Dog DNA Test Results for Dream

It’s bittersweet to receive Dream’s dog’s DNA test results following her unexpected death on September 27, 2022, but the results are fun nonetheless. Especially the random large dog breed in her family tree. We used Embark, just like we did for Mr. Stix’s big breed reveal. Because Dream was so lanky, we thought she might have some Whippet DNA, but no.


Dream’s original shelter chart listed them as a lab mix, but there’s no lab in there either. A lot of people have also suspected a Pittie mix, but that’s not it either…although Dream looked VERY similar in some photos Hatchi from Romping and Rolling in the Rockies.

Foster puppy dream full length portrait

Dog DNA Test Results – Video Reveal

I know this is probably all super automated, but I enjoy these canine DNA test result videos that Embark makes. My only real gripe this time is that their email notifications of the testing process and finished results failed. I checked the website myself and found the results last week.

Dog DNA Test Results Family Tree

Yes, a few generations ago, Dream’s family tree appears to span the Great Pyrenees. How funny is that? Maybe that’s why she seemed so big for such a young pup (just 3 months old or so).

dog dna test results pedigree

These canine DNA test results came back VERY similar to Tori’s, except her random breed was English Springer Spaniel. Dream and Tori’s results show basically equal proportions of Australian Shepherd and Border Collie with a little mishmash of other things.

Royal Canin 2016 Dog DNA Test Results

Dog DNA Test Results – Percentages

Here’s how Dream’s makeup percentages came out:

  • 42.3% Australian Shepherd
  • 40.3% border collie
  • 7.1% Great Pyrenees
  • 10.3% super mutt
Dog DNA Test Results Breed List and Percentages

How it works

Here are photos of the test kit. We also made a small video showing the taking of saliva samples for the canine DNA test. My camera angle isn’t great, but it’s another opportunity to see how cute Dream was. 100% angel. We miss her so much.

Extra fun with dog DNA test results

One thing I really like about the Embark dog DNA tests is that, much like social media, you can connect with people whose dogs have been tested with similar results. For example, there is a dog that looks just like a dream, green eyes and all. She is stockier, however, with some Cattledog DNA.

Sad milestone ahead

Saturday October 15, 2022 marks 19 days since Dream’s death. She lived with us for only 19 days and yet we love her like those who have lived with us for many years.

Dog ashes, paw prints, etc.

The only photo of me and Dream together, but you can also see us at the beginning of the video on this foster puppy lineup post.

Dog DNA Test Results for Dream 1

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