 4 cat litter furniture list:

  1. Cat furniture by merry pet ( 20″ L x 18″ W x 25″ H )
  2. Espresso Double-Decker by petsfit ( 21″ L x25″ W x35″ H )
  3. Designer Cat litter furniture by sweet barks ( 37″ L x 21″ W x 22″ H )
  4. Designer furniture by Unipaws ( 19”W x 20.9”D x 26.6”H )

For those who want our Quick advise and save time on best cat litter furniture, here you go with our top 4 products with dimensions. You can click on the name and directly see the best price and specs.

If you would light to know more, scroll below for details review.

What is Cat Litter Box Furniture?

The cat litter box furniture is structured to store litter boxes and also other litter supplies. So if you want your box litter to be functional and remain hidden, then you have to get a cat litter. The cat litter box furniture usually comes in the form of a nightstand or a cabinet, and when kept with the rest of your furniture, it just blends.

The cat litter box furniture is used with the high sided cat litter trays which you can find here; best high sided litter trays. plus you need cat litter as well, we made a guide to buy best clumping cat litter.

Types of cat litter boxes:

Cat litter boxes are of different types like:

  1. Enclosed cat litter box furniture
  2. Wooden cat litter box furniture
  3. Extra large cat litter box furniture
  4. Designer cat litter box furniture
  5. Hidden cat litter box furniture

Why should you get cat litter box furniture?

Cats need some privacy and also space when playing or going out for their activities so that litter box furniture can be their optimal resting region and safe place. Unlike most of the standard litter boxes, litter box nooks give considerably more space to your cats and all your litter frill alongside ventilation frameworks that keep smells under control and other exceptional highlights that keep spillage from getting onto your floor.

Additionally, many feline proprietors don’t care for litter boxes lying around the house and standing out, so a typical issue they experience is the way to shroud a litter box and different supplies from visitors and friends when they drop by. Litter box furniture is an ideal concealing spot for a feline’s litter box as it is intended to mix in with your living space and stay inconspicuous by guests.

4 TOP Rated Cat litter box furniture:

1. Cat furniture by merry pet:

Cat furniture by merry pet

The merry pet white cat washroom is one of the best litter box furniture for your cat. With this litter box furniture, you are sure of no more chaos or mess from feline litter boxes. The cat’s washroom fills in as an alluring spread to conceal away from the litter box and restrict every single litter wreckage inside while offering valuable rack space and stainless steel towel bar for some sorting out alternatives. The door is wide to open and for easy cleaning.

Night Stand Pet House: You don’t have to worry about more unmade and bungled beds of your pet in your home. This multi-functional unit can likewise be utilized as a footstool or nightstand while giving a discrete resting/dozing territory for the two canines and cats, which fulfills your pet’s intuitive need to have a sense of happy and safe.

Cat furniture by merry pet

Features of Cat furniture by merry pet :

  • Serves as a box cover and also feline washroom
  • Can accommodate any litter box, litter pans
  • Has doors that can open wide for easy access
  • Reduces mess everywhere in your home
  • Includes clean up tools
  • Very attractive
  • Serves as multi-functional pet furniture
  • Minimize odor
  • It is straightforward to assemble
  • It’s clean and looks classic
  • Weighs 26.3 lbs
  • Comes in three colors;
  • Crafted from fir wood
  • Stainless Steel
  • Shelf space 4.5” H
    Looks good
    Cats adapt to this system easily
    It is lightweight
    Makes less mess
    Wide opening allows the entry of cat
    Flexible setup
    Affordable Price
    You need to keep the litter clean because it doesn’t cover much of the odors
    If your cat likes to dig then litters will still find it’s way out
    Cleaning the washroom can be uncomfortable

2. Espresso Double-Decker by petsfit

The Petsfits expresso double-decker is a pet litter box enclosed nightstand painted with non- toxic paint.

Espresso Double-Decker by petsfit

This epic methodology stacks two single-width units over one another to make another layer of partition between the litter box and the remainder of the room. The passageway at the top prompts a little rack with a gap in the floor, considering top section into the litter box compartment. This makes the height of 35 inches, which is ideal for a nightstand.

