4 Ways To Choose An Outfit With Ease

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hello fashionistas! 


Now that fashion month has come to a close and we all continue to scroll through photos on Instagram, reminiscing about the ultimate street style looks, I can’t help but wonder: how do these fashion stars achieve such effortless yet put together looks?

Well for starters, most of them have some things that the rest of us do not: loans from top designers, a team of assistants and, most importantly, lots of time to plan the perfect look. But just because you may not have Prada sending you runway items or weeks of preparation doesn’t mean that you can’t be a noteworthy fashionista.

Here are four ways to step up your outfit game with ease and become a street style star yourself!


1. Plan Ahead

While you may not have weeks to plan your looks like the stars sitting front row at PFW, you can still plan ahead. Pick out your outfit before you go to sleep, down to the shoes and jewelry. That way, you have time to may sure your look is polished and you don’t have to rush in the morning. You can simply wake up, put on your look, and then have some extra time to enjoy your coffee and breakfast. Win-win!


2. Use a Fashion App 

One of the biggest struggles when choosing what to wear is deciding if the outfit actually works or not. It can also be difficult to find people to give you honest feedback, which is why an app like YUMEHUB is the perfect solution. All you have to do is upload a photo of your outfit onto the app and then let fashionistas from across the globe give you a simple yes or no. It’s like having a network of personal stylists in your back pocket! The YUMEHUB app is free and available in the app store.


3. Build an Outfit Off of Your Favorite Item

If you’re truly stumped on how to even start on picking out an outfit, start by choosing your favorite item in your closet. For instance, pick your most treasured shoe and work up from there. Having a point of reference can be super helpful when putting together an entire look. Let the item you choose shine by picking other pieces that compliment it.


4. Most Importantly…Have Fun!

Choosing what to wear should be fun, not frustrating. While we all have those moments where we have “nothing to wear” as we stare into a closet full of clothes, keep in mind clothing is a unique opportunity for self-expression. Wear the clothes that make you comfortable and confident in your own skin, because that will radiate out into the world!


Now that you have these four pro-tips, you’re ready to show the fashion world what you got!


Got anymore fashionista tips? Let us know in the comments below! 

by Kristen Shore