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!! Please BEWARE of these kidnapped dogs!! Three weeks ago, on May 12, 2022, Dr. Kim Lark being a friend of a friend, a nightmare scenario. Despite their vigilant efforts to protect her, all 3 of her dogs — all highly skilled at search and rescue, one of them VERY pregnant — were kidnapped by her ex in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Police believe the suspect is armed and dangerous. Look for the full backstory, media coverage of the crime (including by a investigative producer at NBC News/Dateline) and latest updates at dr Lark offers a $50,000 reward for the safe return of the 3 dogs and the litter of puppies. Please keep an eye out for these dogs and the suspect. They could be anywhere by now. #savekimsdogs


Every tip or possible sighting helps! Please call law enforcement first!

If you have any information or think you’ve seen the suspect – Theodore “Ted” Maher (aka Jon Green) – or any of the 3 abducted dogs and puppies, please call the Carlsbad Police Department immediately and provide date, time, location and photos if possible:

  • (575) 885-2111 ext 0
  • Carlsbad Police Detective Jim Devlin at (575) 885-2111 ext. 2230

DO NOT approach the suspect. Law enforcement believes he is armed and dangerous.

dr Lark saw at least one of the suspect’s accomplices the morning of the kidnapping.

BOLO kidnapped dogs - suspect wanted airman

how can you help

  1. Please share information about these kidnapped dogs on all your social media feeds at least once a week. Younger friends, please include TikTok too.
  2. Download and print a PDF version of the flyer about kidnapped dogs. If possible, post at gas stations, rest stops, truck stops, restaurants, campgrounds, pet stores, etc.
  3. Also, please keep an eye on CraigsList and other places where people might have a litter of border collie puppies for sale and report any possible matches to the team that Dr. Lark Helps –

There’s one too Save KimsDogs FB Groupbut the team tries to post all credible/verified information on the Save Kim’s Dogs website.

Kidnapped Dogs #1 – Female Dutch Shepherd named Crime

kidnapped dog named Felony (f) Dutch Shepherd

Kidnapped Dog Named Felony (f) Dutch Shepherd Aviator

Kidnapped Dogs #2 – Border Collie dog named Zero

Zero was VERY pregnant at the time of the crime, due literally any day.

Assuming she delivered them safely after the kidnapping, everyone hopes she’s with the litter and nursing the puppies.

kidnapped dog named Zero (f) Border Collie

Kidnapped dog named Zero (f) Border Collie - aviator picture

Kidnapped Dogs #3 – Female border collie named Storm

kidnapped dog named Storm (f) Border Collie
kidnapped dog named Storm (f) Border Collie - aviator

Kidnapped Dogs #4-?? – Border collie puppies

Assuming Zero had safely delivered her litter during the escape, the border collie puppies would now be around 2 weeks old (June 2, 2022). They will be ~8 weeks old in mid-July 2022.

The suspect also broke into Dr. Lark’s house, taking things including perhaps pedigree information about the abducted dogs and litter so the puppies could come with “papers.”

Let’s not assume that the suspect and any accomplices (unknowingly or not) wait to sell the puppies until they are old enough to legally transfer ownership – which takes anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks depending on the state.

Be on the lookout for suspicious litters now and throughout the summer.


May all these kidnapped dogs be found soon and safely.

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