This nightstand is 23 inches deep by 21 inches wide, with a litter box territory estimating 22 inches by 19 inches by 13 inches tall

Espresso Double-Decker by petsfit

Features of Espresso Double-Decker by petsfit:

  • It’s a double-decker litter enclosure
  • Has two stories features for one or two cats
  • The latch on the door prevents the cat from escaping
  • Available in white and espresso
    Controls tracking
    The door latches are shut
    You can use high sided litter boxes
    Shelf for scooping storage
    Vent holes made by paws facade the odor
    Litter box not included
    Very big and self-cleaning

3. Designer Cat litter furniture by sweet barks:

The Sweet barks bench cat litter box enclosed furniture is one of the best products in the market. However, if you love your pet but hate how their litter box cause conflicts with the rest of your cautiously curated home, this richly structured feline litter house created by Sweet Barks is your optimal across the board.

Designer Cat litter furniture by sweet barks

Your pet will cherish cuddling in his bed inside this comfortable house, and your feline can appreciate the advantage of a private washroom for her litter box. Quit agonizing over concealing the litter box in a corner, and shroud it on display! It’s the perfect answer for both you and your pet to appreciate together.

Designer Cat litter furniture by sweet barks

Features of Designer Cat litter furniture by sweet barks :

  • A lot of space for litter boxes or beds
  • Has both openings for cats
  • The removable part can be used to store scoop or litter
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Serves as a home decor
  • It was designed in the way cats will feel comfortable and have privacy
  • Multi-functional
    An elegant piece of furniture
    This furniture is easy to assemble
    Has a multi-functional purpose
    Can be used as a table in the bedroom or dining room
    In here cats can have some privacy
    You have to clean it always

4. Designer furniture by Unipaws:

The unipaws litter box furniture is made with sturdy wood, and it is very spacious. It can serve as a table, and it is effortless to assemble. The door is fixable and permits your cat to and fro movement without any obstacles. The enclosed design of this box furniture helps hide litter pans and mess.

Designer furniture by Unipaws

Features of Designer furniture by Unipaws :

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Washable and clean
  • Fashionable with modern design
  • None toxic smell
  • Multi-functional purpose
  • Convenient storage
  • Keeps your home clean
    Serves as home decor
    Easy to assemble
    Storage room
    Classic and beautiful
    Made with strong quality wood

FAQ about cat furniture:

What should I look for in litter box furniture?

Entry Type

Cats can be entirely fastidious with regards to entering and leaving encased spaces. Now and then, you may need to show your feline how to utilize a pet entryway or may even find that your cats won’t go in.

Cleaning Access

Every one of the arrangements recorded today has remarkable approaches to get to your feline’s litter box to scoop and clean. Contingent upon your time and versatility, a few methods might be simpler than others.


Some feline litter box furniture is more strong than others. Contingent upon the material and the development, present-day feline furniture can either keep going forever or scarcely a year.

What are the benefits of cat litter box furniture?

Conceal Mess

The main advantage of a cat litter furniture is to conceal the wreckage of the litter box! Cleaning a litter box is important. Numerous individuals have tricky spots to hide the litter box, similar to a washroom or pantry, however here and there isn’t sufficient room or no usable space to conceal it away. There’s no explanation you must have a significant box of feline litter out in the open in any place. A feline litter bureau gives you a chance to keep the litter box in secret, so it doesn’t look untidy.

Another advantage of a feline litter box is that it stays quiet about the smell of the litter. On the off chance that you scoop litter usually, which we as a whole should, litter boxes shouldn’t smell excessively horrible, but on the other hand, it’s never wonderful to have anybody’s latrine directly out. In the center of a room! Putting resources into a feline litter box is a decent method to keep the smell of the box from penetrating the entire room.

Hide Bad Odors

Cats like a litter box that is in a calm space and gives them a little privacy. However, they don’t prefer to be boxed in totally. Having a feline litter implies an area where a feline can withdraw to in harmony yet, besides, have the option to see out through the opening to have the opportunity to see and hear other individuals or creatures and not feel caught.


Cats, similar to all of us, need a calm spot where they can go or when they need to go! You need to keep a litter box in your home someplace, so a cat litter box is an extraordinary method to ensure it is both appealing and shrouds the sight and smell of the litter.


In summary, a cat litter box enclosed furniture is one in a lifetime investment for both your cat and you. It will provide a lot of benefits and reduce cleaning stress and keep things pleasant. The above list is the best cat litter box furniture to guide to in making the right choice when shopping for one for your cat.

The furniture hides the litter box discreetly and serves as home decor at the same time. It is style in a remarkable way that visitors will get confused due to the design. This litter box furniture looks more like home decor, so if you are having an issue with where it will fit in your home, you don’t have to worry because it will be perfect for your home.

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